Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

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Computer Courses after 12th Commerce

The IT sector is currently one of the most sought-after industries worldwide. The need for computers in the contemporary world has given rise to many computer-based courses across the globe which in turn has increased employment opportunities. A commerce stream student does not have to worry about their educational background to enrol in a course focused on learning about computers.

Since every sector is now digitized, the demand for professionals who possess the required knowledge of computers and their applications both in IT companies and other sectors is high.

Keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of top computer courses after 12th Commerce that one can consider.

Why Study Computer Courses After 12th Commerce? 

The field of computer science and information technology has been booming and rapidly expanding enormously. This has caused a large number of job openings to appear. The sector has a broad range and provides good exposure to the business world.

Because of this, a profession in computer science is among the most in-demand and has a bright future.

You may be questioning why someone with a background in commerce would take computer classes after their 12th-grade diploma if the better employment in the sector must go to those with a background in computer science or a related discipline.

This is not the case, though, as computer courses that may be taken following a 12th-grade commerce degree can lead to lucrative and varied employment options.

List of Top Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

Here are the most sought-after and popular computer courses after the 12th Commerce:

Diploma Computer Courses after 12th Commerce

Before exploring computer courses across various specialisations, let’s first take a look at top diploma computer courses. Here are the top diploma computer courses after 12th commerce:

Diploma Computer CoursesEligibility
Diploma in Computer Applications12th
Certificate Course In PC Assembly And Maintenance10th Pass
Diploma In Desktop Publishing10th/12th
Diploma In Financial Accounting10th/12th Commerce
Diploma In Office Automation12th

Other Diploma Courses After 12th Commerce

Apart from the diploma computer courses after 12th commerce mentioned above, there are some other popular diplomas that work great for students. Given below is the list of the same:

  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Diploma in Office Automation
  • Diploma in Computer Assembly and Maintenance
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting
  • Diploma in Desktop Publishing

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Computer Courses after 12th Arts

Want to pursue a computer course after 12th Arts? Here are the top computer courses after 12th Arts:

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Short-Term Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

Short-term courses can be one-week courses to one-year courses. Here is the list of short-term computer courses after 12th commerce you can pursue:

  • Certificate Course in Web Designing
  • Certificate Course in PC Assembly and Maintenance
  • Certificate Course in Network Administrator
  • Introduction to 3D Creative Design
  • Certificate Course in Programming through C Language
  • Certificate Course in Programming in C ++
  • Advanced Diploma In Hardware Management
  • Certificate Course in E-Commerce Design

High Salary Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

While the salary of a graduate depends on factors such as experience, skills, and academic background. Some of the courses can help you slightly earn better than others. Here is the loss of high-salary computer courses after the 12th Commerce:

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

Wondering about the professional courses you can pursue after 12th commerce? There are numerous courses you can consider. Check out the list of top courses mentioned below:

  • Animation & VFX
  • Web Designing & Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Computer-Aided Design & Drafting
  • Mobile Application Development
  • MS Office Certification Program

Now, let’s explore some of these top computer courses after 12th in further detail:

Tally ERP Course

Tally ERP 9 is the accounting software used by various organizations to record financial transactions and events. The software can function in multiple ways including Inventory Management, Payroll Preparation, Cost Centre Management, Multiple Go-Downs Management, etc. A training course to learn the working of this software is among the popular computer courses after 12th Commerce.

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The Bachelor’s in Computer Application or BCA, which runs for 3 years, is a comprehensive program for learning about computers from the basics to the more complex concepts. If you want to pursue a career in the IT sector, this is considered to be one of the best computer courses after 12th Commerce. Some of the best colleges to pursue this degree include:

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Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll Diploma 

Sage is one of the choicest accounting software used by companies across the globe to manage varied processes like Supplier Details, Financial Reports, Invoices, Manage VAT Records, etc. A diploma course to learn the functioning of this software can be considered one of the best computer courses after class 12th Commerce. The minimum age to pursue this course is 17 and the online program can be completed in 12 months. 

B.Com in Computer Applications

If you are also looking for the answer to “What can I do after 12th commerce with the computer?” then pursuing BCom is an ideal option.

