BBA MBA Integrated Course

BBA MBA Integrated Course

There are several short-term courses that thoroughly train students in a particular field and prepare them to begin their career with a good job profile. Integrated courses like these are gaining a unanimous momentum and popularity among the younger generation as these courses promise the same academic structure with the same fee of a traditional course. The only distinction is that you can complete the course in lesser duration. These courses are available for students completing their senior secondary education and do not require work experience of any kind. One such course is a BBA MBA Integrated course which we will discuss in a detailed manner through this blog. 


Course Name  BBA- MBA Integrated Course
Type  Integrated (UG+ PG Course)
Duration  5 Years 
Eligibility  10+2 with minimum demanded marks along with university level entrance exam
Average Tuition Fee INR 8,00,000- 24,00,000

What is a BBA MBA integrated course? 

The coursework of the program is designed in such a way that candidates learn the insights of the business world from basic fundamentals to advanced level strategies in a single go. An BBA MBA integrated course can be completed over a period of 5 years during which the first 3 years are focused on bachelors course BBA whereas the last 2 are dedicated towards core MBA. Along with business leadership qualities and functionality of business, during the first three years candidates will study a bunch of elective subjects like French, Business History, Psychology, Sociology, etc. as well.

After successful completion of the bachelor’s part, students will attain a BBA degree and will be asked to choose a specialisation as per their future goals. Apart from the general MBA,  universities offer specialisations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, etc. As you enter the second half of the course, the focus will totally be on imparting best practices so that candidates are able to tackle various managerial level issues. Along with this, you can also learn how to enhance the business of an organisation by using cross-cultural management strategies and techniques. 

Why Pursue BBA MBA Integrated Course? 

  • An integrated course combining BBA and MBA offers an edge in terms of a comprehensive syllabus of both degrees.
  • An BBA MBA Integrated course gives you an opportunity to start your corporate training directly after completing high school.
  • Due to the time constraint, there are no repetitive subjects and this allows students to progress towards an advanced management education early through this degree.
  • This course doesn’t need students to appear for competitive entrance exams repeatedly.
  • Most of the institutes believe in a common entrance test for the course, however, there are certain colleges that conduct their own entrance examination for this course. 

Important Points Before Choosing BBA MBA Integrated Course 

  • Before opting to school candidates must be clear about their future aspirations as they might not get a chance to switch their career path after the BBA program.
  • Make sure you choose a reputable institution offering this course then only you will be able to seek better job opportunities.
  • It is advised to be clear about the syllabus that will be followed during the course of the program 
  • Make sure that you check that you do not have to repeat the admission process while switching from BBA to MBA course.

Subjects Covered in a BBA MBA Integrated Course

There are numerous subjects taught during a four-year BBA MBA Integrated Course that are pivotal for students to develop managerial and leadership qualities. There are numerous compulsory and elective subjects that you will study in the course. Below, we have listed some of the major subjects classified in different semesters of this course:

Semester  Subjects
Semester 1 -Business Environment
-Workshop on Computer Applications
-Communication Skills 1
-Business Economics
-Management Principles and Organisational Behaviour
Semester 2 -Business Ethics
-Human Resource Management
-Workshop on Excel Modelling
-Business communication Skills 1 
-Financial Accounting
-Quantitative techniques
Semester 3 -Cost and Management Accounting
-Project-Essentials of Marketing
-Analytical Skills 1
-Environmental Studies
 -Soft Skills
-Business Communication Skills 2 
Semester 4 -Basic Financial Management
-Research Methodology
-Banking and Insurance
-Department Elective 1
 -Legal Aspects of Business
Semester 5 -Financial Systems
 -Quantitative Aptitude
 -Business and Sustainability
 -International Environment and Management
-Workshop on Business Analytics 1
-Summer Project 
Semester 6 -Economics Problems and Policies
 -Department Elective 1
-Management Information Systems
-Professional Skills Development
-Production and Operation Management
-Workshop on SPSS
-Reasoning Aptitude 
-Workshop on Business Analytics 2 
Semester 7 -Corporate Strategy and Decision-Simulation
 -Business Analytics Project
 -Specialisation Elective 1 
-Specialisation Elective 2
-Specialisation Elective 3
-Department Elective 2
-Management Science 
-Seminar on Summer Training
Semester 8 -Corporate Structuring
 -Department Elective 3
-Specialisation Elective 4
-Specialisation Elective 5
-Specialisation Elective 6
-Field Project-Consultancy Management
-Corporate Restructuring

Universities Offering the BBA MBA Integrated Course in India 

You will easily get to find numerous universities in India offering the BBA MBA Integrated Course. There are also a few variants of this course that are available at some universities. Enlist below are the popular academic institutions for the same:

