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essay on save electricity

Energy conservation has become a need of the hour in today’s world! Electricity being an important source of energy is also wasted the most by humans! Wondering how saving electricity helps the environment? When you consume less electricity, you are reducing the toxic fumes released by power plants. And it also saves your money simultaneously! As learning methods of conserving energy is an essential part of life today, education institutes have come forward to spread awareness at an early stage, either by hosting a slogan or poster competition or by asking students to write save electricity essay! In this blog, we will be explaining how to write a spectacular save electricity essay!

Why Do We Need to Save Electricity?

For both saving money and saving energy, preserving electricity is critical. This is why we should save electricity –

  • Saving electricity will help you save money
  • There will be a decrease in pollution and carbon emissions
  • It will also lead to a decrease in the use of fossil fuels

Essay Format and Examples

Students need to become familiar with the style of essay writing before drafting an essay on Save Electricity, in order to know how to structure the essay on a given subject. Take a look at the following pointers that focus on the 300-350 word essay format: 

Introduction (50-60 words)
Students must present or provide an outline of the given subject in the introduction, i.e. highlighting and adding recent instances and questions related to electricity saving.

Body (100-150 words)
The content area after the introduction can be clarified in detail as to why it is necessary to save electricity, its goals and the efforts made by the government and various institutions to save electricity.

Conclusion (30-40 words)
You need to include a conclusion in the essay on Save Electricity that wraps up the material in around 2-3 lines, either with a positive touch to it or only summarising what was discussed above.

Sample Essay 1 (300-350 words)

Electricity plays an important role in our everyday lives and as we have become accustomed to it now it is difficult to exist without electricity. However, without thinking about its safety and potential use, we use energy to a greater degree. Starting to save electricity is necessary so that we can also save it for our future generations.

There are different methods by which electricity can be saved, including turning off the appliances while not in operation, saving thousands of watts. Often, we can save a great deal of energy if we use our air conditioners, washing machines and other electrical appliances wisely. For example, we should use natural sunlight during the day instead of using lights and lamps to light up the room. We can start using alternative methods of saving energy. Usually, the old appliances consume more watts than needed, so we have to replace our old appliances with the new ones in order to remain energy-efficient.

In addition to this, watching TV must be minimised and children should be encouraged to play outdoors instead of playing games on computers. The use of solar panels in houses often saves a lot of energy and eventually reduces your enormous bills. Instead of using a large amount of electricity, companies could also consider using windmills for energy production.

In every sphere of existence, electricity is required, almost everything and work is dependent on electricity. The stations of the railways, airports, corporate offices, processing units, hospitals, etc. all use electricity to do their everyday work. So if we don’t use energy efficiently, one day it will disappear and we won’t be able to live on Earth any longer. Saving is the only way left to conserve electricity, so all human beings need joint efforts to maintain this crucial necessity of life.

Sample Essay 2 on Save Electricity (250-300 words)

Why should we conserve electricity? At every moment and in every walk of life, we need electricity. The soul or the spirit without which the whole universe remains dead and dormant is known to be electricity. Electricity now affects all of our health, education, agriculture, engineering and other technological activities.

The operating theatre surgeon, the factory engineer, the garage engineer, the office officer, the passengers on the railway platform, all enjoy the service offered by electricity. Electricity depends on many forms of modern transportation. Trams and electric trains serve thousands of people every day in major cities. This service has given a great boost to modern civilised life.

How do we make energy savings? Our tiny efforts to conserve energy would be useful. We should be very vigilant at home about the electrical apparatus we use. It is important to properly use fans, lamps, air-conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters.

Sample Essay 3 (500 words)

For a thriving existence, electricity is an important resource. It runs through our everyday lives. It would be difficult to imagine life now without electricity. Using coal or natural gas, we produce electricity. Individuals, however, do not understand that natural resources are scarce and non-renewable. In order for us to preserve these resources, we must conserve electricity.

Electricity, in other words, benefits humanity greatly. We have to avoid the waste of power. The planet, if there is no energy, will lose its sun. In addition, it is important to verify reckless conduct by humans. To save ourselves from the dark, we need to know the value of electricity.

In almost every sphere of existence now, electricity is required. To lead a comfortable life full of all amenities and facilities, we need it. Without energy, the planet will become inactive. For example, electricity is responsible for all our health and education facilities. The surgeon won’t be able to perform his operation if there is no electricity. All of us must realise that even a small step towards saving energy can go a very long way. For example, if every person in each home turns on the fan while not in use it is possible to save thousands of watts of electricity.

Similarly, we can save huge quantities of energy successfully if we use our air conditioners, heaters, ovens, refrigerators and more properly. In addition, consider making better use of natural light. Do not unnecessarily store the lights in the morning and afternoons. Make sure the natural light is adequate to do so. As they consume a lot of energy, we must replace all our old appliances. We have to work, in other words, to make our homes energy-efficient. Moreover, when not in use, please try to unplug your electrical devices. Even when disabled, these machines consume at least 10 percent of electricity. Unplug them, therefore to conserve energy.

Additionally, strive to minimise the time you watch TV. Encourage children instead to read and play outdoors. Similarly, consider using tablets instead of desktops. More energy than a laptop is used by desktops. If you are using your air conditioner, you must also turn off the fans, thereby preventing needless waste. Installing solar panels will most significantly benefit you excessively. They are really inexpensive and help to save a lot of electricity. The solar panels would help to consume less electricity that is too cost-effective.

It becomes clear then that, if we are to have any chance of making them last, these tools need to be used judiciously. Before it happens, we need to understand the problem of shortages and do all we can to conserve power and water. Furthermore, in order for more and more people to take action towards conservation, we need to spread awareness.

We assume, therefore, that this blog has helped you understand the main features of the Save Electricity essay. If you are interested in environmental studies and planning to pursue courses in the area, use the AI-based tool of Leverage Edu to search through a wide range of programmes available worldwide in this specific field and find the best combination of courses and universities that matches your interests, priorities and ambitions.

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