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ASL Topic List

The full form of ASL is Assessment of Listening and Speaking and is a subject introduced in the schools falling under the ambit of CBSE. Added to the curriculum of Class IX and Class XI grades, it evaluates the student’s listening, speaking, and communication skills in English. It also helps to assess the critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills of the student through various questions. Here is a blog that will shed light on how the test is conducted and 100+ ASL topics which you can practice! 

100+ ASL Topics List

ASL Topics are mostly centred around general knowledge, personal opinions and prevalent social issues, mapping how well a student can put forth his or her opinions comprehensively. We have compiled a list of frequently used topics in ASLs, especially the Speaking test and their sub-sections:

Easy ASL Topics

  1. Population Explosion
  2. Benefits of Co-education
  3. My Favorite Travel Trip
  4. My Favorite Childhood Memory
  5. My Favorite Sportsplayer
  6. My Favorite Book
  7. Importance of Learning Through Experience
  8. Poverty in India
  9. If I were a Doctor
  10. Impact of Smartphones
  11. A Letter to My Favorite Leader
  12. Punctuality vs Procrastination
  13. My Dream Job
  14. Cashless India
  15. Online Learning
  16. Skills & Hobbies I Learned in Lockdown
  17. Importance of Friendship
  18. My Best Friend
  19. If I were a Writer
  20. Reliance on Technology
  21. Do we need a dress code in schools?
  22. Life of Buddha & His Teachings
  23. Open Book Exams
  24. Ancient Education or Modern Education
  25. Internet Privacy


Topics centred around technology are used to evaluate a student’s general awareness of the developments happening around him or her while emphasizing the use of correct terminology and phrasing throughout the content. Here are some of the most popular topics about Technology:

  1. Future of technology in India
  2. Educational Technology
  3. Teens on social media
  4. Online social networking for elders
  5. Online classes during a lockdown
  6. Smartphones vs smart people
  7. Searching answers on google
  8. Mandatory CBT for IIT-JEE
  9. Are smart classes smart enough?
  10. Positive Effects of Gaming
  11. The Future of Gaming
  12. Online Games: Good or Bad?
  13. E-sports

Based on Human Rights

These Social topics are relevant for interviews, presentations and group discussions in diverse fields. They show the perception of students, often revealing their political or ideological stance while giving an insight into the student’s vocabulary and oratory skills. Here are some prime examples:

  1. LGBT rights
  2. The true idea of feminism
  3. Child marriage
  4. Child labour
  5. Human trafficking 
  6. Right to Education
  7. Right to Vote
  8. Article 370

Based on the Current Education System in India

Similar to the above format, education system questions are a practical way of getting the student’s take on the present state of education and what can be done to improve it. Students with a strong sense of awareness are likely to do good at these types of questions. Here are some questions about the Current Education System in India:

  1. Need for caste-category-based reservation in 2020
  2. Should the education ministry regulate with the government or should it be an independent entity?
  3. Modern Education System
  4. Exam pressure on teenagers
  5. Advantages of Co-education in India
  6. The rat race of competitive exams
  7. Digitization of classes in India
  8. Online Exams: Merits and Demerits
  9. Curbing the distance between urban and rural schools
  10. New Education Policy 2020

Student Life

These topics take a look into the student’s perspectives on their lives. This topic is highly popular among students as it is one of the most recurring ones in the ASL spoken tests. Here are some of the popular questions:

  1. Coping with exam pressure in an effective way
  2. Importance of Value Education
  3. Indian Education System
  4. Uniforms: Compulsory or Optional
  5. Handling peer pressure
  6. Drug abuse
  7. Rising cases of harassment in schools
  8. Improving the student-teacher relationship
  9. Are parent-teacher meetings necessary?
  10. Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media
  11. War against ragging by seniors

India-based ASL Topics

You can also find many India-based ASL topics which will be specific to the social, political and economic environment of India. Here are the major ASL topics you can prepare for:

  1. Corruption in India
  2. Digital India
  3. Make in India
  4. India of My Dreams
  5. Indian Tourism
  6. India: The Land of Great Personalities
  7. Poverty in India
  8. The Changing Face of India
  9. The problem of Piracy in India
  10. Film Censorship in India
  11. Your Views on Ideal India

Global Affairs Based

Global Affairs is an insightful topic requiring a higher level of acquaintance with international affairs as well as recent developments in the environment. Some of the popular topics include:

  1. Global Warming
  2. Distribution of the commonwealth
  3. Regulation of international trade
  4. Countries minimising the intake of foreign employees
  5. Inflation and Recession
  6. Possibility of World War-III

Environment and Sustainable Development

Environment issues and concerns are also commonly asked especially under ASL topics on current affairs. Here are the top ASL topics on Environment:

  1. Environment Conservation
  2. Sustainable Development
  3. Essay on Environment
  4. Alternative Sources of Energy
  5. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
  6. Climate Change
  7. Australian Forest Fires
  8. Preservation of Wildlife
  9. Environment and Ecotechnology
  10. Save Water
  11. Save Environment
  12. Save Electricity
  13. Problem of Overpopulation
  14. Environment and its Importance

