Speech on Future of Technology in India

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Speech on Future of Technology in India

With the rise in technology and advancement in equipment, it is important to know and analyze the future of technology in India. It is among the important ASL Topics which can help students benefit from composing and voicing their thoughts through the speech on the future of technology in India. 

Speech on Future of Technology in India (2 Minutes)

Good morning everyone! I am here to give an insightful speech on the future of technology in India

Science and technology are crucial aspects of our daily lives as from waking up in morning because of alarm clock to using mobile phones everyday for work purpose speaks volumes louder about the importance of science and technology in our lives and it is needless to say that the scope of science and technology is brighter than the Sun in our country.

It has become such an important part of our lives that it is impossible to imagine our lives without science and technology. It can be safely said that science and technology have laid the foundation of today’s modern civilization and for a brighter future,it is important to have a really strong foundation.

It benefits various domains in our country,like Agriculture, Transportation, Nuclear Energy,Space Technology etc. Some quintessential examples of steadfast growth of technology are Railways, Automobiles,Metro System, Smartphones etc. The most spectacular accomplishment  is India’s successful launch of Chandrayaan 2. This lunar exploration of India has received worldwide critical acclaim.

So all in all, it can be confidently affirmed that the above mentioned points and examples prove that there is a huge scope of science and technology in India. Hope you all found the speech to be informative and useful. Thank You So Much for being patient listeners.

Speech on Future of Technology in India (5 minutes) 

India has witnessed a steadfast growth in Science and Technology and for achieving such massive growth in Science and Technology in India has indeed come a long way.

If we try to understand and observe then it is pretty crystal clear that during pandemic India has been digitized as from school classes to office meetings everything had become virtual and even businesses too had been digitized and today we can safely say that is the era of digital and the same will continue in future, therefore, ensuring a bright future of Science And Technology in India. Artificial intelligence also has a tremendous scope in India and it is deemed that it has boundless potential to revolutionize the manufacturing, Healthcare, Education Agriculture sector in our country.

The growth of Science and Technology is imperative for the economic growth of our country as the economy of our country must be dynamic enough to adapt to the ongoing changes in the business environment so as to sustain and grow. India has witnessed a boom in the Information Technology (IT) Sector and has become esteemed for IT Outsourcing and it is considered as the favourite of MNCs because of the availability of high-quality raw material and skilled and affordable human resources. Hence, these can be the reasons why the biggest of Giants want to do business in our country and that indeed facilitates the exchange of technology and knowledge and it provides employment opportunities to youth as well.

During the Pandemic it was clearly evident that our life has become virtual like never before and our work is highly dependent on the availability of Smartphones, high-quality Computers, and Information Technology. One can definitely not forget the year 2013 when India India successfully executed Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) and it was the first country in the world to reach Mars successfully in its first attempt and it was without a doubt such a remarkable feat that was not even achieved by USA, Russia, China in their first attempt. 

Such kind of lauding accomplishments speaks volumes louder about the contribution of Science and Technology to the Economy Growth of our country.

We know that due to the pandemic there was a huge dip in our economic growth rate but there is no need to worry at all as post Pandemic our Indian Economy is expected to witness a U-Shaped recovery and needless to say that science and Technology will indeed play a major role in the expected surge which our economy is bound to witness. Also, the rapid growth of technology has laid the foundation of so many startups in various areas like E-commerce, Edutech, Healthcare, etc. Because of such a kind of environment people took the plunge to wear the hat of job creators which has further has helped in providing employment opportunities to all the skilled and meritorious job seekers. Hence, Taking all the points into consideration, it can be safely concluded that the future of Science and Technology in our country is bright and safe. 

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