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Subject Combination

Did your friends get better marks in class 12th only because they had Physical Education and not Computer Science? Did your classmates take Sanskrit over Hindi in class 10th to get a higher CGPA? Well, these are some examples of implementing the Subject Combination to secure a better grade. But what is Subject Combination? Subject Combination refers to the group of subjects that students choose at the beginning of the academic session to study in the course duration be it at the school or university level. This allows them to study multiple subjects at the same time. While pursuing a course, there is a set of subjects which are mandatory for all the students, known as “core subjects” while optional subjects are classified as “electives”. Let’s explore more about what this concept means in school curriculums and in higher studies as well.

Subject Combination at School Level

Right after a child enters class 6th, the subject combination comes into existence in academics and continues throughout their school life. Selecting subjects out of the available options help learners study a course that lines with their interests. The core subjects remain the same for the entire class, whereas, electives changes as per a candidate’s choice giving a unique mixture of disciplines

Subject Combination for Class 10th

What Does Subject Combination for 10th Mean? A Subject Combination for 10th refers to the set of subjects that students need to study in order to receive their Secondary School Certificate (Class X Certificate) by giving the Matriculation examination. These include both compulsory and optional subjects.

For example, ICSE students have the option to choose any two subjects from Group II (Science, Mathematics, Economics, Commerical Studies, etc.) with any 1 subject from Group III (Home Science, Fashion Designing, Computer Applications, etc.). However, Group I subjects like English, Second Language, Geography and History-Civics are compulsory.

The school may decide which elective subjects are to be offered in different Combinations on the basis of the choice of elective subjects in the ICSE curriculum. Subject Combinations in state board and CBSE curriculums offer little scope for flexibility while ICSE, IGCSE and IB board have wider flexibility of choosing subjects. Further, in almost all boards, the essential elements of these Combinations offered in Class X include Languages, Mathematics and Social studies.

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Subject Combination for Class 12th

What is the Subject Combination for Class 12th Students? With the end of your secondary level study of class 10th, students approach a crucial point of their academic pursuit. The process of planning and conducting a 10+2 study programme should be meticulous and systematic in the best interest of the students. There are 3 streams after 10th for students to choose from – Science (Medical/Non-medical), Commerce (with or without Mathematics) and Humanities (Arts). So, if you also want to know what is the best combination for 12th class then have a look at the Subject Combination for core subjects for each stream to take a conscious decision:

Subject Combination Options Science Commerce Humanities
Subject Combination 1 English English English
Subject Combination 2 Physics Accountancy Geography or Political Science
Subject Combination 3 Chemistry Business Studies History or Psychology
Subject Combination 4 Mathematics or
Biology or Economics
Economics or Entrepreneurship Economics or Sociology

What are the Optional Subjects in Science Stream?

For a Science student, logic, reasoning and memory power should come first while making a choice of subject – something that broadens your mental horizons and gives you an alternative of procuring knowledge. Some of the popular electives for Subject Combination in Science Stream are Physical Education, Home Science, Fashion Studies, Public Speaking, Academic Writing, Computer Application, Multimedia & Web Technologies, Foreign Language, Personal Finance and Photography.

What is the Subject Combination for Commerce 12th?

If you are a Commerce student and want to choose a subject, that is your passion as your elective, then there is a list of subjects offered by educational institutions. Few of the common optional choice of Subject Combination in Commerce Stream include Physical Education, Home Science, Fashion Studies, Computer Science, Multimedia & Web Technologies, Short Hand, Language, Cultural Studies, Dance, Music, Creative Writing and Photography.

What is the Best Subject Combination in Arts?

Students belonging to a humanities background, a lot of interesting Arts Stream subjects to choose from. If your school provides you with a good number of electives, then you might have a chance to design the entire curriculum. Some of the choicest Arts electives are Physical Education, Home Science, Fashion Studies, Fine Arts, Filmmaking, Dancing, Human Rights, Social Work, Computer Application and Multimedia & Web Technologies.

Subject Combination at University Level

Just like at the school level, candidates get a chance to pick their own subjects at a university level as well. While core subjects remain constant throughout the major, electives or optional subjects vary to a great extent. Subject combination of Bachelor’s and Master’s is explained below:

For Bachelor’s Degree Courses

At the undergraduate level, the Subject Combination is more diverse in comparison with that at the school level. Most of the faculties, offer varied electives to students, giving them an opportunity to specialise in their field of interest. For example, a BSc student can take a subject offered by the Faculty of Philosophy or a BCom student can sign up for Fine Arts courses. The interdisciplinarity in the bachelor’s degree courses helps students become more flexible and knowledgeable. At the college level, the list of elective subjects gets more advanced and specialised like Photography, Human Rights, Mandarin Chinese, Politics, Fine Arts, to name a few.

For Master’s Degree Courses

You are quite aware that the master’s degree is the most diverse type of academic qualification you can find, with a range of specialisations and majors. Even the teaching style varies and some master’s program has interdisciplinary curricula. From MSc, MA, MFA to MPhil, MRes, scholars can choose amongst electives to create your Subject Combination like Acting, Film Studies, Classical Dance, Writing. Besides, you can also choose from a variety of skill-based courses like Plumbing, Electronics, Woodwork, Painting, and more specific subjects like Cultural Studies and Gender Studies.

