Short Term Courses in Finance – 2020 List

Short Term Courses in Finance

We live in an age where nobody has time to stop; everyone wants quick access to a successful career. While there isn’t a shortcut to reach our goals, there are various short term courses that can accelerate our career. Short term courses provide the option to explore opportunities in various fields. One such interesting field is Finance. Finance has become one of the most demanding careers in the current market. Short term courses in Finance are gaining popularity to allow students to get that edge in their careers. Short term courses in Finance are becoming popular with professionals who think that a good grasp of finance can give them an added benefit in their career and it isn’t limited to students pursuing hardcore finance alone. Short term courses in Finance provide essential skills and knowledge about the current economy in a short time and it can be pursued by both working professionals and students.

Why Pursue Short Term Courses in Finance?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider pursuing short term courses in finance: 

  • Swift Learning

Short term courses in Finance are designed for fast knowledge building and are covered in approximately 3-4 months. The purpose of short term courses in Finance is to upgrade the student’s knowledge and skills quickly and prepare them to find better opportunities in their respective careers.

  •  Job Ready

Another interesting feature of pursuing short term courses in Finance is that these courses hold equal value as a full-time degree from a university. So, the job opportunities are always increasing.

  • Quick Changes

The Finance industry is constantly changing. These changes are executed at every level across the globe. This kind of ever-shifting landscape brings with it the challenge of preparing yourself to be ready for any alteration to the current system. Short term courses in Finance can help you learn quickly and build sufficient skills to match the changing demands.

  • For Better Roads

Whether you’ve just graduated or are currently studying, most people find it tough to decide which field to pursue. Some short term courses in Finance can help students shape their minds efficiently.

Highly Preferred Short Term Courses in Finance 

  • Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling is one of the highly preferred fields in Finance. It is the art of creating abstract representations based on real-world financial situations. It is comprised of the basic principles of analyzing performances and builds data to deliver future predictions. This course can help you build your skills and utilize your abilities to judge future events. One of the most popular short term courses in Finance, a Financial Modelling course can help you explore the following fields:

  • Investment banking
  • Project Finance
  • Financial Analysis
  • Credit Ratings
  • Certified Financial Planner

This course is recognized globally and is considered one of the best financial courses to pursue. The process involves developing strategies to help firms and individuals plan their finances and meet their life goals. The course focuses on skills that analyze a client’s financial status and show the students how they can build a structured plan for the future. There are several colleges providing short term courses in Finance globally such as:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

A diploma course in International Financial Reporting standards is one of the most respected and appreciated courses across the world. International Financial Reporting Standards are issued by the International Accounting Standards Board and the IFRS Foundation which includes a common global language that can be accessed by every company’s accounts and systems for understandable business stats.

  • Chartered Wealth Management (CWM)

Chartered Wealth Management (CWM) is a certification course that emphasizes the specific skills and knowledge required to execute critical financial functions effectively. Chartered Wealth Management includes every aspect of wealth management such as:

  • Investment Strategy
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Global taxation

Career Prospects after Short Term Courses in Finance

There are plenty of opportunities for professionals in Finance. Top MNCs and International brands are constantly seeking professionals with these specific skills and updated knowledge about the financial market. There are various fields within Finance that a recent graduate can explore, such as:

  • Business Finance
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Financial Institutions
  • CA After Graduation
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Research Analysis

Finance is spread across various industries and effectively has an endless number of opportunities. If you are looking to pursue a career in finance and are confused about which college to join, get in touch with us at Leverage Edu. We can provide the best guidance and support. We will help you make better decisions to ensure that your future career is as bright as your dreams. Call us at +91-8826200293 and kickstart your career today!

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