Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Selecting a course after completing high school is a tough battle. Many students think of opting a professional course while others go for an academic degree. If you look into the pool of programs that concentrate on theories over practicals, Bachelor of Arts seems like a suitable option among the other types of bachelors degrees. Providing multiple areas of studies and vast subject base, it could be a perfect fit for those who want to explore the domain of Liberal Arts. Read on the following blog to know what the course has to offer, before trodding onto this path. 

What is a Bachelor of Arts?

A Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate degree encompassing specializations in different areas of study ranging from Humanities to Science. The course is readily available in universities abroad with multiple areas of study.  As compared to a Bachelor of Science, a BA generally gives a learner more flexibility in choosing courses and gaining interdisciplinary education. The course can deepen your cultural understanding and awareness in addition to developing analytical, critical thinking, written and communication skills. The list of the most popular specialisations in BA are listed below:

  • English Literature
  • Economics                                           
  • Sociology
  • History                                                  
  • Archaeology
  • Political Science                                   
  • Religious Studies
  • Psychology
  • Communication Studies
  • Philosophy

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor of Arts is a diverse course offered by most of the educational institutes in the world. To pursue the course from a leading university, one must meet the following eligiblity criteria: 

  • The student must have passed class XIIth from a recognized central or state board of examination. 
  • PTE/TOEFL/IELTS scores are required to study abroad. 
  • SAT and ACT scores are required to fill out the application for a BA course in any leading university. 

Top Universities for  Bachelor of Arts

There are various universities and colleges in the world which offers specialisation in various subjects of Bachelor of Arts. Here is a list of few renowned universities from where you can pursue this program

  1. London School of Economics and Political Sciences, London, UK
  2. University Of the Arts London, London, England
  3. Imperial College London, London, England
  4. University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
  5. University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
  6. Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
  7. University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  8. The University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Top BA Degree Courses

As a Bachelor of Arts can provide multiple concentrations, one has a plethora of options to select the one which is the most suitable for their personality. Here is a list os some choicest BA courses: 


Bachelor of Arts can be done with various areas and subject taught under the program varies as per the area of study. Based on the fact, we have curated a list of core subjects taught in popular BA specializations: 

Area of Study Topics 
English English prose, English poetry, Essay writing, Letter writing, English idioms and phrases, English Grammar
Sociology Nature and Scope of Sociology, Basic Concepts of Sociology, Social Groups, Social Processes, Religion, Social Stratification, Social Control, Social Change
Geography Physical Geography – Lithosphere, Atmosphere and Oceanography
Psychology Nature and definition of psychology, Branches of Psychology, Consciousness, Human Abilities, Personality and Perception, Memory
Home Science Home Management, Resource Management, Money Management, Work Simplification, Elements of Design, Introduction to Family Dynamics
Education Meaning of Education and Educational Processes, Relation of Education and Philosophy, Aims of Education, Individual and Social aims of Education, Sociology and Education, Pre-primary and Primary Education, Education and Mass Media, School as a Social Institution

Career Prospects

After completing a BA course candidates can pursue masters in the same discipline as in their undergraduate studies. Candidates who want to make a career as a teacher can opt for a 4 year B. Ed or other training courses. Going for a full-time job is the most common option among the pass-outs. Here is a list of some popular jobs after BA

  • Content Writer: In this job, one has to create original content as per the demand of an organization. Candidates research using online sources to formulate content. 
  • Social Worker: Students work with NGOs to resolve a social issue and ensure human rights in society. This job is full of challenges and hardships, thus candidates with high motivation can only do justice to the assigned work.  
  • Journalist: BA graduates can take up the job of a journalist at big media houses. There is a range of opportunities for candidates ranging from formulating stories to becoming a news anchor in this field.

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