B Com Computers Syllabus

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B Com Computers Syllabus

What are the subjects in BCom computers? B Com Computers is a 3-year bachelor’s degree course that provides students with an in-depth understanding of computer programming, applications, software development along with business management. This course is mainly for students who have an aptitude for computer programming and an interest in commerce. The academic training includes the basics of commerce and computer programming, software design, hardware technicalities, to name a few. This blog brings you a comprehensive overview of B Com Computers syllabus and semester-wise subject list of this specialized program in Computers Applications!

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Course Name Bachelor of Commerce in Computers
Duration 3 years
BCom Computers Syllabus Principles of Accountancy,
Principles of Management,
Company Law, Income Tax Law,
Managerial Economics, E-commerce
Eligibility 10+2 with Commerce/Science
Average Salary 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs
Jobs IT Analyst, Mobile Application Developer, Business Analyst
Marketing Manager, Chartered Accountant, Human Resource Manager
Top Recruiters IT Companies, Edtech, Telecommunications, Software Development, etc.

What is BCom Computers Application?

Bcom Computers Application or is Bachelors of Commerce in Computer Applications is a 3 year programme that is designed for undergraduate degree. After pursuing this degree a student will have an understanding of the field that has software technology application.

BCom Computers/Computer Application Syllabus

The duration of B Com Computers/Computer Application is commonly 3 years but can vary from one university to another. It broadly covers the essentials and core disciplines of commerce like Economics, Finance, Business Law, etc. along with computer programming, hardware and software development and so on. Here is the BCom Computer syllabus for its 6 semesters (can differ as per course and university).

BCom Computers Semester I Language I & Language II
Principles of Accountancy
Principles of Management
Company Law
HTML and Javascript
BCom Computers Semester II Introduction to Information Technology
Managerial Economics
Income tax law and Practice
Computer Application Practical I
BCom Computers Semester III Financial Accounting
Marketing Management
Executive Business Communication
Technical Writing
Banking Theory Law and Practice
Database Management System
BCom Computers Semester IV Industrial Law
Financial Accounting
Cost Accounting
Management Information System
Corporate Accounting I
Computer Application Practical II
BCom Computers Semester V Cost and Management Accounting
C ++Management Accounting
Business Statistics
Business Mathematics
BCom Computers Semester VI Computer Information System
OOPS with C++Java Programming
Internet and Web designing
Software Development and Visual Basic

BCom Computers Subjects List

Now that you are familiar with the B Com Computers Syllabus, let’s move towards understanding its major course offerings. Read the following sections to explore the semester-wise and year-wise subject list of B Com Computers/Computer Applications. 

  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • C++
  • Java Programming
  • Business Organization
  • E-Commerce
  • Principles of Accountancy
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Accounting Software
  • Company Law
  • Internet and Web Designing
  • Banking Theory
  • Income tax law and Practice
  • HTML and Javascript
  • Managerial Economics
  • Management Information Systems
  • Gender Sensitisation
  • Business Management
  • Programming with C
  • Principles of Insurance Business
  • English
  • Cost Accounting
  • Computer Application Practical

BCom Computers Subjects 1st Year

  • Principles of Accountancy
    This subject includes the details of accountancy and its principles like cost, matching, full disclosure, materiality, going concern principles, economic entry, etc. 
  • Principles of Management
    This topic under BCom Computer Application syllabus includes the various approaches and strategies of management. It also focuses of the fundamentals of management and organizational design.
  • Company Law
    Also known as Business or Enterprise law, this subject includes the governing factors of a company like rights, relations, and conduct of company, organization, or any individual person. 
  • Introduction to Information Technology
    The basics of computers, its storage, retrieval, and transmission of data are covered in this subject.
  • E-Commerce
    This subject focuses on the buying and selling of goods and services by means of electronic technology. The various types of business transactions like (B2B) and (B2C) are covered.
  • Income tax law and Practice
    This subject includes topics like Income from Salaries and  House Property, Income from Business or Profession,  Capital Gains, Income from Other Sources, Clubbing of Incomes, Deduction from Gross Total Income, Computation of Tax Liability of Individuals.

