Wilfrid Laurier University

Public University

Waterloo, Ontario Canada

The Wilfrid Laurier University is commonly mentioned to as WL or Laurier. This is one of the public Universities in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This university is the second home in Brantford and workplace of Kitchener. The name of the university is attributed to the seventh Prime Minister of Canada, Read more


Highlights of Wilfrid Laurier University

  • The Co-founder of Home Hardware Walter Hachborn is one of the notable alumni of the university.
  • This university has an extensive alumni network of over 1,00,000 graduates.
  • The endowment value of the university is CAD 71.6 million.
  • It has around 500 staff members.
  • This university has 4 campuses.
  • There are more graduate international students as compared to undergraduate students.
  • Famous Alumni
    Harold Albrecht

    Member of Parliament

    Paul Bennett

    Canadian Football League Defensive Back

    Robert Boyce

    Senior lecturer

    Ian Troop


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