BAT Course

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BAT Course

Business Accounting and Taxation course aim to impart students with the fundamental knowledge of Accounting concepts, taxation, payroll policies, as well as the integral disciplines of Economics. Pursuing a BAT course can equip you with the essential knowledge and skills of managing an organisation encompassing across varied departments of Sales, Accounting and Taxation. In order to understand what this course is, it is integral to explore the concepts of Business Accounting and Taxation that are a chief part of this program. So let us get started and take a look at what all are the necessary features of this course.

Full Form Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course
Institute EduPristine, National Institute of Financial Markets, University of Madras, Indian School of Technology and Management
Duration 3-6 Months
Salary 2 Lakhs INR-8 Lakhs

What is BAT Course?

A Business Accounting and Taxation course is a certified and 6-month academic program provided mainly designed by EduPristine and also offered by a few institutes in India. Before we delve deeper into what is the coursework of BAT course and how it can benefit your career being a fresher or a working professional, let us first understand the two most crucial aspects of the course-

Business Accounting

Business Accounting is a process of keeping a track of all the business operations. The financial documents are evaluated, documented, and interpreted in this process.


Taxation is a process followed by governments all over the world. It involves levying charges on individuals, a group of individuals or companies to generate revenue which can be put to use for the developmental activities in the country. 

Let us go through these simple points and get an idea about what all will be a part of the BAT course:

  • Having a diverse curriculum, a BAT course is an intensive certification program conducted through in-person as well as online classes and provides students with an in-depth knowledge of Accountancy. It incorporates a balanced mix of theoretical and industry knowledge of book-keeping and account-keeping to help students get a wholesome perspective.
  • This course also provides formal training in the System Application Product (SAP) which is a system that consists of modules covering all the elements of Business Management. Highly demanded in the field of Management, learning SAP is an asset to add to your skillset.
  • A BAT course also equips students with tools and techniques of software named Quickbooks Coaching. When it comes to storing confidential financial statements or information, this software is one of the most reliable sources in the field of Accounting.  

Is BAT Course Worth It?

Whether you plan to pursue a career in Accounting, Finance or Taxation, a BAT course aims to familiarize you with the essentials of the three core aspects of Commerce, i.e. Business, Accounting and Taxation. Let’s take a look at the benefits of pursuing BAT course:

  • As one of the best short-term courses after BCom, it is a perfect short-term PG diploma program for commerce and non-commerce students.
  • BAT course equips students with the knowledge of technical systems of Accounting like System Application Product (SAP) which further aims to trains them on an equal level of certified CAs and MBAs.
  • The course was formulated keeping in mind the increasing demand for accountants in India thus to mentor commerce graduates for entering the field of Accounting and Taxation.
  • The top employers of BAT course include Genpact, Adobe, Bajaj, etc.
  • Not only accounting, but you will also learn financial reporting and auditing while studying this course thus opening more fields and careers in Commerce.
  • Some of the key aspects of business, accounting and taxation course include, ERP software, MIS reporting, SAP, quickbooks, auditing, learning about payroll, Goods and Services Tax, and so on.
  • The salary of the BAT course in India ranges between 2 Lakhs INR to 8 Lakhs INR.

Eligibility Criteria

To pursue BAT course from a recognized academic institution, it is mandatory for one to have a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from a reputed academic institution. Apart from this, the entry requisites may differ with respect to the institution chosen.

How to Apply for the BAT Course?

To apply for the BAT course, you can visit the official website of the institute and download the offline form or fill out the application online. You must have a bachelor’s degree like B.Com, BBA, etc. in a commerce-related field or specialisation. The fees for each institute offering BAT course differs and it is also offered in both online and full-time mode.

Top Institutes Offering BAT Course

Here are the major institutes offering BAT course and business and taxation courses in India:

  • EduPristine
  • National Institute of Financial Markets
  • Indian School of Technology and Management
  • St. Joseph College of Commerce
  • University of Madras

BAT Course Syllabus & Subjects Covered

As EduPristine is amongst the prominent educational institution to pursue a BAT course in India, we have summarised the major topics and pointers that have been prescribed under the program below:

Topic Concepts Covered
Financial Reporting using ERP Software – Tally Types of Accounts and Double Entry Accounting System; Generally Accepted Accounting Principles; Flow of Transactions; Expense and Purchase Process, etc.
Direct Taxation  Tax Deducted at Source (TDS); Accounting for TDS; Income Tax Returns; Filing TDS Return, etc.
Payroll and its Components  Registration and Returns for Payroll Components; Understanding Payroll Components; Payroll in Tally, etc.
BUSY Introduction to Busy; Transaction Posting; Extraction of GST Reports; Creation of Ledgers, etc.
Finalization of Financial Statements  Preparations of Financial Statements with notes; Understand and Computing Various Financial Ratios; Preparation of Trial Balance; Best Practices in Auditing, etc.
SAP Module (Simulation-Based) Vendor and Customer Management; Delivery & Invoice Management; Liquidity Management; Cash and Credit Management
Excel and MIS Reporting  Introduction of Excel; Lookup Function – VLookup and HLookup; Objective and Advantage of MIS; MIS Reporting Using Excel, etc.
Goods and Service Tax (GST)  Refund of Tax; Input Tax Credit; Applicability of GST; Tax Invoice; Preparation of and E-filing GST Return, etc.

Career & Salary After BAT Course

An integrated degree in the trio of Business Accounting and Taxation, you can explore a plethora of job opportunities. You can choose from an array of career profiles available in the public as well as the private sector. A BAT course also equips students with the knowledge pertaining to the Finance sector thus providing them with a versatile skillset. Along with pursuing the profile of a tax accountant, given below is a list of other suitable work profiles for a BAT course graduate:

  • Analyst or a Senior Associate
  • Assistant or Senior Manager
  • Accounts Executive
  • Deputy General Manager
  • Lecturer

The entry-level salary after BAT course is around 2 Lakhs INR to 8 Lakhs INR p.a.

Role of a Tax Accountant

Amongst the major career profiles that you can pursue after a BAT course, a Tax Accountant is a lucrative and highly rewarding option to explore. Here we have listed down the key roles and responsibilities of a Tax Accountant:

  • Guides the firm with the best business plans, investment opportunities, and many other beneficial strategies.
  • Responsible for filing and submitting tax-related documents of the financial year. 
  • Calculates the income tax returns of the company or the organization and ensures that they are paid on a timely basis.
  • Advises the company’s board of directors on decisions related to Finance and Tax Management.

Similar Short-term Courses in Commerce

Other than BAT course, here are some of the best highest salary courses for commerce students:

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What is BAT course?

Business Accounting and Taxation Course is a certified 6-month academic course offered mainly by EduPristine and is also referred to as PGP-BAT course. It aims to familiarize students with the key essentials of Accountancy and the curriculum of the course is a balanced mix of theoretical and industry training in Accounting, Auditing, Taxes, Book-keeping, amongst others.

How do I apply for a bat course?

You can directly visit the official website of EduPristine or your chosen institute to apply for the BAT course and fill out the application form. The minimum requirement for a BAT course is that you must have a bachelor’s degree in a Commerce-related specialisation.

What can I become after pursuing BAT Course?

Tax Accountant
Analyst or a Senior Associate
Assistant or Senior Manager
Accounts Executive
Deputy General Manager

Thus, we hope that this blog covering the essential details of a BAT course helped you understand what it is about. If you wish to explore academic courses opportunities in the fields of Business, Taxation and Accounting but don’t know where to start, get in touch with our Leverage Edu mentors and counsellors and we will help you choose a suitable course that assists you in pursuing the vast stream of Commerce. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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