GD Topics for Placement Drives

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GD Topics for Placement Drives

The intention behind facilitating a group discussion is to evaluate every candidate, check their persuasive skills, knowledge of the related subject, communication skills and most importantly their capability to structure arguments through logic, reason and factual information. Thus, if you are graduating from college soon and taking part in placement drives, we have enlisted all the commonly asked GD topics for the placement you must prepare to ace your Group Discussion and land your dream job.

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List of GD Topics for Placement

You can expect any topic when you are appearing for a group discussion. It is always tricky and surprising but most of these ideas relate to current affairs, general knowledge, global politics, great personalities, prevalent ideas and social issues, amongst others.

To give you an idea, here we have enlisted some GD topics for placement drives:

  1. New Education Policy in India 2020
  2. How to produce more jobs in rural areas?
  3. Impact of COVID on education
  4. Chinese Goods vs Indian Goods
  5. Inflation Impact on India
  6. Open Book Exams – Advantages and Disadvantages
  7. Steps to revive the Indian economy
  8. Ban on Tobacco Products
  9. Do deadlines negatively impact creativity?
  10. Work From Home – Advantages and Disadvantages
  11. Abrogation of Article 370
  12. India – China Border Clash in Ladakh
  13. Electric Vehicles in India
  14. Higher Education in India
  15. Future of Higher Education in India
  16. India – Russia Relations
  17. Is Artificial Intelligence replacing human requirements?
  18. Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship
  19. Women in the Workspace
  20. Cryptocurrency
  21. Digital India
  22. Mental Health in India
  23. Same-Sex Marriages in India – Progressive Thinking or Threat to Indian Culture?
  24. Impact of #MeToo
  25. Future Post Covid-19
  26. Is Social Media killing our creativity?
  27. Should Censorship on Movies in India be Made Obsolete?
  28. Impact of Online Education during Covid-19 Pandemic
  29. Can India Get a Permanent Seat at UNSC?
  30. Cashless Economy – A Success or Failure?
  31. Lack of Work and Life Balance in the Present Times

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Types of GD Topics for Placement

The types of GD topics for placement can vary as per the area, domain or theme such as business and commerce, social issues, current affairs and abstract topics. Here are these different types of GD topics for placement:

Business & Economy Topics for GD

If you are looking for GD topics for your MBA, then you must study the major issues prevalent in the business and economy sector. Here are the prominent GD Topics for Placement in the context of business and economy:

  • The Impact of Covid-19 on the Business Sector as well as the Indian Economy
  • Gig Economy: Pros and Cons
  • Cryptocurrency: Is it a Boon or Bane?
  • Impact of Bank Mergers on the Indian Economy
  • Startup India: What are the loopholes that still lie and how India can further boost entrepreneurship?
  • E-business and E-commerce: Pros and Cons
  • Importance of Social Media Marketing for Every Business
  • Advantages of Social Media for Businesses

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Social Issues

Check out the top GD Topics you must gear up for in the context of social awareness:

  • Women’s Empowerment and Gender Justice
  • Women in Workplace
  • Are CCTV cameras in workplaces effective?
  • Fake news: Why Indian media should be more aware of fake news and sensationalism
  • Browsing in the Workplace: Does it kill creativity?
  • Net Neutrality
  • What is the role of social activism in a democracy

GD Topics for Placement for Engineers

The GD topics for placement drives for Engineering graduates can range from topics based on technology to current affairs as well as general knowledge. Check out the major GD topics for placement for engineers:

  • E-learning: Benefits and Challenges
  • How is Technology changing the face of education
  • Advantages of Co-education
  • Science Is a Boon Or Bane
  • Is Technology making us less human?
  • Online Gaming: Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
  • How can ecotechnology restore our planet Earth?

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Abstract GD Topics for Placement

Apart from these theme-specific topics, here are some abstract GD topics for placement:

  • Hard work is the key to success or is it?
  • Hard work vs smart work
  • Fact vs Opinion: There are no facts only opinion
  • Leader or Follower
  • Innovation vs Invention: What’s Important?
  • Is work-life balance just a myth?
  • Haste makes waste
  • Good things come from good thinking
  • There is no right way to do the wrong thing
  • Borderless world: Is it a myth or brooding reality?

