B Com Computers Subjects

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B Com Computers Subjects

The commerce stream is filled with a vast range of disciplines for students to choose from. Amongst the popular bachelor’s degrees for commerce students, BCom is opted by many as their first preference. Although, in today’s competitive era, BCom courses are offered with different specializations that one can choose from. For those inclined towards Information Technology, B Com Computers or BCom Computer Applications offers an interesting integration of how computing technologies are designed and utilized in the corporate world. This blog brings you a detailed guide on B Com Computers Subjects and other related course components.

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What is B Com Computers?

B.com Computers is mainly offered as a 3-4 year undergraduate course which aims at equipping students with the intricate knowledge of software and hardware technologies and their applications. It is a specialized alternative to the traditional B.Com course, particularly helpful for those wanting to explore the different computing technologies applied in the commercial world. Essentially, B.com Computer subjects incorporate varied interdisciplinary areas of study as the course bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge of subjects like accountancy, statistics, and finance and their application in the real business world by integrating them with programming languages, computing technologies, etc. 

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List of BCom Computers Subjects 

The course gives balanced exposure to the traditional commerce subjects as well as the IT subjects to ensure that students get to know about these two domains in detail. It is mainly comprised of a wide range of core and elective subjects encompassing the major fields of commerce along with programming, IT, eCommerce, and related fields.

Take a look at the core B Com Computers subjects covered under this undergraduate degree:

Business Organisation Principles of Management Corporate Accounting
Business Economics Management Information System C++ Programming
Principles of Accounting Advanced Accounting Cost Accounting
Information Technology (IT) Income Tax Business Law and Company Law
Financial Accounting Business Statistics Banking Theory and Practice
Managerial Economics Programming with C- GST theory and practice

Now, let’s explore some of these B Com Computers Subjects in further detail:

Principles of Management

This subject under B Com Computers acquaints the students with different types of businesses, their composition, and basic concepts of business, commerce, and management. It also comprises the functions and practices of management and explores the role of management in the functioning of a business.

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As B Com is primarily a Commerce degree, it provides students with the conceptual basics of accounting and preparation of final accounts of sole traders, accounting knowledge of bills of exchange, and other business accounting methods. This is one of the major B Com Computers subjects and aims at equipping learners with the fundamental understanding of computerized accounting and book-keeping and managing financial accounts of businesses, be it small, medium or large companies.

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C/C++ Programming

As one of the key subjects explored in computer courses, Object Oriented Programming using C/C++ Language is also a part of B Com Computers. This area of study focuses on data processing through set procedures and algorithms, thus automating different operational processes.

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Information Technology (IT)

This subject acquaints the students with the basic knowledge in Information Technology and its applications in the varied areas of business. You will get to know about computer operating software, using basic productivity tools like MS Word and PowerPoint, etc.

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Business and Company Law

Studying business law, you will get an insightful analysis of the national laws and regulations relating to establishing or running businesses in India, legal disputes, and how they were solved. This is included in the B Com Computers subjects and curriculum to familiarise students with the legal provisions applicable for the establishment, management and winding up of companies in a country.

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Business Statistics

This subject inculcates analytical and computational ability among the students, providing them with basic statistical tools and equipping them with a holistic understanding of statistical computation by using correlation and regression, index numbers, and statistical distribution. It is really helpful in data collection and analysis, used by companies for market research and business development.

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B Com Computers: Major Electives

Along with the core disciplines, the course curriculum of B Com Computers is also constituted of electives which are aimed skill enhancement to help students explore areas of their choice. Here is a list of electives included in B Com Computers:

  • Web Technologies
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Computerized Accounting
  • E-Commerce
  • Principles of insurance business
  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Regulation of Insurance Business
  • Business Ethics

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Thus, we hope that this blog has familiarized you with the core and elective B Com Computers subjects and their key topics. This specialized course can prove instrumental in providing your career with a competitive edge over its traditional counterparts by adding more to your technological and practical skill set, thus boosting your employability. Reach out to our Leverage Edu mentors to find a suitable university for your chosen B Com degree.

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