Media and Society

Media is considered as the third pillar of democracy and plays the role of the watchdog of society. Here are the prominent ASL and Jam Topics on Media:

  1. Impact of Media on Technology
  2. Importance of Media
  3. Role of Media in a Democracy
  4. Censorship in Media
  5. Importance and Role of Media in Crime Prevention
  6. Issue of Fake News and Misinformation on Social Media
  7. Media Trial: Advantages and Disadvantages
  8. Mass Media and Stereotypes
  9. Relevance of Newspapers
  10. Traditional Media vs Online/Digital Media
  11. Social Media and News
  12. Sensitization in Media
  13. Advantages of Social Media

Motivational and Inspirational ASL Topics

Apart from the above-cited topics, there are various motivational and inspirational topics for students. These are recurring topics in schools, based on general knowledge, proverbs, innovative ideas and creative topics. Here are a few of them:

  1. Importance of Reading Books
  2. Overcoming Fear
  3. Lessons to be learnt from great personalities
  4. Hard work vs smart work
  5. A friend in need is a friend indeed
  6. A Memorable Day of My Life
  7. If I were a Millionaire
  8. Hard work is the key to success or is it?
  9. Generation Gap
  10. Importance of Yoga in a Student’s Life
  11. Importance of Mental Health
  12. Importance of Time Management for Students
  13. Greatest Inventors and Inventions in the History of Humankind
  14. Value of Discipline

ASL Test Overview

ASL test comprises two different sections of language that are basic to any kind of communication, listening and speaking. Let us now understand the mechanism followed to examine the candidates:

Listening Test

The student is made to sit in an audio-visual-enabled room where two audio clips will be played. While one is based on a conversation, the other has a speech. The examiner will play the audio twice, after listening to which, you’ll be given some questions to solve. Remember, the audio will never be paused in between, hence, it is important to stay attentive. There will be no negative marking for incorrect answers. 

Speaking Test

In this, the students are randomly paired for the test. They have to prepare a speech on one of the ASL topics which is either allotted by the teacher or the students can choose themselves (depending on the school conducting the test). The two students will then take turns to present their topic after which, the examiner will ask some general questions. The answers will be recorded on voice recorders. Furthermore, the two students will also be given a chance to question each other on their respective topics.

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Sample ASL Solution

Now that you are familiar with the basic details about the examination process and various ASL topics, let us, through an example understand how you need to build your speech. Here is a sample spoken test answer for you to understand the topic thoroughly:

The Future of Technology in India

  • Start with the current situation and establish the need for technology for everyone.
  • Elucidate its past trends and progress and give an idea about how it will keep growing in the future as well. For example: from dial-up networks to Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Explain how technology needs to make progress concerning our current and future needs.
  • You might mention some prototype or experiment which will be of benefit to the entire world if it is commercialized.
  • Throw some light on how it can go in a downward spiral if it is not done properly.
  • Conclude your points with what is the need for it, how soon it has to be done, and how it can be done.

ASL Tips and Tricks

Impromptu speaking can be a bit overwhelming for students who are still at the school level. Although the topic and student’s existing knowledge about it are of grave importance in an ASL test, you must keep these points in mind to make your presentation impactful:

  • Remember to take the correct pauses. Regular breaths and pauses can help you look confident and well-versed.
  • Try not to fumble while speaking, while keeping word pronunciation in check.
  • It is better to use simple words when giving an ASL spoken language to keep the content concise and clear.
  • Try to use voice modulation to make the content sound interesting. Don’t speak in a monotone.
  • Ask relevant yet unique questions to incite interest.
  • Remember it is a discussion, not a debate. It is a negative indicator if the speaker gets defensive during question rounds.


What is the best topic for ASL?

Here are the top 10 speaking topics for ASL:
1. Most memorable moment of my life
2. Co-education
3. My reading habits
4. Population Explosion
5. The trip I enjoyed most
6. Real learning through experience
7. My favourite T.V. programme
8. What I did during the last vacation
9. Education of Girls
10. Family Planning

What is ASL in an English subject?

ASL stands for Assessment of Listening and Speaking which was introduced by CBSE for class 9 and 11th students to evaluate English listening, speaking, and communication skills of students.

What are some interesting topics?

1. What do you do in your free time
2. Education Budge 2021
3. How to manage time as a student
4. Importance of value education
5. How to make a career out of your hobby?
6. Significance of school uniform
7. What do book reading can teach us?
8. How do you prepare for the exams?

How do you end up in ASL?

You can end your ASL speech by giving a strong and relatable quote followed by a life lesson that can help others!

Hence, with confidence and practice, one can score well in any of the ASL topics given! Want to explore a career in English Literature abroad? Not sure about how to go about it? Reach out to experts at Leverage Edu through an E-meeting who will help you both, in choosing the right university and writing an impeccable SOP!

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