BBA in Airport Management

BBA in Airport Management

The aviation industry in India has emerged as one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. India is the third-largest domestic civil aviation market in the world, it contributes heavily to the GDP of the country and facilitates other international and domestic trades. It comprises of all the aviation-related companies, service providers, airlines, aircraft, public and private crafts flying commercially and non commercially. Career opportunities in the aviation industry are immense. Students who are looking for professional careers in the aviation industry can start by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in this field. One such course is BBA in Airport Management.

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Overview of BBA in Airport Management 

BBA in Airport Management is a 3-year undergraduate program that focuses on providing you with extensive knowledge in the field of management and administration of the aviation sector. The course aims at training you for dealing with the technical situation, managing staff, managing the air traffic and control and coordination efficiently between all departments. The program will also equip you with practical training and exposure to the industry for better learning and understanding.

The course comprises of the following study areas:

  • Aviation Technicalities
  • Cargo Management
  • Staff Management
  • The Functioning of the Airport
  • Safety management
  • Emergency Management
  • Airport Management
  • Interdepartmental Coordination

Why You Should Consider Pursuing BBA in Airport Management?

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Airport management is one of the most efficient fields in the aviation sector. A degree in airport management can open up doors to various opportunities. A professional degree in airport management can help you build a successful career that is fulfilling both personally and financially. Also If you are someone who is interested in pursuing higher education after your bachelor’s degree, a degree in airport management can help you pursue an MBA and other postgraduate courses. 

Top Colleges for BBA in Airport Management

Several colleges are providing quality education in Aviation studies. Here is a list of top colleges providing BBA in Airport Management:

  • University College Birmingham 

University College Birmingham is accredited by the University of Birmingham, it offers a BA degree in Aviation and Airport Management. This course can help you get a closer view of the Aviation Environment. The course offers students with knowledge and skills to operate and manage the aviation industry. One of the most interesting features of pursuing a degree from this college is the summer work experience that it provides in the relevant field.

  • Centennial College

Centennial College is one of the oldest publicly funded colleges in Canada, it offers various Aviation and Aerospace management programs. The course is designed for providing essential knowledge and skills in managing airport administration and aircraft manufacturing. The course also provides practical training in a real aviation environment.

  • University of West London

The University of West London offers B.A and B.Sc programs in Airline and Aviation management. The course aims at providing essential knowledge and skills related to commercial aviation management. The students are provided with guest lectures by leading personalities from the Industry to boost and enhance their knowledge. The university also provide work placements to several deserving students.

  • Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University: College of Aviation offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various aviation fields. The courses focus on managerial and business aspects of the aviation Industry. It aims at providing you with the skills and knowledge related to aircraft maintenance, management, and inspection. The college provides practical training to students for a deeper understanding of the subject.

The Aviation industry is a multidimensional field with several opportunities. If you are someone who wants to pursue a BBA in Airport Management or any of the airport management courses and are confused about the suitable colleges, the experts at Leverage Edu can help you choose a college best-suited for your aspirations and strengths. 

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