BCom Computers Subjects 2nd Year

  • Marketing Management
    The application and orientation of methods in an enterprise are studied in this subject of B Com Computers Syllabus. It also focuses on planning and development in the marketing field. 
  • Executive Business Communication
    This subject deals with the effective strategies of communication to build healthy relations between managers, clients, and employees.
  • Technical Writing
    This subject includes the various technical languages used in computer hardware and software for a better understanding and application of it.
  • Banking Theory Law and Practice
    Since banking is a major pillar of the economy, this subject focuses on risks faced by banks like Credit Risk, market risk, operational risk, business risk, etc. it also deals with developments and practice of loans and payment services.
  • Cost Accounting
    This deals with costs, budgets, and benefits of goods and services. It focuses on cost controlling and making strategies and decisions for improving cost efficiency.

BCom Computers Subjects 3rd Year

  • C ++
    It mostly focuses on the explanation of platforms like Windows, Linux, and Unix. The subject gives details of the generic programming features. 
  • Java Programming
    Another subject focusing on the study of a popular programming language in BCom Computers syllabus, this subject includes the development of desktop and mobile applications.
  • Internet and Web designing
    This subject includes the details of the webpage layout and its features like content production, and graphic design.
  • Business Statistics
    This subject includes data analysis tools like probability, descriptive statistics, etc. and its application in business terms to base decisions and evaluate risks.

BCom Computers Semester-wise Subjects List

Want to know about the subjects in BCom computers first year? Here is the complete semester-wise subject list for B Com Computers/ B Com Computer Applications?

B Com Computers Semester I

  • Language I & Language II
  • Principles of Accountancy
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Principles of Management
  • Company Law
  • HTML and Javascript

B Com Computers Semester II

  • Managerial Economics
  • E-Commerce
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Gender Sensitisation

B Com Computers Semester III

  • Income tax law and Practice
  • Computer Application Practical
  • C++
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Business Statistics

B Com Computers Semester IV

  • Business Management
  • Programming with C
  • Principles of Insurance Business
  • English
  • Cost Accounting
  • Computer Application Practical

B.Com Computers Semester V

  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • C ++Management Accounting
  • Business Mathematics
  • Auditing
  • Practice of General Insurance
  • Banking Theory & Practice

B.Com Computers Semester VI

  • Computer Information System
  • OOPS with C++Java Programming
  • Internet and Web designing
  • Software Development and Visual Basic

Which is Better: BCom General or BCom Computers?

Confused about choosing BCom General vs BCom Computers after 12th? Here are all the key differences between BCom General vs BCom Computers.

Course BCom General BCom Computers
Duration 3 years 3 years
Eligibility 10+2 with Commerce 10+2 with Commerce/Science
Syllabus Financial Accounting, Business Organization and Management,
Environmental Studies, Marketing Management,
Micro Economics, Principles of Marketing, Investment Management, Corporate Accounting
Principles of Accountancy, Financial Accounting, Business Statistics
Principles of Management,
Company Law, Income Tax Law,
Managerial Economics, E-commerce, C++, Java Programming
Jobs Chief Financial Officer
Cost Estimator
Financial Analyst
Investment Banker
Investment Analyst
Investment Broker
IT Analyst
Mobile Application Developer
Business Analyst
Marketing Manager
Chartered Accountant
Human Resource Manager
Budget Analyst
Salary 5 Lakh per annum 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per annum

BCom Computer Application Jobs

Here is the complete list of BCom computer application jobs:

  • IT Analyst
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Budget Analyst
  • Computer Operator
  • CAD Application Support Technician
  • Computer Application Specialist and Accounts Assistant
  • Computer Programmer

BCom Computer Application/Computers Colleges Abroad

Now that you are familiar with the B Com Computers syllabus and semester-wise list, let’s also take a look at the top universities offering this course abroad.

Computer Courses for Commerce Students

You can take several computer courses other than BCom Computer Science. Several of these courses are diploma and certification courses:

Graphic Designing

The course of graphic designing focuses on editing, enhancing, improving images, and creating infographics. You can earn anywhere from 1.5LPA to 6 LPA as a Graphic Designer.

Digital Marketing

The course of digital marketing is getting famous every day with increasing marketing on online platforms like social media and the web. You learn SEO practices to enhance search results. This course can get you a package of 4LPA to 8LPA.

