BSc Courses after 12th Science

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BSc Courses after 12th Science

The first thing we do, after we complete high school, is to go looking for the stream we want to choose. Some of us go for STEM courses while others find their passion in Humanities or Commerce. The question of which stream is best for you often comes up, but that isn’t the right way to go about it. Your choice depends on your field of interest. For a Science student, there are ample career options to choose from. One of the most chosen fields of study is BSc courses after 12th Science.

Top BSc Programmes after 12th Grade: One of the degree options accessible after completing science in the 12th grade is the Bachelor of Science, or BSc course. For students who want to begin their professional jobs or want to pursue post-graduation courses after receiving a BSc, it offers a wide selection of disciplines and speciality courses that establish a solid foundation in the field of science.

After 12th grade, the best BSc programmes are: The Bachelor of Science, or BSc course, is one of the degrees available after completing science in the 12th grade. For students who wish to begin their professional positions or want to pursue post-graduation courses after getting a BSc, it offers a wide selection of disciplines and specialised courses that establish a solid foundation in the field of science.

After 12th grade, the greatest BSc programmes are: After completing science in the 12th grade, one of the degrees available is the Bachelor of Science, or BSc course. It provides a wide range of subjects and specialised courses that build a strong foundation in the science sector for students who seek to start their professional roles or want to continue post-graduation courses after receiving a BSc.

Why Pursue BSc Courses after 12th Science?

The BSc courses after the 12th Science stream span for a duration of 3 to 4 years and are aimed at giving students a solid foundation in the subject and preparing them for specialization degrees. Some of these courses are designed to give students hands-on professional training to make them ready for the industry. Divided into 6 – 8 semesters, the BSc courses can be both professional or academic in nature. 

Types of BSc Courses After 12th Science

In India, there is a huge demand for B.Sc courses. There are numerous educational programmes available. Students can pursue a B.Sc degree full-time, part-time, or remotely.

  • Full-Time BSc Courses After 12th: Students will master all of the necessary knowledge and abilities for their chosen stream or subject during this on-campus degree programme. Calcutta University, Delhi University, Kirori Mal, Miranda House, and other universities provide full-time B.Sc programmes.
  • Part-Time BSc Courses After 12th: A part-time degree allows students to finish their degree programme on their own schedule. The majority of colleges provide both full-time and part-time B.Sc programmes. Jamia Millia University and Nehru University, for example, provide part-time degrees.
  • Distance BSc Courses After 12th: BSc distance education colleges are available to those who want to work while studying. These are the most straightforward courses to learn online. Many colleges in India, including IGNOU, Annamalai University, Karnataka State Open University, Osmania University, and others, offer remote learning B.Sc programmes.

Eligibility Criteria for BSc Courses

Students must meet the following requirements in order to be admitted to BSc programmes in India:

  • 10+2 with science stream. Combinations like PCM, PCB or PCMB are required by the specialization that you choose.
  • The colleges may have a certain minimum percentage requirement. With the relaxation for reserved applicants, it is almost 50%. However, students are urged to review the individual requirements for their colleges.

Besides the above-mentioned courses, there are other preferred BSc fields that you can consider. The duration can vary for programs but ideally, it is between 3-4 years. Catering to huge employment opportunities, below are some other BSc courses after the 12th Science stream include:

  1. BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
  2. BSc Forestry
  3. BSc Anesthesia
  4. BSc Nautical Science
  5. BS Geology
  6. BSc Cardiology
  7. BSc Microbiology
  8. BSc Aviation
  9. BSc Visual Communication
  10. BSc Psychology
  11. BSc Radiology
  12. BSc Zoology
  13. BSc Clinical Research & Healthcare Management
  14. BSc Forestry
  15. BSc Microbiology
  16. BSc Nursing
  17. BSc Physiotherapy
  18. BSc Radiology
  19. BSc Bioinformatics
  20. BSc Physics
  21. BSc Chemistry
  22. BSc Botany
  23. BSc Hospitality and Management
  24. BSc in Hospitality and Tourism
  25. BSc in Hospitality Studies
  26. BSc in Hotel Management
  27. BSc in Forensic Science
  28. BSc Gaming
  29. BSc Gemology
  30. BSc Geography
  31. BSc Geology
  32. BSc Graphics
  33. BSc Fashion and Apparel Designing
  34. BSc in Film Making
  35. BSc in Fashion Technology
  36. BSc in Food Technology
  37. BSc in Food Sciences
  38. BSc in Direction
  39. BSc in Dot Multimedia
  40. BSc in Electronics and Communication
  41. BSc in Environmental Science
  42. BSc in Clinical Nutrition
  43. BSc in Computer Applications
  44. BSc in Computer Statistics
  45. BSc in Aquaculture
  46. BSc in Avionics
  47. BSc in Bioinformatics
  48. BSc in Biostatics
  49. BSc in Audiology
  50. BSc in Anatomy
  51. BSc in Animation
  52. BSc in Animation and Filmmaking
  53. BSc in Anthropology
  54. BSc in Applied Biotechnology
  55. BSc in Applied Electronics

