Creative Courses After 12th Commerce

Creative Courses After 12th Commerce

“What is the best course after 12th commerce?” There are numerous courses after 12th offered across the streams of Arts, Science and Commerce that students can choose from. BBA, BCom, BMS, MBBS, BTech, BSc and BA are some of the top choices for 12th students from various streams but finding a course that aligns with your interests can be a tough choice. Especially in the Commerce stream, there are many high-paying jobs and careers available, thus adding to your confusion! So, here we have brought you the best professional, high-salary as well as creative courses after 12th commerce!

Professional Courses after 12th Commerce

Professional courses after 12th commerce mainly focus on the varied specialisation of this vast stream such as Management, Business, Trade, Economics, Financial Markets, Banking, etc. Here are the top professional creative courses after 12th commerce:

Best Creative Courses after 12th Commerce

If you want to pursue creative career options after completing your secondary education, then here are the best creative courses after 12th commerce:

  1. Designing Courses: BSc in Fashion Designing/Graphic Designing/Web Designing/Footwear Designing/Game Designing
  2. Photography Courses: BFA in Photography, Bachelors in Photojournalism
  3. Animation Courses: BSc in Animation, Visual Effects courses, BSc Visual Communication
  4. Culinary Arts: Chef courses, BA in Culinary Arts
  5. Literature, Linguistics & Languages: BA in English Literature, BA in Hindi, BA in Linguistics, Foreign Language courses
  6. Event Management: BBA in Event Management
  7. Digital Marketing: BBA/BCom in Digital Marketing
  8. Journalism and Mass Communication: BJMC, BMM
  9. Filmmaking: Bachelors in Filmmaking
  10. Architecture: Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
  11. Fine Arts Courses
  12. Visual Arts Courses
  13. Hotel Management Courses
  14. Theatre or Performing Arts

Designing Courses 

One of the most sought after creative courses for those who have recently completed class 12th is professional Designing courses. Bifurcated into a variety of streams like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Footwear Designing, Textile Designing, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Leather Designing, etc, the field of designing is open for students belonging to varied backgrounds. Designing courses are available at various levels like Diploma in Fashion Designing, BDes, MDes etc opting which you can earn a degree in the field of your choice. Mentioned below are the famous designing courses

Photography Courses

If you possess the zeal to capture emotions more than moments, then photography is the ideal field for you. It opted as an elective course but over the past few years, the scope of photography has now reached newer heights. From Diploma to full-time Bachelors and Masters degree can be pursued in a multitude of specializations such as Wildlife Photography, Fashion Photography, Crime Scene Photography, etc. Here is a list of prominent photography courses 

Animation Courses

The field of animation holds an upcoming world full of numerous career opportunities. If you have a knack for designing videos, images, applications, websites, etc, then exploring the field of animation amongst all the creative courses after 12th Commerce can be a lucrative option. This unique field is an amalgamation of Art as well Technology which has not only contributed to the domain of gaming but it has also proven out to be an asset in the field of Architecture. You can explore the below-listed courses- 

Culinary Arts 

Do you aspire to become a chef? Do you love making those traditional and fusion dishes? If yes, then, you can turn your passion into a full-time career by pursuing Culinary Arts courses. A variety of chef courses are available in this field which can help you furnish your skills as well as you can learn to craft dishes with much more intricacies. Some of the popular creative courses after 12th commerce in this field are- 

Literature, Linguistics & Languages

If you love reading and are enthusiastic about exploring global literature, there are various language and linguistics courses available for Commerce students. These programs are one of the most creative courses after 12th commerce and studying a language abroad can come with its own amazing set of perks that can outshine your career prospects! Some of the popular literature and language courses are:

Event Management 

The Event Management industry is a hotspot of enthusiasts. It is often opted by a plethora of students after class 12th. Acquiring a degree in this domain, you can work as an event planner for various events like Wedding, Birthday Parties, Concerts etc. Here are the latest Event Management Courses:

  • BA (Hons) in Event Management
  • BA (Hons) in Business and Events

Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing has now become an integral element of a variety of businesses around the globe. Hence, professionals with core knowledge of this field who can uplift the business revenues are in great demand of the elite organizations. To get a hold of the increasing scope of digital marketing, you can opt for a program at the level of your choice. Enlisted below are the frequently opted creative courses after 12th commerce in the field of Digital Marketing- 

Journalism and Mass Communication

For those planning to explore career opportunities in the media industry, journalism and mass communication courses after 12th are the best ones to opt for. From Photojournalism and New Media to Advertising Media and Digital Media, you can discover different types of mass media and delve deeper into their foundational history, modern revolutions, basics of news, TV and video production amongst others. Here is a list of major mass media courses after 12th:


If you want to learn the craft of telling stories through intriguing and engaging moving visuals, then you must consider filmmaking courses to transform your passion for storytelling into an amazing career path. As filmmaking itself is a broad domain of study, there are a plethora of branches under it ranging from scriptwriting, digital filmmaking, cinematography courses, sound editing, film editing courses, amongst others. Take a look at some of the popular filmmaking programs you must add to your list of creative courses after 12th:

  • BA Hons Film and Television
  • BA (Hons) Film Visual Effects
  • BA (Hons) Film and Screen Studies


Amongst the best creative courses after 12th commerce, architecture courses are ideal for those who love exploring how physical structures are built from curating their design to the final masterpiece! Pursuing a degree in Architecture, you will get to know about the design and development as well as construction of physical infrastructure as well as inner and outer spaces of a building. There are many emerging specializations of Architecture like Landscape Design, Installation Art, Sustainable Architecture, etc. which you can choose from to establish a wonderful career in this domain! The sought-after courses you can explore after 12th in this field include:

Hopefully, after reading this blog about creative courses after 12th Commerce, you are all equipped with some worthy career options. Scores of opportunities open up as soon as you complete your class 12th with Commerce background. To know about some exciting programs to pursue after commerce stream, reach out to Leverage Edu experts and skyrocket your career!

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