Famous Inventions and Inventors

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Inventions and Inventors

Have a look at your surroundings. From Air Conditioner/Cooler, pencils, and Laptops to earphones, chargers, and electric heaters, there are so many things that have made your life easy and comfortable in one way or the other. However, have you ever thought that who came up with these unique and innovative ideas? Since the Paleolithic age, there have been scores of inventions and discoveries across various domains. Through different streams, the inventors faced a problem, analyzed it deeply, brainstormed, and presented us with a solution that made a difference in society. This blog presents you with a list of famous inventors, who have etched their names in the list of famous inventions, Indian Scientists, and their inventions! 


Greatest Inventors of All Time

Static Electricity
Thomas Edison
Light Bulb
Alexander Graham Ball

The field of Science and Technology has enhanced and eased our way of living to an unmeasurable extent. From the automobile and flexible electronics to body scanners and penicillin, there have been important discoveries and inventions in the Science stream including, but not limited to, medicine, agribusiness, life sciences, space science, etc. Here is a list of a few inventions and inventors who looked for a solution in the most unusual ways.

Inventions Inventors
Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
Bulb Thomas Edison
Mobile Phone Martin Cooper
Ceiling Fan Philip Diehl
3D Printing Chuck Hill
Printing Machine Johannes Gutenberg 
Television John Logie Baird
Three-Wheeled Motor Car Karl Benz
Virtual Reality Headset Ivan Sutherland
Carbon Nanotubes Sumio Iijima

Famous Women Inventors and Their Inventions

Around the globe and across history, women have envisioned, created, and perfected their inventions which have benefited a large section of the masses. From Medical Science and Chemistry to Electronics and Telecommunications, scores of women, who disregarded the gender stereotypes and prejudicial hindrances, have etched their names in the list of famous inventors. Shown below are some of the greatest female inventors and their unique inventions. 

Inventions  Inventors
Theory of Radioactivity, the discovery of Polonium and Radium Marie Curie
The first 100 percent solar-powered house Maria Telkes
Anti-reflective Glass Katharine Burr Blodgett
Windshield Wiper Blades Mary Anderson
First Computer Programmer Ada Lovelace
Paper Bag Margaret E. Knight 
Kevlar Material Stephanie Kwolek
DNA Double Helix Rosalind Franklin
LuminAID Solar Light Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta

Mathematicians and Their Inventions

One of the most dreaded yet interesting domains, Mathematics improves our analytical reasoning, shapes creative thinking, and enhances numeracy skills. And when it comes to the list of various inventions, this domain cannot be missed out. Tabulated below are some of the greatest inventions and inventors related to the field of Mathematics/Statistics. 

Inventions Inventors
Father of Geometry. Famous for his theorem
on Prime numbers – Euclid’s Theorem Euclid
Calculator Blaise Pascal
Venn Diagram John Venn
Cartesian Coordinates René Descartes
Usage of number “zero” Brahmagupta
Father of Indian Statistics. Known for Mahalanobis Distance P.C Mahalanobis

Since the conceptualization of “Difference Engine” by Charles Babbage, vast research has been conducted throughout the world in the field of Computer Science Engineering, and Technology. So, when we talk about popular inventions, it becomes essential to mention notable discoveries which have made the usage of the computer system easy. Tabulated below are a few inventions and inventors related to the field of Computer Science.

Inventions Inventors
Computer Charles Babbage
First Microchip  Federico Faggin
World Wide Web (WWW) Tim Berners-Lee
GPS (Global Positioning System) Roger L. Easton
BarCode Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver 
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Raymond Damadian
Liquid Crystal Display George H. Heilmeier
First Touchscreen E.A Johnson 
Linux Operating System Linus Torvalds

Top 10 Indian Scientists and Their Inventions

Over the years India has produced many scholars and scientists that have made the country proud. From CV Raman to APJ Abdul Kalam. Check out the top Indian scientist and their inventions:

Inventions Inventors
Raman Effect CV Raman
Crescograph Jagadish Chandra Bose
Cascade Homi J. Bhabha
Theory of Numbers Shrinivasa Ramanujan
Block System M Visvesvaraya
Agni and Prithvi APJ Abdul Kalam
Aryabhatta Vikram Sarabhai
Mercurous Nitrite Prafulla Chandra Ray
Bone and Photon Gas Satyendra Nath Bose
Chandrasekhar limit, number, and Friction Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar

10 Greatest Inventors of All Time

We are surrounded by inventions. From smartphones to cars, everything was an invention at some point in time. Some inventors change the course of history with their inventions like the invention of the light bulb or gravity. Here are the greatest inventions of all time that still inspires a billion others today:

Inventions Inventors
Polymath Leonardo Da Vinci
Static Electricity Thales of Miletus
Light Bulb Thomas Edison
Center of Gravity Archimedes
Lightning Rod and Glass Harmonica Benjamin Franklin
AC Generation and Transmission Technology Nikola Tesla
HTML, World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee 
Printing Press Johannes Gutenberg
300 Uses of Peanuts George Washington Carver
iPhones Steve Jobs

Important Inventions and Their Inventors in Biology

Biology is one of the most complicated subjects to study and humans are every second close to discovering something new. Inventions that will benefit everyone. From the simple microscope to the structure of DNA, everything was invented. Here are some of the famous inventors and their inventions in Biology:

Inventions Inventors
Circulation of Blood William Harvey
Microscope Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Vaccination Edward Jenner
DNA Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins
Genetic Drift Sewall Wright
First Heart Transplant Norman Shumway
Hormone William Bayliss
Polio Vaccine Jonas Salk
Aspirin Felix Hoffmann
Cell Robert Hooke

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Indian Scientists and their Inventions

India has been a land of inventions. From Aryabhatta to Tipu Sultan, there has been a continuous flow of inventions from Indian famous inventors. Following are some of the most prominent Indian scientists and their inventions:

Inventions Inventor
Zero and the number system Aryabhatta
Buttons Indus Valley Civilisation
Wool and cotton Indus Valley Civilisation
Radio/wireless communication Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose
Cataract Surgery Sushruta
Rockets Tipu Sultan
Yoga Adi Yogi Shiva

Top Books on Famous Inventions and Inventors 

The following are some of the top books on famous inventions and inventors:

Books Author
Inventions: a visual encyclopedia John Farndon et al
The greatest invention of all time Jillian Powell
50 things you should know about inventions Clive Gifford
1000 inventions and discoveries Roger Francis Bridgman
Great inventors from A to Z Valter Fogato

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