BSc courses after the 12th Science stream are a gateway to opening up a plethora of opportunities. Whether it is pursuing MSc or a specialized degree program or simply looking for a job, bachelor’s degrees play a significant role. Here are some of the popular BSc courses after the 12th Science stream: 

BSc Computer Science

A preferred choice for computer enthusiasts, BSc Computer Science as a field has gained immense popularity owing to its usage in almost every field. The undergraduate course is aimed at equipping the students with the necessary skills in Programming, Networking, Hardware and Software, and other operational skills in the field. The eligibility for the course requires a student to have qualified high school examinations. The program is set to give students a projection towards making a career as a Software Engineer, Programmer, IT Specialist, etc. 

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BSc Biotechnology

The Biotechnology courses combine engineering technologies with biological sciences to create sustainable solutions for improving systems and living organisms and the overall health of the planet. BSc Biotechnology is aimed at giving students an advanced understanding of the biological processes that are meant for industrial purposes. For those who have an immense love for Biology and an aptitude for its technical aspects of it, the course is best suited for them. Spanning over 3-4 years, BSc Biotechnology has widely pursued its vast applications and high-earning jobs. 

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BSc Agriculture

Over the past few years, the course has seen immense popularity with many students taking it as a career option. BSc Agriculture is an undergraduate course that deals with things like food production, horticulture, animal rearing, environmental health, rural economy and rural development etc. With the advancement in technology, agricultural practices have been influenced exponentially which has led to the creation of many job roles. The bachelor’s course focuses on equipping students with modern-age agricultural practices to meet the rising demands for food around the globe. 

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BSc Information Technology

The bachelor’s course that spans over 3 – 4 years deals with the study of operations in computers and networking. The course is aimed at giving students a solid foundation in the field and equipping students with skills to make use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data or information. Considered as the subset of Communications and Information Technology, the course is gaining immense popularity for its widespread applications in many sectors. BSc IT is among the great choice if you are looking for professional BSc courses after the 12th Science stream.  

BSc Aeronautics

An undergraduate degree course that deals with the study of aircraft, BSc Aeronautics is a professional course that demands a great amount of hard work and creativity. This branch of science involves the study of design, manufacturing and other aspects of aircraft. Taught at the top universities and engineering colleges all over the world, the course is one of the most sought-after, giving you a professional understanding and skillset to work with top companies in the aviation industry.

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Employment Sectors and Jobs After BSc

The job options after pursuing B.Sc are plenty. Listed below are a few popular jobs offered to aspirants after securing their B.Sc graduation degree.

  1. Research Associate
  2. Statistician
  3. Teacher
  4. Lab Consultant
  5. Biological Technician
  6. Physician Associate
  7. Science Consultant
  8. Scientific Assistant

The following industries offer job opportunities to B.Sc graduates.