BCom Computers is considered perfect for learning about computers with a focus on the prospects of a career in commerce. It is a three-year course that merges the complexities of computer application with the course framework of commerce subjects thus giving the students an edge over others.

Tabulated below are the major subjects taught under BCom in the Computer Applications course:

Accounting PrinciplesE-Commerce
Corporate Law and GovernanceWeb Designing and Technology
Note: The subject list is not exhaustive. It can vary from one university or college to another.

Hence, it is one of the computer courses after 12th commerce that is especially rewarding. Top colleges for pursuing this course are:

Graphic Designing 

Graphic Designing is a new-age computer course opted by many class 12th students aiming to make a career in animation. The course includes learning to design software like Photoshop, CAD, Abode, etc. The field concentrates on visual communication through photography, typography, and illustrations. 

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3D Animation & VFX

If you are inclined towards exploring the field of visual arts and graphics, there are various 3D animation courses that you can explore to learn about how animated graphics and special effects are used in images and videos.

As a rapidly growing industry, 3D animation offers a wide range of shining career opportunities in the corporate sector as well as the media and entertainment industry. 3D Animation and VFX courses are amongst the popular and creative options under our list of computer courses after the 12th.

These programmes can teach you about varied animation tools and software applications and further equip you with the necessary skills to build a successful career in Multimedia, VFX and 3D Animation.

Web Designing & Development

Web Designing courses are amongst the top computer courses after 12th Commerce that you can opt for. Since every business is striving to create an online presence, web designing and development is a popular career choice to pursue amongst those aiming to study Computer Science and Information Technology.

To pursue a programme in Web Designing and Development, you can either opt for a short-term diploma or certificate course or a full-fledged bachelor’s degree in Web Design and Development after the 12th.

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E-Commerce is a software platform where businesses can be conducted. E-Commerce marketing can be considered one of the best computer courses after 12th Commerce because it enables students to understand business tactics as well as the software requirements of running an online business. This course is mostly offered online, but some colleges are offering the same course full-time. Some of them are:

  • University of La Verne
  • University of Toledo
  • Bloomfield College
  • Thiel College in Greenwich
  • DePaul University, Chicago

Digital Banking

Just like other sectors, the Banking and Finance industries have also witnessed growth with innovations in technology. Digital Banking programs can thus be counted among the other computer courses after 12th Commerce that one can consider. It teaches the complexities of digitization in the world of banking and takes a deep dive into the concepts of changing banking regulations along with the effect of digitalization on the industry. Some of the best colleges offering this course amongst other computer courses after 12th commerce include: 

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Diploma in Office Automation 

This particular computer course after class 12th commerce is another application-based program that equips candidates with ways to work in an office environment.

The students are equipped with basic computer knowledge like Microsoft office, software and hardware applications, the use of different computer tools, etc.

After completing this course, candidates can work as Data Entry operators, Office assistants, MIS executives, Computer Operators or Back-office assistants. 

Data Entry Operator Course

Data Entry operator academic programs are one of those computer courses after 12th commerce that help shape students up for a career in data entry. This course aims to perfect the data entry skills of students so that they can work for organizations, in particular, big data industries. Both Industry-specific and general data entry operator courses are available across scores of colleges such as: 

  • American River College
  • Riverside Community College
  • Mt. San Antonio College 
  • Santa Monica College
  • Sacramento City College

Certificate in Computerized Accounting

The last one on the list of computer courses after 12th Commerce is a certificate in computerized accounting. This course introduces the students to accounting on computers. Hence, the students are trained with accurate accounting skills and how they can be used through the technicalities of computers. This course also boosts the candidate’s chances of a career in accounts and financing. Some of the colleges  offering this specific course are: 

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Hardware and Networking Courses

For those interested in exploring the hardware and networking aspects of Computers, these are the best computer courses after 12th Commerce that you must consider. Hardware and Networking Courses are offered at diploma, undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels.

These programs encompass the study of the design, development and maintenance of computer hardware as well as exploring the intricacies of how network devices work, their installation and configuration, amongst others.

