BCA Syllabus: All You Need To Know

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BCA Syllabus

With the advancement in technology, computers have become the fulcrum of modern society. From Trade, Commerce, and governance, to changing the face of education, all the sectors across various fields are dependent on the use of computers. To meet the rising demand for computer professionals, colleges and universities have started offering an array of degree programs and diplomas in the field of Computer Science. One such program is the Bachelor’s in Computer Applications or BCA. In this blog, we will give an overview of the degree program and will discuss the BCA syllabus comprehensively. 

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Program Overview

BCA is an undergraduate program that deals with the study of various aspects of computer applications. The BCA course subjects are divided into 6 semesters spanning over three years. The BCA syllabus covers a multitude of topics like Programming, Web Designing, and Database Management comprehensively.  To enroll in this bachelor’s course, you need to have passed the 12th standard examination with Computer Science as an optional subject. The computer application degree is at par with other degree courses like the BE and BSc Computer Science. It is one of the most popular courses to enter the world of computers and pursue a career in Information and Technology. 

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Semester Wise BCA Syllabus

The BCA syllabus imparts in-depth knowledge of both hardware and software components of the computers. Even though the topics may vary from one college to another, the basic format remains the same. 


In the first semester, you will be taught about the fundamentals of computer hardware and software. The curriculum will introduce you to the know-how of the management of computers and communication in the industry. The course contents for BCA syllabus for Semester-I includes:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Applications
  • Principles of Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Programming Principles and Algorithms
  • Communication


The BCA syllabus in the second semester focuses on equipping students with programming languages like Java, C, and C++. Besides this, you will also learn about the key concepts of Database Management and file structure. Here is the list of course contents in Semester-II:

  • Elements of Statistics
  • C Programming
  • File Structure and Database Management
  • Digital Electronics
  • SQL


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The BCA syllabus for the third semester will help you make the transition towards intensive training. Subjects in the 2nd year provide in-depth knowledge of Software Engineering and data related concepts. The core contents in the semester are listed below:

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Structure
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Computer Network


In this semester, the focus is placed mainly on equipping students with the skills related to software design, advanced DBMS, web technology, various scripts, and advanced programming languages. Given below are some of the topics that are covered in the 4th semester: 

  • Web Technology PHP
  • Human Resource Management
  • Visual Basic
  • Python Scripting
  • Computer Networking


Apart from building a strong base in the above-mentioned subjects, the BCA syllabus of the 3rd year imparts advanced knowledge on Computer and Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Marketing, Programming Languages, and Cyber Laws. The core contents of the course are:

  • Object-Oriented Software Engineering
  • Digital Marketing
  • Android Development
  • Internet Programming and Cyber Law
  • Java


The course curriculum of the final semester of BCA degree is aimed at equipping the students with industry-relevant skills that can help you kickstart your professional career. Depending upon the college, the final course might require you to work on a project either in-house or in an organization, company, or educational institutes. This will only help you in sharpening your skills but also will also give you an opportunity to build a strong professional network. Given below are the course contents in semester-VI: 

  • Advanced Web Technologies
  • E-Commerce
  • Project Work
  • Information Security
  • Software Testing
  • Advanced JAVA

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Hopefully, you are now familiar with the BCA syllabus in detail. An exhaustive degree like BCA can help you kickstart your career in Computer Science and Applications with promising job prospects and dynamic work culture. If you want to pursue this degree program but are not sure about how to get started with it then the counselors at Leverage Edu will not only help you in choosing the university that matches your interest but will also help you complete the admission related formalities. 

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