Cashless India Speech

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Cashless India Speech

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Speaking Task: Cashless India Speech (2 minutes)  ≈ 250 Words

Good morning to everyone present here. My name is XYZ and I am going to present a speech on Cashless India. Have you ever wondered how with one swipe of a card, the product is yours? One-click on the phone and the payment is done. This is the power of cashless transactions. It has made our lives very simple and efficient, along with making a new path for many new opportunities. Cashless transactions have helped people to keep all their cash in the bank and thus the liquidity in the banking system has increased.

Though it is a great idea for a cashless India, there are many requirements to make it happen all over the country. Availability and spread of internet connections to all parts of India, including the remote areas are vital and a necessity for this to happen. There needs to be widespread mobile connectivity throughout India so that it is easier for the public to perform activities such as government service, banking, and other financial transactions using apps.

A part of the Digital India program, the concept of a cashless economy in India is concentrated around the need to transform the country into a society, which is digitally empowered and enabled by several modes of cashless transactions. Digital modes like credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, banks prepaid cards, UPI, AEPS, USSD, Internet banking, etc have gained value in India and  gives hope that India will be a cashless country in the near future. Thank you everyone.

Speaking Task: Cashless India Speech (5 minutes) ≈ 400 Words

Good morning to one and all present here. My name is XYZ and today my ASL speech topic is Cashless India. The concept of having cashless transactions comes under the Digitalization of India. Digitalization is possible only with the coming of newer technology and access in the country. Going cashless is based entirely on technological advancements which are carried out in the whole world. Bitcoin, for example, did not hold any value till a few years back. The use of smartphones has made transactions so much easier than before. Transactions can be completed in seconds. The advancing technology helps the customers to ensure that their money is at a safe place and there are more cashless options to help our nation move towards digitalization.

You might be thinking why is it important to go cashless in this economy. Cashless transactions are made online, which makes it easier to monitor all the transactions. This will help to keep a check on the flow of black money. Not just that, the crowds at banks will be reduced to a large extent if the transactions are carried online.

Going cashless is a great step towards efficient usage of paper, thus ensuring eco-friendly technology.To go digital, we need more workforce in the technology sector. Thus, there needs to be correct training of engineering students to help India compete in this competitive world. New methods for safer transactions like using applications for biometric, etc. are required as well.

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Cashless India is a great thought and helps our country to be developed like other countries. But there are many things needed to fulfill this. The infrastructure of the banks and the ATMs are needed. Promotion of electronic delivery of services of health, education, financial, justice, legal enforcement, and agriculture needs to be discussed and known in every part of the country.

Not just that, illiterate people will not be able to understand the concept and procedure of online transactions. There is a need for extensive training and educating people about this concept throughout the country. Poverty and illiteracy are still in our country to a large extent. These are the major problems in the way of making India a cashless nation. A cashless nation is desirable but difficult to achieve. By tackling the problems, we can develop a more advanced country. Thankyou and Have a nice day ahead.

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