Computer hardware and networking is an emerging and ever-growing industry in contemporary times and offer varied career opportunities in diverse sectors. Here are the top universities for programmes in Hardware and Networking:

Digital Marketing

Quite different from the aforementioned computer courses after 12th commerce, Digital Marketing is an emerging field of study that offers diverse career opportunities for you to explore in different sectors. In the digital era, every business aims to facilitate an online presence as well as a strong relationship with its customers.

By pursuing Digital Marketing courses, you will get to know about the varied range of tools, software and techniques used in this field to popularise a brand and boost its online presence.

Some of the major subjects covered in the Digital Marketing course syllabus include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), eMarketing, Lead Generation, Brand Management, and Web Analytics, amongst others

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Which Computer Courses to Take after 12th Commerce?

Now that you have explored the major computer courses after 12th commerce, finding the right one as per your interests can be a tricky decision. The major factors you need to consider for this are duration, the field of interest and the type of course.

Firstly, you have to make up your mind on whether you are inclined towards short-term courses like diplomas or certificates or full-fledged degrees or certification exams, and then move towards choosing the right field. Once you have decided on these two parameters, then it will be easy to select the type of course which can vary from diploma, certificate or bachelor’s.

If you aim to combine a certificate course while studying for a degree in commerce, there are several diploma courses available like the tally course, short-term banking certifications, Diploma in Digital Marketing, Diploma in Computer Applications, etc.

These are mainly skill-based and help you gain specialised training in your chosen field. While, if you are browsing bachelor’s degree courses in Computers or related fields then there are options like BCA, BCom Accounting and Finance, etc.

Top Universities for Computer Courses Abroad

Scopes After Computer Courses

Both older and younger generations have several postgraduate degree alternatives thanks to the current period. For the majority of engineering students, computer programmes are among the most popular.

On the other hand, computer lessons are split up into many categories. Your professional existence will either be made or broken by your ability to locate and then select the appropriate route. Every year, as digitalization spreads across the nation, there is a growing need for online computer courses.

Given that computer science, students get competitive pay, young people are encouraged to pursue careers in the sector. Let’s say you’re having trouble deciding which postgraduate programme to enrol in, or you’re already working and want to further your career. The greatest online computer courses are accessible in that situation.


Which computer course is best after 12th commerce?

There are several computer courses available after 12th commerce and some of the sought-after courses are Tally ERP Course, BCom, BCA, Digital Banking, E-commerce, Diploma in Office automation, Web Designing, etc.

Which computer course is better for commerce students?

Commerce students can choose from an array of computer courses like Tally course, Diploma in Digital Marketing, Diploma in Finance, Financial Modelling, BCA, BCom, etc.

Which computer course is best after BCom?

After completing your BCom, you can explore some of the top computer courses like MCA, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, MBA in Banking and Finance, MBA in Accounting, CA course, etc.
To know more, take a look at our blog on What to Do after BCom

Which Computer Courses to Take after 12th Commerce?

Some of the top computer courses to take after 12th commerce are Tally ERP Course, BCA, BCom, Graphic or Web Design, Digital Banking, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Ebusiness, etc.

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These are some of the computer courses after 12th commerce that will benefit your career. Want to pursue your higher studies abroad but are confused about the right course and best-fit university?

In case you have more queries and need help getting into the mentioned colleges, reach out to the experts at Leverage Edu. With every step that digitalization takes forward, our team follows right behind!

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    1. Hey, we are glad to know that this blog was insightful for you! To answer your question, the general eligibility for a tally course like Tally ERP is 10+2 or equivalent and foundational knowledge of business and commerce is majorly preferred. To know more, check out our detailed blog on Tally course by clicking on this link:

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  1. Hi,
    This was an amazing post. Actually I had 1 question – Is Only commerce students can go for tally or students from any branch?

    1. Hey, we are glad to know that this blog was insightful for you! To answer your question, the general eligibility for a tally course like Tally ERP is 10+2 or equivalent and foundational knowledge of business and commerce is majorly preferred. To know more, check out our detailed blog on Tally course by clicking on this link: