Courses After 12th Non Medical

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Courses After 12th Non Medical

Class 12th is a crucial stage as it is the time for you to identify your strengths and weakness so that you choose a career that aligns with your interests. Though there are scores of degree Courses After 12th Non Medicalprograms available across Arts and Commerce streams, courses after the 12th Non-Medical in the Science stream still remain a preferred choice for many. So, if you want to know “What to study after the 12th? with MPC subjects [Maths, Physics, and Chemistry], then here is a blog that will shed light on a list of courses that you must consider!

List of Courses After 12 Non-Medical

If you are planning to study abroad then you must know that there are a plethora of prestigious colleges and universities that offer copious courses after 12th non-medical. Not restricted to only engineering branches, these academic institutes provide diverse courses in the field of  Management as well as Computer Sciences. Some of the popular courses after 12th Non-medical are: 

Engineering (BTech) 

One of the most opted courses after 12th non-medical is Engineering. Offered as BE/ BTech, it involves the study of Science, Mathematics and Technology with an aim to innovate, design, develop and maintain structures, machines, tools software, hardware and systems, and processes. Apart from the traditional courses like Chemical, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering, there are now a plethora of unconventional courses like Nanotechnology, Transportation Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, etc. Here are some universities which you can consider for this Engineering:

Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

BArch is a blend of theoretical and practical concepts that involve the study of drawing, designing, and constructing physical structures of various kinds. From ideating and mapping a blueprint to supervising construction projects, an Architect is tasked with a wide range of responsibilities. Upon completion of this course, you can further advance your career by pursuing MArch

Top Universities

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

BSc or Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate degree program that you can pursue if you want to explore courses other than Engineering or Architecture. The duration of the course ranges from three to four years and it builds a strong foundation in the chosen field of study. Some of the specializations that it offers are Agriculture, IT, Computer Science, Nautical Science, Physics, Tourism Management, Environmental Science, etc. Enlisted are some of the universities which you can consider for this course:

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)

Offering innumerable career opportunities across industries, pursuing courses after 12th Non-Medical in the field of Business Management and Administration is an ideal choice. Bifurcated into core and elective modules, the BBA subjects cover the basics of business management, operations, accounting, wealth management, etc, and also equip you with the business acumen required to establish a flourishing career. Furthermore, you can also choose between a dual degree course like Integrated BBA-MBA. Enlisted are some of the specialisations you can pursue:

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

If you are someone with sound reasoning and analytical skills and can efficiently solve technical problems, then this course is a perfect fit for you! In the 3 years of the course, you will study various subjects like C Programming, Computer Architecture, Python Scripting, Financial Accounting, etc which form an integral component of the BCA syllabus. Some of the popular job profiles in which you can work upon completing the course are Software Consultant, Software Developer, Web Developer, Programmer and Hardware Technician, etc. To gain advanced knowledge, you can pursue MCA or a five-year integrated course!

Bachelor of Mass Communication

Are you someone always fascinated by the jobs like radio jockey, news presenter, content writer, or journalist then pursuing a bachelor’s in mass communication is your perfect fit. Bachelor of mass communication is a 3-year degree course with ample scope in India and abroad. You will study subjects like media laws, history of media, digital marketing, channels of media, filmmaking, public relations, and advertising as well. Here are the top colleges for pursuing journalism courses:

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Bachelor of Hotel Management

While the covid-19 has affected the tourism and hospitality sector the most last year, gradually the industry is getting back on its feet. The Hotel Management course typically ranges between 3 – 4 years and has wider scope in foreign countries and in India. You can work in hotels, restaurants, the food, and beverage industry, event management, and even in airlines. Here are the popular colleges to pursue a degree in hotel management:

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Bachelor of Education

Are you someone that loves kids and wants to share your knowledge, and help shape future generations? The BEd will help you build a career and pursue a job you will surely love. The BEd has always been a popular choice in India. The BEd is a professional degree that you can pursue after any bachelor’s degree and is a 2-year degree program. Students also have the flexibility to take a specialization in courses like economics, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, etc. Here are some of the popular colleges for Bachelor of education courses:

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Don’t want to spend your life coding and around computers, here is a popular option for non-medical students looking for a career change. BA LLB is one of the popular courses after the 12th Non-Medical. Law has a wider scope in India and abroad. Students can also go for a master’s degree i.e. LLM after completing their LLB. Here are some of the popular universities for BA LLB:

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Bachelor of Financial Markets

BFM has emerged as one of the most popular courses globally. Students not just from the commerce field but from the medical and non-medical streams are opting for the BFM course. The course is a 3-year undergraduate degree and revolves around the study of economics, financial risks, investments, etc. Here are some of the popular universities for pursuing a BFM course:

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Non-Medical Stream Jobs

Now that you are aware of the best course after 12 non-medical. Here are some of the best Non-medical stream jobs you can consider that have brilliant scope not just in India but in foreign countries as well:

Software Tester₹334067
Web developer₹310413
Commercial Pilot₹1743365
Interior Designer₹305962
Chemical Engineer₹490097
Electronics Engineer₹400559

Career Options After 12th Non-Medical Except Engineering

One of the advantages of having a non-medical stream is that it opens doors to various careers. Non-medical students are eligible to apply for engineering courses to law courses. If you are someone who is looking for a different career path than traditional engineering, here is the list of career options after 12th non-medical except engineering:

  1. Criminology
  2. Aviation
  3. Marketing
  4. Finance
  5. Law
  6. Banking
  7. Hotel Management
  8. Journalism
  9. Digital Marketing
  10. Forensic 


1- Which course is best after 12 non-medical?

There are a lot of options in terms of non-medical courses after 12th:-

2- What is the job of non-medical?

Here are some of the best non-medical jobs:-

Software Tester₹334067
Web developer₹310413
Commercial Pilot₹1743365
Interior Designer₹305962
Chemical Engineer₹490097
Electronics Engineer₹400559

3- What is the future in non-medical?

There are plenty of options available that have great future scope. Professional fields such as engineering, information technology sector, Law, finance, aviation,etc are all great fields to have a career in.

Hence, there is a broad range of courses after 12th Non-medical which you can explore. For more details, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu who not only will help you in completing admission formalities but will also help you in finding the best course and the best fit-university according to your preference and interests with the help of our AI Course Finder. Book your free 30 minutes free session with our experts right now!

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