What is Travel and Tourism Management?

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travel and tourism management

Do you feel impressed by the prospect of working in an industry that may involve a lot of travel? Would be enthusiastic to explore the world while you get to experience newer aspects of life? If travel is your passion and management is what you are good at, then, a career in Travel and Tourism Management might be perfect for you! Being a rapidly expanding and highly dynamic industry, travel and tourism achieved significant heights in the past few years. With immense career opportunities underway, you can explore a lot of interesting career opportunities in this field. Hence, through this blog, we would help you in exploring how to make a career in travel and tourism.  

Overview of Travel and Tourism Management 

Since the Travel and Tourism industry is an arena wherein most of the jobs that one undertakes are certainly client-facing and involve a certain extent of interaction, courses in this sphere involve various studies in the domain of Communication and Writing skills, Critical Reasoning, and Presentation. Building on these fundamentals, the courses undertake certain papers on the Fundamentals of Tourism, its History, Ecotourism, Environmental Management, Business Statistics, Aviation Management, Airport Management, Introduction to Hospitality, Business Research Methods, Human Resource Management, Travel Agency and Tourism Management, Innovative Practises in Tourism and Event Management. So, for those who look forward to broadening their understanding regarding international tourism, this course would be highly rewarding for you. 

To progress in the field of Travel and Tourism, there are certain pathways that might seem fit for your future ventures. You can directly get yourselves enrolled in a Travel and Tourism course after the 12th that would give you the key information necessary at the bachelor’s level. But if you have the zeal to learn the managerial skills required for the tourism sector along with in-depth learning about the functioning of international tourism, consider going for master’s or doctoral-level courses.

Some of the popular courses in Travel and Tourism Management have been listed below: 

Bachelors Masters Diploma
BA in Travel & Tourism Management MBA in Hospitality Management Travel & Tourism Management
BA in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management PG Diploma in Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management Tourist Guide
BA in Tourism Studies MBA in Travel & Tourism Tourist Studies
BBA in Air Travel Management Master of Tourism Administration Tourism & Ticketing
BBA in Hospitality & Travel Management MA/MSC Hospitality Management with specialization in Travel, Leisure & Tourism Hospitality Management
BBA in Travel & Tourism Management Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management
Airfare & Ticketing

Travel and Tourism Management Entrance Exams

Below mentioned are the entrance exams students need to prepare for pursuing Travel and Tourism Management:

UG Entrance Exams 

  • CUCET 
  • JMI Entrance Exam 
  • CUCET Chandigarh University 
  • GAT 

PG Entrance Exams 

  • CAT 
  • MAT 
  • CMAT 
  • XAT 
  • ATMA 
  • MAH CET 
  • Karnataka PGCET 

To know more about the education and preparation needed to work in Travel and Tourism, read our comprehensive blog on Travel and Tourism courses

Top Global Universities 

Not only does the travel and tourism industry involve a thorough study of the subject matter under consideration but also requires one to perfect their skills relating such as leadership, problem-solving, customer-focused approach, ability to work deadlines and team working. So, when you get yourself enrolled in a course in travel and tourism management in one of the top universities around the world, you can nurture your skills in the best possible way. 

Top Indian Institutes for Tourism Management 

Following are the top-level colleges for pursuing a course in Travel & Tourism Management:

  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management – Gwalior
  • Indian Institute of Hospitality & Management – Thane
  • Christ University – Bangalore
  • National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management – Hyderabad
  • Amity Institute of Travel & Tourism – Noida
  • Kerala Institute of Tourism & Travel Studies
  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management – Bhubaneswar
  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management – Noida
  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management – Goa
  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management –  Nellore

What Jobs Can I get With Travel and Tourism Management Degree? 

Travel and Tourism Management students are taught business concepts specific to the travel industry and they can take up courses in Human Resources, Media Relations, Facilities Management and Financial Strategies. Besides, this overseas education provides internship opportunities for international students prior to graduation. From working in multidimensional roles in the hotel industry and providing premium services to customers to employing your art of storytelling to provide tour guides to people, there are numerous jobs in Travel and Tourism. Joining at the executive level, you can extend your career and make your way into great portfolios in top-notch institutions.