Subject Combination for B.Ed

B.Ed being a versatile degree offers various subject combinations to students. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Science + Language
  • Physical Science + Life Science
  • Physical Science + Maths
  • Computer Education + Maths
  • Computer Education + Language
  • Commerce + Economics
  • Social study + Language
  • Economics + Maths
  • Fine Art + Language
  • Music + Language

Apart from these common combinations for B.Ed courses, here are some unique combinations offered by Indian colleges:

  • Biology + Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Computer Science Or Geology
  • Chemistry + Biology, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Physics Or Computer Science
  • Geography + Geology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology Or Computer Science
  • Geology +Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Or Computer Science
  • Mathematics + Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Physics Or Mathematics
  • Physics + Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics OR Geography
  • Computer Science + Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Geology, Biology Or Chemistry

What is Subject Combination for 10th Kerala State Board?

Here are the subject combinations offered under Class 10th Kerala State Board:

Commerce Subject Combinations for Class 10th Kerala State Board

  • Business Studies+Accountancy+ Economics+ Maths
  • Business Studies+ Accountancy+ Economics+ Computer Application
  • Business Studies+ Accountancy+ Economics+ Politics
  • Business Studies+ Accountancy+ Economics+ Statistics

Science Subject Combinations for Class 10th Kerala State Board

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Home Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Home Science, Biology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Biology

Humanities Subject Combinations for Class 10th Kerala State Board

  • History, Economics, Politics, Social Work
  • History, Economics, Politics, Philosophy
  • History, Economics, Politics, Anthropology
  • History, Economics, Politics, Psychology
  • Islamic History, Economics, Politics, Sociology
  • History, Economics, Politics, Statistics
  • Economics, Statistics, Anthropology, Social Work
  • Economics, Gandhian Studies, Communication English, Computer Application
  • History, Economics, Politics, Geography
  • History, Economics, Politics, Sociology
  • History, Economics, Politics, Geology
  • History, Economics, Politics, Gandhian Studies
  • History, Economics, Sanskrit Sahitya, Sanskrit Sasthra
  • Islamic History, Economics, Politics, Geography
  • Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Gandhian Studies
  • Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, Statistics
  • History, Economics, Geography, Hindi
  • History, Economics, Geography, Arabic
  • History, Economics, Geography, Urdu
  • History, Economics, Geography, Kannada
  • History, Economics, Geography, Tamil
  • History, Philosophy, Sanskrit Sahitya, Sanskrit Sasthra
  • Sociology, Journalism, Communicative English, Computer Application
  • Journalism, English Literature, Communicative English, Psychology
  • History, Economics, Politics, Music
  • History, Economics, Geography, Malayalam

What is Subject Combination for 10th Tamil Nadu Board?

The subject combination for 10th Tamil Nadu state board is as follows:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Chemistry, Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry, English for Communication, Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Home Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Comp. Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Chemistry
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nursing
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English for Communication
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science
  • Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  • Statistics, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy
  • Computer Science, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy
  • English For Communication, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy
  • History, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy
  • Economics, Political Science, Commerce, Accountancy
  • Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, E.& I.Culture
  • Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, Adv. Lang
  • Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, Busi.Math
  • Statistics, Geography, History, Economics
  • Computer Science, Geography, History, Economics
  • Geography, English for Communication, History, Economics
  • Geography, History, Economics, Political Science
  • Geography, History, Economics, E.& I. Culture
  • Geography, History, Economics, Adv. Languages


What does Subject Combination for Class 10th mean?

Subject Combination is a group of subjects you need to choose after completing Class 10th. In India, Subject Combination after Class 10th or for intermediate comprises three main groups of subjects, i.e. Commerce, Science and Arts & Humanities.

What is Subject Combination?

It is the selection of a group of subjects that a students need to choose after completing certain education level, mainly at intermediate, i.e. after 10th or at the university level, i.e. after 12th or after graduation.

What is Subject Combination for Intermediate?

In India, the best combination for intermediate mainly constitutes the 4 streams of study:
1. Science [With Medical]: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics
2. Science [Without Medical]: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electives like Information Practices, Computer Science, etc.
3. Commerce: Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, Mathematics (Elective)
4. Arts & Humanities: Geography, Political Science, History, Economics, Psychology

Which the best combination of subjects for BA?

There are various subject combinations offered to BA students. Here are the most popular and best subject combination for BA:
1. Economics and English
2. Psychology, Journalism and English
3. Statistics, Maths and Economics
4. Psychology, History and Sociology
5. Psychology and Sociology
6. History and Geography

What should I fill in subject combination for 10th?

You must choose subjects for 10th after weighing in your favourite subjects and interests. If you are inclined towards theory as well as business and management, then Commerce subjects are best for you. But if you like Science and Maths, then opt for the science stream. If you want to explore Arts as well as pursue a creative career in writing, media or journalism, then Arts stream is an ideal one after 10th.

Which subject is the mother of all subjects?

Mathematics is often referred to as the mother of all subjects because mathematics is the language of our universe and we can express how the universe and our world works through mathematical equations, laws and formulas.

Subject Combination is an interesting feature of providing a range of courses and allowing students to design their own course curriculum. Its time to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to find out the perfect career domain for yourself. Avail your personalised guidance from the experts at Leverage Edu to choose the right college and course.

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  1. I have passed my 12th from arts stream and now i want to know which subjects combination are best of my interest with B.A., i want to choose pol. Sci., english literature And economics(because i studied these subjects in my 11th and 12th and i liked them, i also studied geography in school) and also can i choose more than 3 or 4 subjects in college like schools??

    1. Hi, Simran!
      No it is not possible. You can do only one specialization.
      Reach us at 1800 57 2000!

  1. I have passed my 12th from arts stream and now i want to know which subjects combination are best of my interest with B.A., i want to choose pol. Sci., english literature And economics(because i studied these subjects in my 11th and 12th and i liked them, i also studied geography in school) and also can i choose more than 3 or 4 subjects in college like schools??

    1. Hi, Simran!
      No it is not possible. You can do only one specialization.
      Reach us at 1800 57 2000!

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