  1. Research and Development
  2. Food Industries
  3. Chemical Industry
  4. Disease Research
  5. Health Care Providers
  6. Educational Institutes
  7. Forest Services 
  8. Diagnostic Laboratories
  9. Genetic Research

BSc Entrance Exams after 12th Science

NEST – National Entrance Screening Test National Institute of Science Education Research NISER and Mumbai University
OUAT Entrance Exam Odisha Institute of Agriculture and Research
UPCATET Chandra Shekhar Azad Institute of Agriculture and Research
AGRICET Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University
Pantnagar University Entrance Exam Gobind Ballabh Pant Institute of Agriculture and Research
Rajasthan JET Agriculture MPUAT Udaipur
IISER Entrance Exam Indian Institute of Science and Education and Research
GSAT GITAM Institute of Science

BSc Entrance Exams 2023 in India

Exam Conducted by Exam Date
All India Entrance Exam for Admission (AIEEA) Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) – admission will be based on CUET 2023 May 21st to May 31st, 2023
Uttar Pradesh Combined Agriculture & Technology Entrance Test (UPCATET) Banda College of Agriculture and Technology May 30th & 31st, 2023
GBPUAT GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology July 2023
CUET Delhi University May 21st to May 31st, 2023

Top Science BSc Courses after 12th
The most popular BSc majors or BSc courses after 12th grade science are listed below. Also, stated alongside are their different eligibility standards and notable colleges offering the course. For more information on the programme, candidates can review this list of BSc science courses after their 12th grade coursework.

The top BSc programmes after 12th grade are shown below in the table:

Course Category List of Courses Eligibility Criteria
Category A BSc Agriculture, BSc Horticulture,
BSc Zoology
The candidate must pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics as major subjects with an aggregate of 50%.
Category B BSc (Hons.) Computer Science, BSc (Hons), PhysicsBSc (Hons.), Mathematics, BSc (Hons.) Chemistry, BSc Biochemistry The candidate must pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics as major subjects with an aggregate of 55% to 60%.
Category C BSc Nursing, BSc Biotechnology The candidate must pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics as major subjects with an aggregate of 45%-50%.

What Sets a BSc Honours Apart from a Regular BSc?
Following high school, prospective students have two options for BSc programmes:

Bachelor of Science with Honours: Candidates or students who have successfully passed their 12th grade with a higher study grade and distinction marks are eligible to apply for this degree. It supports the growth of advanced theoretical, practical, and research skills in students. A BSc Hons degree can be earned in some institutions in as little as four years.

Bachelor of Science General: The goal of the BSc General course is to give students a foundational understanding of the scientific method. It typically concentrates on important scientific issues.

Apart from Bachelor of Science, science students can also select for degrees such as BDes, BF Tech, Hotel Management, ITI courses etc.

The breadth of a course also relies on the institution or university you are graduating from. The majority of institutions base admissions decisions on a candidate’s performance in the science courses of physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. After completing your bachelor’s degree after completing your 12th grade science coursework, you can apply for admission to MSc colleges in India and later choose some of the top research institutes that can help you launch a successful career.

Future Scope

  • If you complete the BSc Courses After the 12th degree, you will be able to get work promptly. Science employment is hard to come by, but you might go into management, engineering, law, and other fields.
  • There are numerous chances for those with BSc Courses after the 12th. Some schools hire students with a flawless compensation package, and some professional BSc, directly from huge corporations.
  • Other accredited BSc programmes, such as animation and IT, provide graduates with entry into the energy and IT industries. There are also numerous career prospects in this industry.
  • Aside from research, you will also work in marketing, business, and other technological domains.
  • Graduates in science have also been hired as customer service representatives in the banking industry. Students might also get work in government sectors.


Q1. Which BSc course is the best?

Ans. BSc Biotechnology, BSc Botany, BSc Physics, BSc Chemistry and BSc Computer Science are some of the popular courses.

Q2. What are some of the highest-paying BSc courses?

Ans. The top highest-paying BSc courses are BSc Biochemistry, BSc Computer Science, BSc Information Technology and BSc Computer Science to name a few.

Q3. Does BSc have scope in future?

Ans. After earning their BSc students have a variety of options. They can work in research, and in some institutions, large corporations directly hire them and provide them with excellent compensation packages.

BSc courses can act as a stepping stone to starting a career and exploring a vast range of opportunities in the field. Being firm on your decision is the first thing that would propel you towards success. If you want to be sure about which one to choose among the available BSc courses after the 12th Science stream, let Leverage Edu clear the clutter for you to bring some clarity. Using the psychometric test and AI Course Finder, our experts will help you choose the right course and your dream university that is best suited for you. 

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