Masters in Human Resource Management

Masters in Human Resource Management

For every company or organization, effective communication and better management of people is a prerequisite condition in order to gain impetus in the business. Any organisation for that matter needs skilful people who can help their company grow for a competitive advantage. The concept of Human Resource Management solely thrusts on maximizing employee performance. It equally lay their emphasis on policies and systems of the company. These professionals are the sole handlers for recruiting new employees in the company, their training and development and monitoring their performance. In this blog, we will make you understand what a Masters in Human Resource Management has for you!


The concept of Human Relations came into existence in the 1960’s the time when labour relations started gaining considerable attention. The concept emerged when organizational behaviour and selection assessment started taking shape. Human resource management mainly focuses on major areas. It stresses learning and training to new employees, it ensures compensation and benefits for the company and its employees. It equally focuses on recruiting skilful employees. Overall, Masters in Human Resource Management focuses on organizational development. Human resource management also stresses the strengthening of employer and employee relationship. HR plays a crucial role in providing ordination and induction session for new joiners. They play a pivotal role in redressing the concerns of employees who are working in the company related to pay, employee benefits, plans related to pension etc. Human resource team boosts the morale of employees which at the end is essential for the company’s prosperity. 

Masters in Human Resource Management can also be done with an MBA or MA pathway. The course duration is usually 2 years but can differ as per the university course picked by an individual. 

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Top Universities for Masters in Human Resource Management

Masters in Human Resource Management is offered by innumerable universities across the globe, however, there are some reputed universities that offer an array of courses that can shape your career in the best possible way. Listed below are some of them: 

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: The reputed university was established in the year 1876 and has been found an ideal place for students to study Masters in Human Resource Management which is offered as a three-year course. In the university, students can also opt for courses in employment relations and specific ways to apply quantitative methods to both labour and employment relations.
  • Texas A&M University: The university solely focuses on the strengthening of interpersonal,  technical, conceptual and communication. For those who want to pursue their career in Human, Resouce Management as full time can pursue within stipulated 18 months of time. The university will teach you core subjects like HR management and analytics, talent management, and organizational behaviour. Texas university has already set its benchmark having 9th rank globally.
  • University of Wisconsin: Based in the United States the university is equipped with the highest excellence of learning amid amiable atmosphere and brilliant minds. In order to have your Masters in Human Resource Management at the University of Wisconsin, you need to be enough skilful in terms of operations, marketing and accounting. The university provides an in-depth study in the relevant field. 
  • Villanova University: Established in 1980, the United States-based university provides excellent teaching in Human resource management. They intelligently balance theory and practicum and prepare students to tackle the ever-changing field. The university accepts its new joiners on a rolling basis. 
  • Purdue University: The globally acclaimed university make you well-versed with staff tools, industrial relations, and HR system. It will help you grow in an organization with experimental learning. 

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Job & Career Scope

With the inception of industrialization, new companies have turned up in the market setting a wider scope for human resource professionals to work on different profiles. Some of the major profiles you can apply for after completing your masters in Human Resource Management:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Employment Service Manager
  • Personal Analyst 
  • Benefits Counsellor 

If you want to make a career by studying Masters in Human Resouce Management. With the January intakes around the corner, don’t miss the opportunity to study this course in a leading university. Reach out to Leverage Edu and we will help you move forward with the application & admission procedure.

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