Commerce Subjects in Class 11

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Commerce Subjects in Class 11

Wrapping up the first stage of secondary education in class 10th, students tend to get sceptical about choosing the right stream for the next phase. Choosing a suitable domain of interest is one of the vital decisions in one’s academic journey as class 11th and 12th is considered the foundation years towards your professional quest. The most sought-after stream in 11th is Commerce as it is generally opted for by the majority of students. Further, for those aspiring to pursue this field, it is important to be aware of the varied subjects included in it. Through this blog, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive list of the core as well as elective commerce subjects in class 11.

Overview of Core & Elective Disciplines in Commerce Subjects in Class 11

Commerce involves an intricate study of the business world and its multitude of aspects. It aims to impart knowledge of financial literacy and business skills through which students get to understand the essential components like the sale and purchase of goods from buyers. Majorly, there are 4 mandatory Commerce subjects in class 11th which are Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies coupled with English. Further, the integral disciplines of Commerce is is complemented with a fifth optional subject which can vary from Language studies to Computer-related disciplines or any creatively inclined subject like Fine Arts, amongst others.

Commerce Subjects in Class 11

Core Subjects

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • English

Elective Disciplines

  • Mathematics
  • Informatics Practices 
  • Computer Science 
  • Home Science 
  • Physical Education
  • Psychology
  • Fine Arts 
  • Language Studies (Hindi, French, German)

Core Commerce Subjects in Class 11th

Now that you have understood the bifurcation of subjects, let us understand in detail the core Commerce subjects in class 11th.


Accountancy plays a vital role in every firm and business organization in terms of financial management as well as bookkeeping. Accountancy can be simply understood as processing, communicating, and measuring the financial data of a business firm. It calculates the outcome of economic activities taking place in a company at a specific time period. It is one of the mandatory commerce subjects in class 11th and provides a core understanding of expenditure by generating financial statements, maintaining a record of business transactions, designing accounting databases, etc. Here are some of the essential topics covered under this subject: 

  • Financial Accounting 
  • Accounting Process 
  • Financial Statement and Analysis 
  • Computers in Accounting 
  • Accounting for Partnerships, Non-profit Organizations, Companies and Firms 

Some Important topics of Accountancy are –

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Class 11 Depreciation, Provisions and ReservesClass 11 Applications of Computers in AccountingBill of Exchange
Recording of TransactionsBank Reconciliation StatementIntroduction to Accounting


Economics is one such necessary commerce subject in class 11th which is also offered as an elective in the science stream subjects. Economics is the study of how an economy operates as well as the interactions between national and international markets, individual agents etc.

Commerce Subjects in Class 11

By perusing this discipline, students get to know about the key aspects of an economy at the micro as well as macro levels. One of the most sought-after CBSE Subjects for Class 11, there is a general bifurcation of Economics i.e., Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. These two subfields of economics collectively provide knowledge of developed or developing economies along with the basics of statistical tools. Here are some of the key topics that this subject comprises:

Some Important topics of Economics are-

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Social EconomicsEconomics Project for Class 12Everything You Need to Know About Economics Class 11
Nature and Scope of EconomicsDifference Between Micro and Macro EconomicsClass 12 Macroeconomics

Business Studies

Since this vast stream essentially focuses on an array of aspects of business practices, another key discipline in the list of core commerce subjects in class 11th is Business Studies. It delves deep into how different kinds of businesses work as well as its various aspects like calculating and responding to the risks and changes that affect the business environment and trade on economic, political and social upfront. Students are provided with the knowledge of how businesses operate, their framework and the processes involved in their work. Along with this, one gets a hold of the theoretical foundation of handling business operations and their interdependent nature. Below we have enlisted the several topics included under Business Studies:

  • Internal Trade
  • Emerging Modes of Business
  • Principles and Functions of Management 
  • Evolutions and Fundamentals of Business 
  • Business Finance and Marketing 
  • E-Commerce

Some Important topics of Business Studies are –

Business Services Class 11 NotesClass 11 International BusinessSmall Business and Entrepreneurship
Forms of Business OrganizationSocial Responsibilities of Business and Business EthicsEmerging Modes of Business Class 11 Notes
Class 11 Sources of Business FinanceBusiness Studies Class 12 Case StudiesScope of Business Economics


English as a subject is compulsory in every stream, be it Commerce, Science or Humanities. Considered the ‘global language’, it is rapidly finding its place amongst the commonly spoken languages in the world. It is generally added to almost every education level across the globe, be it school or university. On a combined level of class 11th and 12th, students get to learn about writing, speaking and listening skills, comprehension etc. Along will these concepts, students will get an insight into historical literary masterpieces around the world as well.  