Some of the prospective job avenues that you may consider after completing courses in Travel and Tourism Management include:

  1. Travel Agent: Your role as a Travel Agent allows you to plan a trip including flights, car rentals and accommodations. Also, you should have knowledge about the weather, traditions and tourist attractions of popular destinations. An assistant must have good networking and customer service skills to build and maintain a clientele base.
  2. Travel Manager: A Travel Coordinator or Manager organises the travel arrangement of large organisations such as non-profits or universities. From booking flights on commercial or private jets, reserving conference rooms, and supervising support staff in forwarding information, the role of a Travel Manager is endless.
  3. Lodging Manager: Lodging Managers are responsible for operating resorts, hotels and motels and are in charge of overseeing the complete operation. Larger landmarks may have separate managers for food services, housekeeping and human resources while small motels may only have one General Manager. 

Besides these, other profiles that you can consider in Travel and Tourism Management include Tour Manager, Event Manager, Holiday Representative, Tourism Officer, Air Cabin Crew, Property Manager, etc.

Job Prospects & Salary

Tourism Management offers plenty of opportunities to graduates & undergraduates. Here is a list of top job profiles for reference: 

  • Holiday/Travel Agent
  • Travel Executive
  • Tourism Manager
  • Tourist Guide
  • Tour Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Spa Manager
  • Travel Agency Manager
  • PR Manager 
  • Event Manager

The main concern of every candidate is to have a good amount of salary. In the case of tourism, the starting salary is low like in other professions. For early experience, one can also do part-time jobs or can consider summer internships. The Initial Salary ranges from INR 15,000 – 20,000. Although the salary increases with increased experience. 

Top Recruiters in India

Here is a list of a few companies which offers jobs in Tourism:

  • Air Asia
  • Cox & Kings Ltd.
  • Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC)
  • Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.
  • Make My Trip
  • Goibibo
  • Club Mahindra Holidays
  • East India Travel Co. 
  • Flying Fox
  • Expedia
  • Jet Airways
  • Kesari Tours
  • Yatra
  • Emirates
  • Indian Airlines & British Airways, etc. 

Tourism Industry in India

A traveller knows how vital, dynamic and evolving is the industry of Tourism. It is important for the economic growth of any country. According to the reports of Tourism in India, it has generated INR 15.24 lakh crore or 9.4% of India’s GDP in 2017. It has also provided employment to the candidates in absolute terms with around 41.622 million jobs that are 8% of the total employment in India. It is estimated that the tourism industry will grow at an annual rate of 6.9% and reach INR 32.50 lakhs crore by 2028. So it is a profound idea of pursuing the course of Travel & Tourism. 

Types of Travel & Tourism in India

Tourism is all about leisure time and travelling is an activity of people to distant places away from home. It includes Outbound Tourism, Inbound Tourism, and Domestic Tourism. 

Outbound Tourism: It refers to travelling to a place outside of your home country. For example, from the Indian tourism perspective, Going to the UK from India. 

Inbound Tourism: It is when people from another country visit your country. For example, from the Indian tourism perspective, Coming to India from Canada. 

Domestic Tourism: As the name suggests, refers to the people travelling from place to place within the home country. For example, from the Indian tourism perspective, Going from Delhi to Mumbai. 


Q1. Name a few skills required in Travel & Tourism Management.

Ans. Candidates need to have – excellent communication skills, enthusiasm, patience, time management skills, teamwork, leadership skills, etc.

Q2. What are the Top Institutes in India for Travel & Tourism Management?

Ans Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management – Gwalior
Indian Institute of Hospitality & Management – Thane
Christ University – Bangalore
National Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management – Hyderabad

Q3. What are the Top recruiters in India for Travel & Tourism Management?

Air Asia
Flying Fox
Indian Airlines & British Airways
Make My Trip

Q4. What is the scope of Travel & Tourism Management?

Ans. The scope of Tourism would not end as many people love to explore & visit places. Keeps the lives of people active & away from stress. The opportunities will never end for freshers in this field.

Q5. What are the kinds of jobs one gets in Tourism Management?

Ans. As an event manager, tour manager, tour guide, PR manager, Travel agency manager, etc. 

Navigating tourists through travel destinations and offering them the history of art and architecture, a job or a business in Travel and Tourism Management would help you find your way into the world. And if you have any doubts or inhibitions, then our experts at Leverage Edu can figure things out for you. 

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