Ethical Hacking

An ethical hacker must know how to manage the aspects of cybersecurity and ethical hacking. They work for the government and private organizations to safeguard important data and information. Being an ethical hacker, you can earn from 1.5LPA to 13 LPA.

Programming Expert

You can learn a particular programming language and gain expertize in it. There are several languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, etc. You must learn the concepts of OOP’s., class and object, sorting, etc. With this field, you can earn between 2 LPA to 9.5LPA.

Tally Course

Through Tally courses, you can gain jobs in the field of accountancy and make a viable living just after your 12th class. Practicing this skill can fetch you from 2.5 LPA to 7.2 LPA.

Online course beneficial for commerce students

Tally Courses CA courses Business Analyst Courses
Stock Market Courses Banking Courses Commerce Courses
Investment Banker Courses Project Management Courses Accounting Courses
Business Management Courses Digital Marketing courses Excel Courses
Finance Courses Marketing Courses IFRS Courses

The theoretical and practical ideas pertinent to the fields of computer science and business are carefully selected for the B.Com Computer Applications syllabus. The B.Com. Computer Applications programme lasts three years and has a six-semester curriculum. The course’s goal is to develop professionals with the skills necessary for the business and IT industries.

A few popular topics include Financial Accounting, Business Economics, Input/Output Devices, Introduction to C, and Introduction to Programming Concepts. Due to the growth of the IT industry and the widespread usage of computer applications across numerous enterprises and sectors, the work scope for B.Com computer application graduates is very broad.

Future Scope

A foundation in two modern fields—commerce and computers—provided by the degree opens up a variety of prospects in the public and commercial sectors, particularly in reputable businesses. Also, it creates possibilities for advanced study.

Computer applications career options following a BCom

  • The graduates might work as chartered accountants and serve as the accountants for large corporations.
  • They could work as an auditor, whose job it is to confirm all financial and corporate documents and transactions.
  • They might work as a mobile app developer or as a computer programmer. Here, students can make use of their computer expertise to construct and acquire something innovative and practical for use by the general population.
  • They can work as business analysts or consultants, assisting companies in increasing their clientele and revenue by collaborating with them on various financial plans, etc.
  • You can also work in industries like software, management, and advertising.

Job Prospects

The public and private sectors will hire graduates of the BCom Computer Applications programme. They can operate in a range of industries, including those relating to management, software, e-business, and advertising.

  • After earning their degree, they can find employment in a variety of reputable firms.
  • With this degree, you have the option to concentrate in either business, information technology, or a mix of the two.
  • Graduates can find employment as chartered accountants, financial consultants, business analysts, budget analysts, and software developers, among other positions.

The table below lists a few employment possibilities along with their descriptions and annual salaries:

Job Position Job Description Average Annual Pay Scale
Auditor They check the accuracy of the financial records and audit the business records. Any inconsistencies and deception are pointed out INR 4.80 Lakh
Computer Programmer They will need to continue improving the current computer languages and, if possible, create new ones INR 8.50 Lakh
Business Consultant By evaluating, strategizing, planning, and other methods, they assist their clients in growing their businesses INR 9.80 Lakh
Mobile App Developer They are in charge of designing and testing software applications for mobile devices INR 5 Lakh
Business Analyst They assist the organisation by offering advice to businesses on how to use data analysis to improve processes, goods, services, and software INR 6.50 Lakh


How reliable is BCom computer application?

The finest course to take, especially for commerce students, is unquestionably BCom Computer Application. Candidates with this degree get access to several prestigious job opportunities at a number of well-known companies.

What does a B Com computer degree entail?

Candidates with a BCom in Computer Applications have excellent employment prospects. These graduates can work in a variety of fields, including banking, accounting, marketing, education, e-commerce, insurance, stock markets, etc. They also have a wide range of job options available to them.

Is the BCom computer programme suitable for CA?

The BCom Computer Application degree allows candidates to choose between careers in the IT and business fields. They receive training to work as chartered accountants, financial consultants, business analysts, budget analysts, etc.

Hope this blog helped you find details of Bcom computers Syllabus. If you’re planning to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Commerce abroad and are unsure about how to get started, you can approach our experts at Leverage Edu who will provide assistance throughout the admission process!

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