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Commerce Subjects

Considered as one of the most diversified fields of study, Commerce is filled with a varied range of insightful academic disciplines that play an integral role in the working of a commercial industry as well as the economy as a whole. This versatile nature of Commerce convinces many 10th standard students to chose this stream in 12th. The subjects that you study in 12th Commerce help you form the foundation for several professional courses that offered in its plentiful academic disciplines. That’s why it becomes important to explore the different Commerce subjects before diving into this extensive stream of study. Through this blog, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive guide on what Commerce as a field of study entails, why you should pursue it and the assorted range of commerce subjects that you will be perusing in your 11th and 12th class curriculum.

Why Choose Commerce Stream?

Commerce is simply defined as the study of finance, trade, economy and business activities. For those of you interested in dealing with analysing data, dealing with numbers and learning the tricks of the trade, this field is the ideal one to pursue. It involves a detailed insight into an array of academic disciplines like Business, Management, Economics, Accountancy, amongst others. Regarded as one of the most popular streams after Science, Commerce offers a plethora of career opportunities to explore in both public and private sector. You can either discover job prospects in the corporate sector like CA, CS, Managerial profiles, etc. or you can delve deeper into the realm of research by perusing other commerce subjects like Economics, Micro Finance, Information Technology, amongst others.

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Major Commerce Subjects 

When you opt for Commerce in 11th standard, most schools provide students with 4 compulsory subjects while providing them with the choice of selecting one additional subject. Also, various other schools offer 6 subjects to Commerce students. To assist you further in your research on Commerce subjects, below we have elaborated the four central academic disciplines offered under this stream.

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Amongst the four compulsory Commerce subjects, Economics is a vast field of study that studies a country’s economic development and the factors influencing it like trade markets, exports and imports, GDP, etc. In layman terms, Economics is concerned with ensuring an optimum utilisation of resources in an economy and weighs in several other constituents like scarcity, competitive markets, demand, supply, equilibrium, amongst others. Further, it has branched out into two key categories: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics that implement different economic concepts at a smaller as well as larger level in an economy.

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Business Studies

This subject is structured to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of the different types of businesses, the objectives, scope and nature of these businesses. It also deals with different concepts of business as well as the aspects of the corporate world. Further, it imparts students with the knowledge of how businesses impact the economy and the society as a whole. 


Considered with the practice of recording, categorizing and reporting the varied business transactions of a firm or organisation, Accountancy is an indispensable aspect of the vast study of Commerce. This subject deals with the different accounting principles and rules of accounting, along with credits and debits of financial accounting, etc. It is a highly quantitative and theoretical academic discipline and is a perfect career path for those who are dexterous at performing complex mathematical calculations.

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As a sub-discipline that has sprouted from the extensive spectrum of Economics, this subject is involved with statistical analysis, collection and presentation of data in numerical form. Statistics comprises of a wide range of concepts such as mode, mean, variance, median, standard deviation, etc. which are taught through the use of graphs, formulas and numerical problems. 

Along with these compulsory Commerce subjects, English or the language of the medium of the school is also included. Some of the optional subjects offered in Commerce stream also include: 

Physical Education


Information Technology




Thus, we hope that this blog provided you with better clarity on the different commerce subjects as well as the varied career field they entail. If you need assistance regarding the incremental decision of choosing the right stream after 10th or pursuing courses completing 12th, you can always reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll guide you at every step of your career journey thus helping you carve the right path for yourself.

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