BBS Course

BBS Course

Stemming from the area of Business and Management, Bachelor in Business Studies is a course that lays the foundation for a career in commerce. BBS course has wide-ranging variants with a core focus on the study of business. If you are aspiring for a career in commerce, you can take this course in business studies which has varying names such as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) depending on the university you are studying at. Here is all the information that you will need about BBS course.

BBS Course: Core Subjects

The necessary integrals of this course are majorly similar, let us have a look at the core subjects of a BBS course:

Business Communication

Curious about how communication takes place in a business enterprise? Business communication is one of the core subjects in a BBS course. This topic involves familiarising students with the chief communication concepts, theories, techniques, and tools, applying them practically in business and presenting the deeper fundamentals of how communication takes place, how it can be improved and mastered with various techniques.

Financial Accounting & Cost and Management Accounting

Accounting has a fundamental role in any curriculum involving management and business. While financial accounting corresponds to accounting the aggregate information of an organization’s financial accounts, cost and management accounting involves budgeting and management of accounts of an organization. 

Human Resource Management

Another pivotal concept of a BBS course is human resource management. This subject covers the concept of what human resource is, how they are effectively managed and taking up a strategic approach for human resource management in an organization.

Business Statistics

Business Statistics revolves around the use of statistical tools in order to enhance the decision-making process of various aspects of an organization. It essentially brings statistics into the functioning of business. Familiarising students with Business Statistics will help them in developing an understanding of the tactics and applications of statistical tools in running a business smoothly.

Business Economics

Business Economics concerns itself with applied economics that combines economic theories with quantitative methods to assess the workings of a business as well as its multifarious facets including labor, capital, market scenario, etc. Students will be discovering how economics is applied to real-world situations of a business enterprise.

Public Relations

Public Relations have become crucial to an organization’s internal as well as external communication. Students will be augmenting their knowledge about what PR is, how it came around- from the print to the digital age and how essential an element it has become for a business in the time of the internet.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management is another discipline that focuses on practical applications of marketing in a managerial scenario of business. It not only unravels how marketing is central to a business enterprise but is also about learning as a whole to know what managing a company’s marketing resources or funds is like.

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Top Universities for BBS Course

Here is the list of top world university excelling in business and management and providing a superior exposure to students all around the world coming to discover the realm of business and management. Top Universities for this course are:

Now you know what a BBS course is like and how it includes all the essentials of business, management as well as commerce. The name of the course may vary from one university to another but its central emphasis would be on the subjects listed above. Wondering if BBS is the right course for you? Let Leverage Edu mentors assist you in deciding which course will suit your interests better.

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