Why Group Discussion?

While making decisions for admission to prestigious MBA programs, Group Discussions are conducted. But often the question ‘Why Group Discussion?’ comes to mind.

Following are some reasons how GDs help in understanding the potential of candidates:

  1. Group Discussions are meant to highlight the leadership qualities of a person. It shows that one has the ability to listen, think and speak your mind effectively.
  2. It helps in showing your confidence when presenting your thoughts and opinions.
  3. An exchange of ideas in a group setting helps bring forth the qualities of teamwork. In a professional setting, there is a need for people to work together as teams. For MBA selections, GDs highlight this quality in candidates.
  4. The knowledge of all topics that are being discussed in a Group DIscussion needs to be possessed by the candidates who are being selected for the MBA Program.

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GD/PI Experience Shared by IIM Students

There are a number of students and alumni from IIM who have shared their GD/PI experiences on the internet. A few things that are highlighted in all of them are:

  • The GD is conducted between 10-12 people over a period of 15 minutes.
  • You need to show your leadership skills but not undermine everyone else.
  • Interrupting other candidates is not seen as a good practice.
  • Giving everyone a chance to share their opinions while maintaining decorum is the quality of a good leader.
  • The PI is a very general discussion where the interviewers ask the candidates about subjects of which they possess knowledge.
  • Knowing your own background in a Personal Interview is most important.

GD Topics for MBA Placement

A list of GD Topics for MBA Placement are as follows:

  • Cashless Economy: Is India ready for it?
  • Will reduced GST help the Indian economy grow faster?
  • How capable is India of leading the Solar Energy and Wind Energy revolution?
  • How is the falling rupee impacting the Indian economy?
  • Should the Indian economy be privatized?
  • Is an MBA necessary to be Successful in Business?
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the retail sector good for India: Agree or Disagree?
  • Ways in which Technology is impacting the Banking sector?
  • Blockchain Technology: Pros & Cons
  • Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024?
  • Views on Merging the General & Railway Budget
  • Is Corruption in the Economy the root cause of the Indian Economic slowdown?
  • Surcharge on Income Tax (IT) for the Super-Rich
  • Should Business Lobbying be made legal in India?
  • Will RERA restore the trust of homebuyers?
  • Statue of Unity – Symbol of Pride or Wastage of Public Money?

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GD Topics for Placement on COVID-19

A list of GD Topics for Placement on COVID-19 can be shortlisted below:

  • COVID-19’s impact on infrastructure and operations with increased remote work
  • Challenges and changes for human resources, sales, services and legal
  • COVID-19 and Economic Slowdown
  • The future of remote work beyond the COVID-19 pandemic crisis
  • Impact of Covid-19 on the economy
  • COVID-19: Importance of Spending on Public Health
  • Nationwide lockdown to flatten the COVID-19 curve: Dent on Economy
  • COVID-19: Importance of Spending more money on Public Health Measures
  • Online education, work from home: Have we arrived in the virtual world
  • The coronavirus and lockdown have exposed social inequality in modern India
  • COVID-19: How India fared in fighting coronavirus compared to developed countries

GD Topics for Placement on Current Affairs

Let us know some GD Topics related to Current Affairs:

  • Old Age Homes – Is it good for the new generation?
  • Civil Code for India
  • Is CAA Controversy?
  • Pollution – Air/Noise – which is worse?
  • How to prevent COVID third wave in India?
  • How can we prevent the next pandemic?
  • Union Budget 2022-23
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the education sector
  • The Future of Work
  • Biomedical waste crisis
  • Post-Covid world
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian economy
  • India’s COVID-19 vaccination program
  • The second wave of COVID-19
  • Development Finance Institution
  • The rise of the Gig economy
  • Is the United Nations still relevant?
  • Farm Bills 2020 – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  • National Recruitment Agency – Pros & Challenges
  • E-learning – Pros & Challenges
  • Private Trains in India – Benefits & Challenges
  • How will 2022 shape 2023?
  • National Education Policy 2020
  • Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
  • Open book exams – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  • National Health ID – Pros, Cons & Challenges
  • How to revive the Indian economy?
  • Ban on Chinese Apps in India
  • Lessons for the world from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19
  • Social Media – Impacting Human Lives
  • Indian Smart City Project
  • Corruption – Effects on India?
  • Should the National Anthem be played in Cinema?

