Career in Travel and Tourism

Career in Travel and Tourism

The tourism industry is known for career opportunities and the perks that it comes with. It is one of the fastest-growing industries with opportunities that one can explore and look forward to. Tourism industry not only has a lot of employment opportunities but also has interesting future prospects that involve travelling, guiding trips etc. and not to forget the well-paid job that comes with it. Students of Travel and Tourism have opportunities available in both the sectors which automatically gives you leads you to a path of a bright future. This blog will guide you through a career in Travel and Tourism and make you familiar with the various job prospects that this industry entails. 

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Exploring a Career in Travel and Tourism Industry

If you are a student of Travel and Tourism or if you are planning to study in this field and are looking for the various prospects that this field entails before investing your future in it, then here are some options for a career in Travel and Tourism.

  •  Travel Agent: You might be familiar with what a travel agent does as you might have encountered a few while travelling, but the role of a travel agent does not end there. A travel agent researches, plans, and organizes trips for individuals and groups. A travel agent usually works for a travel agency which organizes various business and leisure trips and makes sure that the tourists and travellers have a comfortable journey and makes sure that their stay is comfortable. Other things that a travel agent works for is to make sure that the customers get comfortable accommodation, visas, travel, foreign exchange etc. 

  • Tour Operator: A tour operator usually combines various tours and travel components in order to create a package for a group or an individual. A tour operator usually has expertise in managing a package for a specific location and hence becomes a reliable source for the tourists to get an affordable package with a smooth and comfortable tour and journey. 

  • Hotel Manager: A hotel manager supervises various activities involved in running a hotel. This career in Travel and Tourism is demanding but extremely rewarding. A hotel manager is responsible for comfortable accommodation and good catering services for an individual. A hotel manager has to make sure that the hotel is functioning properly from housekeeping to budget management and marketing of the hotel. As a hotel manager, you need to also make sure that the hotel complies with the safety and health regulations. To become a hotel manager you need to have good communication skills and experience in hotel management. 

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  • Tour Guide: One of the most sought after jobs to build a career in Travel and Tourism, a tour guide gives a guided tour to a group of tourists or an individual. A tour guide provides assistance and information on historical sites, religious institutes, museums, sanctuaries and national parks or a place of cultural importance. A tour guide needs to have a thorough knowledge of these destinations, their history, geographical conditions and other relevant information. In order to become a tour guide, you need to develop good communication skills, fluency in foreign languages and information about the local area and a familiarity with the same. 

  • P R Manager: A public relations manager looks at the various aspects of managing the reputation of a travelling agency or any other firm in the market. A PR manager is responsible for advertising and spreading information about an agency in order to build a good reputation for it in the market. A PR Manager in this industry usually works for a travel agency, hotel chains and airlines. A PR Manager also needs to write press releases, manage events and act as a coordinator between various departments of the firm. A PR Manager usually needs to have good communication and management skills and should be able to handle any potential crisis. This is a lucrative career in Travel and Tourism.

  • Event Manager: An event manager is responsible for organizing, planning and supervising various logistics of an event. An event manager also acts as a coordinator who meets the various demands of a client. The events may vary from a concert to a conference. 

The opportunities for a career in Travel and Tourism are vast which makes it difficult for students to choose something specific and build a career in it. If you are unsure about the kind of career you want in this industry then feel free to contact our experts at Leverage Edu who will guide you through this process.

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