Career in Footwear Designing

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Career in Footwear Design

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes.”-Hudson and Bleecker. Does a good pair of Jimmy Choo makes you want to own them as soon as possible? Do you love bedazzling a pair of simple-looking shoes into something strikingly stunning? Shoes play an integral role in making a fascinating fashion statement. They are an important aspect of human lives whether as a physical accessory or for metaphorical references. While the career path of Footwear Designing might seem like a cakewalk, but just like Cindrella’s famed pumps, it is not the perfect fit for just everybody. Footwear Designing involves a methodological as well as a focused approach to create revolutionary and spectacular footwear designs. Much like other fashion accessories, it requires careful conceptualising, creation and showcasing.  With the fashion industry gaining momentum with the emergence of new technology and finding its place as a form of self-expression, opting for a career in Footwear Designing is a highly rewarding and fruitful choice. Here is a comprehensive blog that explores the vast arena of Footwear Designing, the courses you can pursue as well as the career scope you can avail in this field.

What is Footwear Designing?

Footwear Designing is a multifaceted discipline that essentially demands a thorough understanding of the fashion industry. It involves various shoe designing techniques including drawing the designs, cutting and sewing fabrics and even employing software applications for developing different kinds of designs digitally. Studying a degree in this branch of Fashion Designing, students are equipped with the knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD), applied footwear design, drafting, collection development as well as various aspects of footwear marketing strategies. Further, the course curriculum also integrates training programs and sessions with famous footwear designs to help students understand their experiences and learn from the industry experts. Plentiful internships and apprenticeships are also added to the programs to provide budding designers with a deep-embedded exposure into the industry.

Eligibility Criteria

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Those willing to pursue a career in Footwear Designing are not compulsorily asked for a degree but rather the creative flair although candidates with either a 4 year or 2-year degree in Fashion Design or even in Fine Arts find themselves with an added advantage as compared to their peers. This field is quite a competitive one, and therefore getting a degree before entering the industry is advisable. The courses in this domain are structured to include industrial designing, fashion merchandising, shoe engineering and fashion history. It is also noted that most Footwear Designers prefer to work independently and therefore, an added degree or certificate in marketing as well as business is an added advantage.

Skills Required

Since most students pursue their careers as a freelancer in this industry, it is important to have a strong grasp of fashion trends and happenings. Footwear Designers are also expected to possess aesthetic skillset with a thorough understanding of colour, fabrics and drawing. You should know the different Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs to enter the technologically advance fashion industry. Since there are different kind of footwear used for varied purposes, it is advisable to have a familiarity with biomechanics and podiatry.

Courses in Footwear Designing

When it comes to programs in Footwear Designing, there is a wide range of diploma and degree courses offered across the world by prominent fashion institutes and universities. Following is a list of major courses that you can choose from in order to learn the tricks and trades of the shoe design industry.

  • Footwear Design BA (Hons)
  • Diploma in Footwear Design and Product Development 
  • Bespoke Series: Men’s Oxford Shoes 
  • Footwear MA
  • Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Innovation BA (Hons) 
  • Footwear FDA
  • Foundation Pathway in Fashion and Footwear 

Thus, Footwear Designing is a perfect career path for those passionate about creating wonderfully aesthetic shoe designs that can make anyone drool over the impactful and stylish aura of shoes. If you are planning to pursue this field and don’t know where to start, our Leverage Edu experts are here to help you select the right course and university that can equip you with the right knowledge and exposure to actualise your dream of becoming the next Jimmy Choo.

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