Journalism Courses after 12th

Journalism Courses after 12th

Do you love writing? Do you have an interest in news reporting? Have you always been fascinated by the news or magazine industry? You can consider pursuing journalism after completing your 12th grade. Journalism corresponds to the dissemination of information through various types of mass media like television, radio, newspaper, etc. Now, in this digital era, it includes e-magazines, e-newspaper, and various social media platforms also. The digital era is here which is challenging traditional media houses to go online and monetize their digital platforms. This is where a huge number of opportunities are originating for those who wish to pursue a journalism career. Through this blog, we bring you a comprehensive list of popular journalism courses after 12th, top academic institutions for these programmes as well as the career prospects in this field.

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List of Top Journalism Courses After 12th

For those wanting to pursue a journalism career, there are a multitude of bachelor’s degree as well as diploma and certificate courses available across the globe. Here is a complete list of undergraduate journalism courses after 12th which you can choose from:

Bachelor’s Degree Courses in Journalism

Diploma Courses in Journalism

  • Diploma in Journalism
  • Diploma in Creative Multimedia and Journalism
  • Diploma in Creative Media Production (Broadcast Journalism)
  • Diploma in Documentary Photography
  • Diploma in Photojournalism

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Now, let’s explore some popular of these Journalism courses after 12th in further detail:

Bachelors in Journalism

In this course, you will learn a variety of new-age multimedia skills along with traditional skills that include all the elements of journalism. This degree helps you in developing skills like searching data, collection of data and presentation of the information effectively and in a creative way. This course will introduce you to the professional aspects of journalism while also equipping you with theoretical knowledge related to economics and history of media as well as ethical and social issues. This course will also expand your knowledge in other areas of media like television, print media and different social media platforms. You will get to know about the interview skills necessary to get featured on live news. 

Bachelors in Sports Journalism

Are you a sports fan and want to pursue a career in journalism, then this course is well suited for you. You will get the opportunity to deliver information about sports. You will also learn how to report for both online and traditional media platforms. The career path of sports journalism is ideal for sports enthusiasts who have a knack for reporting or writing. 

Bachelors in Journalism and Communication

This degree will equip you with the required skills and knowledge for various fields in journalism that includes feature writers, editors, television reporters, and presenters, etc. This degree helps you in understanding the use of different multimedia platforms that help in delivering and presenting content. It also helps you in understanding the basics of filming, editing and interviewing. This course will teach you the aspects, importance and other elements of being in a journalism career.

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Top Universities for Journalism Courses After 12th

As much as it is important to choose the right bachelor’s degree programme after 12th, you must also select the right university you will be pursuing your undergraduate degree from to gain the best exposure and knowledge in your field of interest. Take a look at the following list of top universities you must consider for pursuing Journalism courses after 12th:

Career Prospects in Journalism

Completing a course in Journalism, you will be equipped with the essentials of how various forms of mass media work as well as the intricacies of reporting, broadcast production, radio production as well as filmmaking. After concluding any of the aforementioned journalism courses after 12th, graduates can choose from a varied range of fields like TV production, News production, Filmmaking, Photojournalism, Sports Journalism etc. Here are the key career opportunities in Journalism and Media:

  • News Reporter
  • TV Correspondent/Special Reporter
  • Feature Writer
  • Editor
  • Columnist
  • Copywriter
  • Photojournalist
  • Cartoonist
  • Channel Producer
  • Radio Jockey
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • Public Relations Associate

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While we have given you all the information for pursuing journalism courses after 12th, we understand that you may be apprehensive about a career path. It might be tricky to choose the best college and course for yourself but with the assistance of the counsellors at Leverage Edu, you can undertake the psychometric and brainstorming sessions that will help you in coming to an informed decision about your career. 

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