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A career in law is an exciting prospect. Many tv shows now showcase action-packed courtroom or corporate meeting drama which has piqued the interest of many students, especially those wanting to pursue a law degree from abroad. A bachelor in law is a professional degree that can be pursued after 3 years of being a graduate. However, a combined course as a bachelor of arts and law can be pursued in 5 years, saving you an entire year. You can also choose between various graduation courses in arts or science such as economics, commerce, humanities etc. If the thrill of arguments and analysis is your cup of tea, we have compiled a list of the variety of combinations that can be pursued from different universities along with career prospects.

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BA LLB Courses 

Being a prominent one amongst the Law courses, a variety of variants are available for BA LLB spanning across a unique combination of specialisations and subjects corresponding to the domain of Law and Arts. Often candidates willing to pursue a career in Law, tend to begin their journey through this undergraduate course. Many universities across the globe offer different variants for BA LLB. Also regarded as an integrated degree course in Law, BA LLB equips you with the requisite knowledge and skillset to follow the career path of a Lawyer or Advocate. The course generally encompasses the duration of 3-5 years. Take a look at the following list of BA LLB course variants offered around the world:

BA Law and Economics BA Law and Politics 
BA Law BA (Hons) Criminology with Foundation Year
BA Humanities, Law and Social ScienceBachelor of Arts and Bachelors of Law
BA Law and Human Resource Management Law Degree and Arts
LLB Business Management and Law Bachelor’s in Accounting and Business Law
BA Law (Hons) LLB Business Law
BA Law and ArtsBA Law and Economics
BA Law and Politics and International RelationsBA Law and Social Policy 
BA Law and EducationBA History and Law

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for BA LLB, it is important that you go through the eligibility requirements prescribed by your chosen university. Here are the general prerequisites you must keep in mind while applying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law:

  • Candidates must have completed the usual formal schooling of 10+2 with minimum percentage required by their chosen university.
  • If you aim to study BA LLB in India, you will have to qualify Law entrance exams like CLAT, DU LLB, MHT CET, etc.
  • For those aspiring to pursue BA LLB abroad, LSAT scores are required.
  • Further, if you are planning to study a bachelor’s degree in Law abroad, you will also have to provide English proficiency test scores like IELTS, TOEFL, etc as well a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LORs).

Note: The aforementioned eligibility requirements indicate the general criteria for BA LLB and students are advised to go through the university website to know about the specific requirements for their chosen course.

While there are many universities offering a law degree, it is important to understand which one would fit best for your career goals. One should thoroughly research the career prospects, curriculum, eligibility criteria, and the course variants. The names of the most popular universities are mentioned below:

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Career Prospects after BA LLB 

After completing BA LLB, graduates can explore a plethora of career opportunities in the public as well as the private sector. Generally, after completing this degree, students opt to pursue independent practise as a lawyer or advocate. If you aim to specialise in a particular field of Law, you can opt for postgraduate programmes like LLM, PhD in Law, etc. You can also discover career prospects in the corporate and commercial sector or working in the social sector with non-profit organisations. Here are the major career prospects that BA LLB graduates must explore:

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Hence, we hope that this blog has familiarized you with the course details of BA LLB. This blog is only a snippet into the multitude of career options a degree in law can offer. We understand that it can get overwhelming and confusing to pick the best course and country to suit your career goals. You can always contact our experts at Leverage Edu for more information regarding the admission process. Sign up for a free session today! 

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