Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

The IT sector is currently one of the most sought-after industries worldwide, with job offers and opportunities growing by the day. As more courses are aimed at teaching students software-oriented skills, it is important that they also help individuals reach their professional goals. A commerce student does not have to worry about their background in order to enroll in a course focused on learning about computers. Every sector is now digitized this means that there is a demand for professionals who possess the required knowledge of computers and their applications. There are numerous courses that are available for computer courses after 12th commerce. Here is all the information you will need about the courses you can consider.

Computer Courses After 12th Commerce

Bachelors in Computer Application

BCA for short, this course is a good program for learning about computers from the basics to the more complex concepts, this course lasts a total of 3 years. If you want to pursue a career in the IT sector, this is considered to be one of the best among the computer courses after 12th Commerce. Some of the best colleges to pursue this degree include:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
  • Stanford University 
  • University of California Berkeley 
  • University of Illinois 

B.Com in Computer Application

This course is considered perfect for learning about computers with a focus on the prospects of a career in commerce. It is a three-year course that merges the complexities of computer application with the course framework of commerce subjects. This gives the students an edge, as not only do they have their commerce backgrounds but they are now comfortable with computers too. Hence, it is one of the computer courses after 12th commerce that is especially rewarding. Top colleges for this course are:


E-Commerce is basically a software platform where businesses can be conducted. Learning E-Commerce can be considered one of the best computer courses after 12th Commerce because it enables students to understand business tactics as well as the software requirements of running an online business. This course is mostly offered online, but there are some colleges offering the same course full-time. Some of them are:

  • University of La Verne
  • University of Toledo
  • Bloomfield College
  • Thiel College in Greenwich
  • DePaul University, Chicago

Digital Banking

With the entire financial sector racing in regards to technology, this course among the other computer courses after 12th Commerce can be one of the best ways to keep up. It teaches the complexities of digitization in the world of banking. It takes a deep dive into the concepts of changing banking regulations along with the effect of digitalisation on the industry. Some of the best colleges offering this course amongst other computer courses after 12th commerce include: 

  • New York University
  • Wayne State University 
  • University of North Texas
  • University of Houston
  • St. John’s University

Data Entry Operator Course

Data Entry operator courses are one of those computer courses after 12th commerce that help shape students up for a career in data entry. This course aims to perfect the data entry skills of students for organisations that store their data online or in large data-banks. Industry-specific and general data entry operator courses are available as one of the many computer courses after 12th commerce. This course can be pursued in colleges such as: 

  • American River College
  • Riverside Community College
  • Mt. San Antonio College 
  • Santa Monica College
  • Sacramento City College

Certificate in Computerized Accounting

The last one on the list of computer courses after 12th Commerce is a certificate in computerized accounting. This course introduces the students to accounting in computers. Hence, the students are trained with accurate accounting skills and how they can be used through the technicalities of computers. This course also boosts the candidate’s chances of a career in accounts and financing. Some of the colleges  offering this specific course are: 

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Modern States Education Alliance 

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These are some of the computer courses after 12th commerce that will benefit your career. In case you have more queries and need help getting into the mentioned colleges, call Leverage Edu today. With every step that digitalization takes forward, Leverage Edu follows right behind. Call us today at +91-8826200293.

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