Textile Design Courses

Textile Design Courses

If you are someone who is intrigued by the feel of texture, quality of cloth and vibrant colours then we have found the best course for you. With the advancements in technology, clothing has become an important affair for many rather than a necessity, giving rise to new career disciplines. One such new-age course is Textile Designing pursued by fabric lovers. A Textile Designer works with design teams and clients to formulate unique and outstanding fabrics with the help of software programs. In this blog, we will be discussing various Textile Design courses that will help you weave a vibrant career.  

Given below is a list of popular Textile Design Courses that you can sign up for to make an excellent career in the field of Textile: 

Bachelor Level Programs

  • Bachelors in Textile Technologies, Materials and Nanomaterials

This bachelor’s program aims to provide the students with technical and specialized knowledge for the development and modernization of the technological processes needed for highly innovative outputs. The program encompasses a number of subjects including, Textile Fibres, Textile Technology, Textile Chemistry, Polymers, Weaves Structures, Nonwoven Manufacturing, Textile Nanomaterial, Spinning, etc.

  • Bachelors in Fashion and Textile Technologies

Students studying this course will have to learn about materials and their production, product development, market development, building a collection and commerce. The graduates can make lucrative careers in the form of a product developer, materials engineers, quality engineers, product manager or product developer.  

  • Bachelors of Arts in Textile Designing (Hons)

The program offers students with intense knowledge in material, colour and design within a textile print, weave, stitch and knit. The students will develop conceptual thinking pertaining to fashion, sustainability and interior and exterior design. It promotes the development of studio culture along with special textile workshops. 

  • Bachelors of Arts in Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

This particular field focuses on the development and promotion of contemporary fashion textiles. Students on this pathway are able to explore the surface, embellishment, texture and pattern of the fashion materials and fabrics. 

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Master Level Programs

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  • Masters in Textile & Clothing Engineering

The main objective of this program is to provide a complete knowledge in fields of textiles and technologies that are based on some basic principles. The students who are trained with these specialisations have places to go. 

  • Masters of Science in Textile Engineering

Students are taught about developments as well as innovations in textile technologies. They will learn how to design machines, develop new products, duplicate textile products, machines and processes and improve the existing textile products, machines and processes.  

  • Masters of Arts Textile Design

Focussing on the environmental problems and roles of designers pertaining to such issues, the program offers students to explore innovations in textile design. Learners will be encouraged to innovate new ideas in designing and build more knowledge. 

  • Master of Science in Chemical Engineering – Textiles

Under this course, students are motivated to study the chemical properties of raw materials used in the making of different Textiles. Graduates will be able to follow the overall development of a product in terms of concept, prototype and preparation. Candidates with MS in Chemical Engineering (Textiles) have excellent career opportunities.   

Besides these popular Textile Design Courses, there are some other courses that you might consider to make a successful career in Textile Technology

  • Certificate/ Diploma in Textiles
  • Foundation Course in Contemporary Textiles
  • Foundation Course in Textiles and Surface Design
  • Bachelors of Design in Textile Design
  • Bachelors of Arts in Costume Construction
  • Bachelors of Design in Fashion and Textiles Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation
  • Masters in Textiles with Business Studies
  • Masters in Textile Design, Fashion and Management (Research)
  • Masters in Textile Design and Clothing Manufacture (Research)

Top Universities for Textile Design Courses

Given below are the top universities for Textile Design courses:

  • Central Saint Martins, England
  • Parsons, The New School for Design, United States
  • Bunka Fashion College, Japan
  • Fashion Institute Of Technology, United States
  • Royal College of Art, England
  • University of Westminster, England
  • LASALLE College for Arts, Singapore, 
  • Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Belgium

Hopefully, we covered all major Textile Design courses that are available around the globe. However, it is natural for you to have some kind of queries regarding your career choice. If that is the case, worry no more, as Leverage Edu is here to your rescue. Our expert mentors and counsellors provide the best career guidance to help you reach heights. Book a free 30 minutes session with our counsellors.

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