Elective Disciplines

Apart from these mandatory subjects, students are also required to choose from the optional commerce subjects in class 11th. The list of elective or optional subjects varies from school to school as well as from one board to another. However, below are some of the commonly offered optional subjects in 11th commerce:


Mathematics is among the common electives in the list of Commerce Subjects in Class 11. It is a compulsory subject till class 10th but then is offered as an optional one in Commerce but compulsory in the science stream. The maths syllabus for Class 11 includes varied topics like Calculus, Integration, Statistics, Probability, Relations and Functions, and Linear Programming, to name a few.

Commerce Subjects in Class 11

Informatics Practices 

Encompassing the study of data and information processing, this elective goes beyond the applications of computers. Opting for this one amongst the long list of Commerce subjects in Class 11, students get to learn computer systems, create device applications, debug and create programs as well as integrated device electronics, amongst others. Explore the Informatics Practice Class 12 Syllabus to understand the course structure in 10+2.

Computer Science 

As Computer Science is emerging as a prominent field of study, it is also being offered to class 11th and 12th students of the commerce stream. Taking this discipline for the optional one in the Commerce subjects in Class 11, you will focus on exploring the basics of computers, programming languages like C++, computing logic, operations of relational databases as well as communication and networking technologies. To know more, check out the CBSE Computer Science class 11 syllabus!

Home Science 

Home Science is another elective offered under Commerce subjects in Class 11 and 12. It encompasses an interdisciplinary study of hygiene, biology, economics, rural development, nutrition, sociology, child development, family relations, psychology, textiles, home management, fashion design, community living, art, amongst others.

Physical Education

This is one of the easiest scoring disciplines in different commerce subjects in Class 11. Physical Education is ideal for those interested in sports, yoga, physical fitness, physiology, etc. You can also explore the Physical Education Class 12 syllabus.


Referred to as the study of the human mind and behaviour, Psychology is also a frequently opted discipline amongst the elective commerce subjects of Class 11. Students get to learn about the basic concepts of Psychology and its different types along with helping them improve their critical and analytical reasoning. It is chosen mainly by those wanting to explore this field and follow the career path of Psychology. To know more, check out the Psychology class 11 CBSE syllabus!

Fine Arts 

For those striving to explore their hidden artistic talents, Fine Arts can be a great option to choose from the electives offered in the list of Commerce subjects in Class 11. It mainly comprises the study of art history, techniques, and trends and one can choose a specialization from different fields like Painting, Applied Art, Sculpture, Visual Art, Theatrical Art, etc.

Language Studies (Hindi, French, German)

If you are inclined towards learning the intricacies of a language alongside studying the core commerce subjects in Class 11, then you can opt to study a native language like Hindi or a foreign language like French, German, etc. This is also an excellent option for those who want to pursue a career in Foreign Language.

Options for Commerce Subjects in Class 11 as per CBSE

  • Accountancy
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • English
  • Mathematics

Options for Commerce Students under ICSE Class 11

  • Business Studies
  • Computer studies
  • Legal studies
  • Civics
  • Mathematics

Options for Commerce Students under West Bengal Board Class 11

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Informatics Practices.
  • Bengal
  • Foundation of Financial Markets
  • Mutual Funds (FMM Specialization)

Options for Commerce Students under UP Board Class 11

  • Economics and Commercial Geography
  • Banking 
  • Industrial Organisation 
  • Mathematics and Elementary Statistics
  • Insurance Policy
  • Sports and Physical Education
  • Accountancy and Auditing
  • Marketing and Salesmanship

Options for Commerce Students under Bihar Board Class 11

  • Informatics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Legal Studies
  • Applied Mathematics

Class 11 Commerce Books

Career Options in Commerce

Commerce is a diverse career choice; it includes a number of lucrative options like finance, banking, economics, stock, actuarial science and accountancy. After completing 12th commerce, there are many popular courses like Bachelor of Commerce, BSc in Economics, BSc in Finance, BSc in Maths, BSc Statistics, Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary and BSc in Actuarial Science. Bachelor of Commerce or BCom is the most popular course for commerce students. Click here to know more about career options after the commerce stream!


How many subjects are there in 11th commerce?

While there are many electives under commerce in the 11th and 12th classes, there are some core subjects that are common among all commerce students and these are Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and English.

How many subjects are there in the 11th class?

There are many subjects in class 11th! Students have a choice between 3 streams- Humanities, Science and Commerce.

Is Commerce Class 11 difficult?

Yes, Commerce can be demanding as a stream. Studying consistently and solving questions are some ways to ace exams.

Thus, we hope that through this blog you have a better understanding of the varied core as well as optional commerce subjects in class 11. Until class 10th, the curriculum mainly constitutes a comprehensive study of different subjects, students often get clueless about how to study in class 11th and feel frustrated about the sudden change in the curriculum as it gets inclined towards a specific domain. That’s where career guidance proves to be helpful as they get the chance to seek assistance from experts and pave their path accordingly. Sign up for a 30-minute free career counselling session with our Leverage Edu experts and let us help you in sorting out your career preferences and take an informed step to sail farther in your academic quest!

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