Aviation Courses after Graduation

Aviation Courses after Graduation

‘When in doubt, hold your altitude; nobody ever collided with the sky.’ The aviation industry is expected to collect a profit of $28billion this year and has grown dramatically in the last 20 years. According to Forbes magazine,  air travel which is a major component of the aviation industry is expected to become double the current number in the next 20 years. This has created a demand for professionals who have the relevant knowledge to handle the daily challenges of the aviation industry. With more employment options and better business, a career in aviation is a good option now. But before you begin your journey into the aviation world you need a sound education background. Here to help you choose, are some of the aviation courses after graduation that will be beneficial for you.

Why Aviation courses after Graduation?

A degree after graduation can give your profile an edge. With advanced technology and need for experienced and skilled workers the number of courses in the specific areas of the now billion dollar aviation industry has also increased. Graduation courses build the foundation for taking on such responsibilities. A course after graduation ensures that the candidate develops a new skill set that specializes in a specific field. An aviation course after graduation ensures that you are prepared for the competitive market scenario. 

Aviation Courses after Graduation

Having established the importance of aviation courses after graduation, let us look at some of the aviation courses after graduation: 

  • Aviation Technician/Aircraft Maintenance– This is a diploma/certificate course amongst others on this list of aviation courses after graduation that focuses on the maintenance and inspection of aircrafts. The course promises hands on training in real conditions. The course is structured to include all kinds of repair and maintenance work. 

  • Professional Pilot Training– This course is a diploma/certificate course that is intended at training you for flying commercial flights and helping you develop skills for handling the pressures that accompany this job. This course will also train you in the other duties of a commercial flight pilot. 

  • MA in Aviation Management– This is a two year course featuring on this list for aviation courses after graduation that trains you to combine your managerial skills with your passion for aviation. Through this course you are able to develop skills that are more industry specific and that will help you further with your role in the industry.

  • Aviation Security– This course lasts for about one and a half years and helps you deal with the security issues of the aviation industry. This course is not subjected to a specific area of the industry. This course like the others on the list of aviation courses after graduation has its own merits and specific requirements.

  • Aviation Management– This one amongst the others on the aviation courses after graduation list has a duration of almost 2 years, the course is structured with the intention of helping you become the future manager of the aviation industry through gaining more knowledge. With a growth that is expected to be doubled the need for managers is increasing in the aviation industry and hence this course too is gaining popularity. The program focuses on the duties in the operations, client servicing and management fields of the industry. 

  • Master’s in Aerospace Engineering– This one out of the rest of the aviation courses after graduation list lasts for 2 years and trains you in the technical sections of the aviation industry. You are trained in industrial engineering that is more focused on aviation engineering.  

  • LLM International Air, Space and Telecommunications Law– This course amongst the other aviation courses after graduation focuses mostly on the legal rules and regulations of the aviation industry. You are trained to lead others of your industries and help them whenever need be. 

These were some of the aviation courses after graduation that will give your career a boost and help you get a job that suits you. With different kinds of responsibilities, there are ample opportunities for you in the aviation industry. Leverage Edu understands your dreams of flying high and is here to give you the wings to soar high in your career journey.

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