Cornell University

Private University

Ithaca, United States

Cornell is one of the most reputable and esteemed institutes in Ithaca, New York. World's first degree in journalism, first doctorates in electrical and industrial fields in the nation were awarded here. It has got great academic importance, and as an example, the solution for the famous math proble Read more


Highlights of Cornell University

  • Cornell University belongs to 1% of the universities for providing the best agricultural programs.
  • A total of 5,073 international students are enrolled at the university, which is 22% of the total number of students.
  • The total area of the four campuses is 2,300 acres.
  • The university has a faculty-student ratio which is 1:9.
  • The US News and World Report state that Cornell University holds 14th positions among all the national universities.
  • For Hotel Management and Hospitality, Cornell was ranked 1st position by the GEOWORLD magazine.
  • Famous Alumni
    Pop Warner

    Pioneer of American football

    David Duffield


    Myron Charles Taylor


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