BCA Syllabus 2023: All You Need To Know

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BCA Syllabus

With the advancement in technology, computers have become the fulcrum of modern society. From Trade, Commerce, and governance, to changing the face of education, all the sectors across various fields are dependent on the use of computers. To meet the rising demand for computer professionals, colleges and universities have started offering an array of degree programs and diplomas in the field of Computer Science. One such program is the Bachelor’s in Computer Applications or BCA. In this blog, we will give an overview of the degree program and will discuss the BCA syllabus comprehensively. 

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BCA: Overview

BCA is an undergraduate program that deals with the study of various aspects of computer applications. The BCA course subjects are divided into 6 semesters spanning over three years. The BCA syllabus covers a multitude of topics like Programming, Web Designing, and Database Management comprehensively.  To enrol in this bachelor’s course, you need to have passed the 12th standard examination with Computer Science as an optional subject. The computer application degree is at par with other degree courses like the BE and BSc Computer Science. It is one of the most popular courses to enter the world of computers and pursue a career in Information and Technology. 

BCA Syllabus 2023

  • The BCA curriculum consists of lectures, lab sessions, projects, seminars, group assignments, classroom presentations, and discussions with business professionals.
  • Students who enrol in the BCA programme must complete a set of core courses as well as two concurrent courses, one of which is a language paper, over the period of six semesters. The focus placed on theoretical and practical papers is equal.
  • As part of the BCA course requirement, students must also turn in a project report during their final year of study.
  • In addition to acquiring computer skills, emphasis is placed on developing social awareness, communication abilities, and professionalism in order to operate as a team to manage a variety of environments for the benefit of society.

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Year Wise BCA Syllabus 2023

The BCA syllabus imparts in-depth knowledge of both hardware and software components of computers. Even though the topics may vary from one college to another, the basic format remains the same. 

Semester I and II

Semester I Semester II
Hardware Lab (CIA Only) Case Tools Lab (CIA Only)
Creative English Communicative English
Foundational Mathematics Basic Discrete Mathematics
Statistics I For BCA Operating Systems
Digital Computer Fundamentals Data Structures
Introduction To Programming Using C Data Structures Lab
C Programming Lab Visual Programming Lab
PC Software Lab

Semester II and III

Semester III Semester IV
Interpersonal Communication Professional English
Introductory Algebra Financial Management
Financial Accounting Computer Networks
Software Engineering Programming In Java
Database Management Systems Java Programming Lab
Object Oriented Programming Using C++ DBMS Project Lab
C++ Lab Web Technology Lab
Oracle Lab Language Lab(CIA Only)
Domain Lab (Cia Only)

Semester V and VI

Semester V Semester VI
Unix Programming Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
OOAD Using UML Client-Server Computing
User Interface Design Computer Architecture
Graphics And Animation Cloud Computing
Python Programming Multimedia Applications
Business Intelligence Introduction To Soft Computing
Unix Lab Advanced Database Management System
Web Designing Project
Graphics And Animation Lab
Python Programming Lab
Business Intelligence Lab

BCA Subjects

BCA is a three-year programme that lasts for six semesters. Every college that offers BCA courses must teach the following disciplines as a prerequisite:

Introduction to Programming using C Operating Systems
Computer Graphics & Animation Programming in Java
Computer Networks Database Management Systems

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Hopefully, you are now familiar with the BCA syllabus in detail. An exhaustive degree like BCA can help you kickstart your career in Computer Science and Applications with promising job prospects and dynamic work culture. If you want to pursue this degree program but are not sure about how to get started with it then the counsellors at Leverage Edu will not only help you in choosing the university that matches your interest but will also help you complete the admission-related formalities. 

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