Name of the College/University  Location  Course Name  Average (estimated) fee in INR 
IIM Indore Indore, MP Integrated Programme in Management INR 4 lakh per year for first three years
IIM Rohtak Haryana  Integrated Programme in Management INR 4.5 lakh per year
IIM Bodh Gaya Bihar  Integrated Programme in Management INR 13.5- 14 Lakhs for the first three years
IIM Jammu Jammu  Integrated Programme in Management INR 13.5- 14 Lakhs for the first three years 
IIM Ranchi Jharkhand  Integrated Programme in Management INR 14- 15 Lakhs for first three years 
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai  BBA+MMS
Xavier University Odisha Integrated MBA in Sustainability Management 8.5- 9 lakhs for the entire program  
SRM Institute of Science and Technology Uttar Pradesh MBA (Integrated) INR 1 lakh per year
Nirma University Institute of Management Ahmedabad  BBA+MBA (Five Year Integrated) INR 17.08 Lakhs 
Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore (DAV Indore) Indore  MBA (Five Years) INR 30,000 per year 
NIIT University Rajasthan Integrated MBA (Four Years)
Lucknow University Lucknow  MBA (Five Years) INR 30,000 per semester 
Lovely Professional University  Jalandhar  Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Master of Business Administration [MBA] {Dual Degree} INR 4.76 Lakh
Universal Business School Mumbai  Bachelor in Business Management [BBA] + Master in Business Administration [MBA] {Cardiff Met, UK} {Global} INR 21.12 Lakh
Ahmedabad University Ahmedabad  Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Master of Business Administration [MBA] {Integrated} INR 10 Lakhs
Credits: IIM Indore

Average Fees 

The average fees for pursuing a BBA MBA Integrated course varies as per the university you choose. However, the estimated cost of pursuing this course per year is around INR 1,50,000- 9,00,000. 

Career Opportunities

There are wide-ranging job prospects you can discover after completing an integrated course of BBA and MBA. You can aspire for high managerial profiles in the corporate sector. There are various other opportunities that centrally depend upon the specializations you chose and the skills you acquired during the course. You can also explore job prospects in both government and private organisations. It helps you develop a diverse set of skills that is quite similar to an MBA but with a precise course structure and a lesser duration of time. Here are the popular career profiles available after this course-

  • Finance Manager
  • Business Administration Researcher
  • Business Consultant
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Research and Development Manager

BBA vs BBA MBA Integrated Course

Here is a quick showdown between BBA vs BBA MBA Integrated course-

Program Integrated MBA (BBA+MBA) Bachelors of Business Management (BBA)
Duration 5 years 3 years
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 qualification in any stream  10+2 qualification in any stream 
Program Objective The objective of this programme is to make the students familiar with the various fields of management, prepare them to deal with complex management-level issues and decision making. This programme is the basic level of business education. It is aimed to develop the business acumen of aspiring managers and instil entrepreneurial insights into them.
Curriculum The 10-semester programme comprises of both field-specific education, logistics and case studies to teach students. The course comprises of 6 semesters where students study groundwork of management and business world.
Job Opportunities Since this programme provides a field-specific education, job opportunities are better. Having pursued advanced education, students are able to get positions in the middle and upper management level. After completing this course you will be able to get entry-level positions in reputed organizations. These positions will help you gain experience in the field to move up in the organization hierarchy.
Course Fee Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 9,00,000  Rs. 27,000 – Rs.8,00,000
Admission Process Mostly Entrance Exam Based Entrance Exam Based/ Merit-Based
Credits: Students Can I Help You?


What is BBA MBA integrated course?

After completing their 12th grade, students will enroll in a 5-year integrated program called BBA+MBA. Candidates will be able to learn management skills at both the beginner and master levels through this curriculum. Students seeking a master’s degree after completing a bachelor’s degree will benefit from the integrated MBA program.

Is integrated MBA good?

Centered on ethical considerations, it improves students’ management skills and awareness. Students who choose to follow a five-year integrated MBA would have an advantage in terms of the curriculum, since there will be no duplication of courses or subjects in the five-year program.

Is MBA better than BBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, while BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. For a management student, these are two very different degrees. In terms of qualification level and experience, an MBA receives significantly more than a BBA.

Can MBA be done after 12th?

No, you can’t get an MBA after 12th grade because it’s a master’s degree, and master’s degrees require a bachelor’s degree first. You can get a bachelor’s degree in almost any field (for example, BBA, BTech, BA, etc.) and then go on to get an MBA.

Who are eligible for MBA?

Eligibility for MBA Program: To be admitted to the MBA program, a prospective applicant must meet one of the following eligibility requirements. A graduate degree from a recognized university in any discipline, following the 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 standard, with a minimum of 50% in aggregate.

We hope that this blog provided you with all the key information about a BBA MBA Integrated Course. Leverage Edu experts can guide you in finding an ideal university for this course that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge essential to building a management career.

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  1. Incorporating various entrance exams/mode of selection for all the institutes would make the blog more valuable.

  2. Incorporating various entrance exams/mode of selection for all the institutes would make the blog more valuable.
    Nicely compiled information.

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