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GD Topics for Placement on Article 370

Let us explore important GD Topics on Article 370:

  • Issues over Article 370
  • Implications of the removal of Article 370
  • Advantages of repealing Article 370
  • Special status to Jammu & Kashmir – necessity or not?
  • It is worthless to debate the special status of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Should Article 370 be abolished?
  • AFSPA in J & K – Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • With 68% population in Jammu & Kashmir, Muslims need not be treated as a minority.
  • The significance of Article 360 for Jammu & Kashmir and for the rest of the nation.
  • Pellet guns are not the way you deal with the citizens of a state you consider a part of your nation.
  • Human shield – a clever strategy or an inhuman act?
  • Should Kashmir be declared an independent country?
  • Pros & Cons of Kashmir becoming an independent country.
  • Disadvantages of repealing Article 370
  • Are dialogues with Pakistan the only way to solve the crisis in Jammu & Kashmir?
  • Reason for separatism in Kashmir – funding from Pakistan or isolation from India?
  • If everyone in Kashmir is pro-Pakistan, how did the assembly elections in 2014 show a different result?
  • With our army and paramilitary at risk in Kashmir, it is our responsibility to resolve the issue sooner than later.

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If you are wondering how to prepare for a Group Discussion, we have elaborated on some of the major GD topics for Placement Drives which will help you form your arguments in a better way.

Work From Home – Advantages and Disadvantages

During the ongoing pandemic, most companies have asked their employees to work from home. But, has this really been a good option? Let’s discuss.

The present ‘work from home’ situation adopted by companies and organisations around the world has allowed individuals to save their time as well as money required for travelling between the office and home. Also, it has allowed them to carry out their work conveniently without risking their lives given the current pandemic situation. On the other hand, it has also incurred more burden on employees because the flexibility of work timings can lead to additional workload given to them. Further, with all the work meetings carried out online through video calling, it has become essential to ensure a strong internet connection as any obstruction in the same can also result in hindrance in work and thus lead towards stretches in work schedules.

Open Book Exams – Advantages and Disadvantages

This is one of the heated topics of debate within academia. Many countries have implemented it in their universities to check the students’ capability to assess information while looking at the resources. This is one of the popularly asked GD topics for placement. Here is an overview of this topic:

The biggest advantage of open-book learning is that it will effectively remove the rote memorization culture and it will allow students to understand different ideas more concretely. However, many students will take exams for granted and lose focus on their studies and it can adversely impact on memorization training of students.

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Do Deadlines Negatively Impact Creativity?

Often employees in an organization compromise on the quality of their work solely because they have to complete their tasks within a specified time frame. Deadlines hasten the employees to complete the particular task in a stipulated time period or by a certain date and there is the lesser scope of using creative ideas to imbue more quality to it. Contrary to it all, deadlines do not allow procrastination and business operations to run normally.

Impact of #MeToo 

Has the #Metoo movement really triggered any tectonic shift in the harassment culture against women? Or has #MeToo been used as an instrument of personal vendetta to make character assassinations?

Another important one in our list of GD topics for placement, it is essential to research the underlying history of the #MeToo movement and how it brought forward many women and their untold stories on a global platform. Here are some of the key pointers for this topic.

Many women feared reprisals from the perpetrators if they spoke up but this collective movement gave them the courage to tell their stories. Now, people holding powerful positions can’t take advantage of women in lieu of providing them with work. On the other side, many used this as a weapon to achieve personal gains and falsely accused people to seek revenge and destroy their careers.

Should Censorship on Movies in India be Made Obsolete?

In India, this debate has been going on for a long time now that Indian cinema is exploring taboo topics. But, in a society like India in which old traditions and religious sensibilities are held sacredly, it is not a practical idea to deliver unfiltered content. Censorship in movies should be made obsolete or in a sense, limited, so that Indian films can produce their commentary on progressive themes. It can be an essential step towards fostering liberal societies and India must put some relaxation on censorship, which has no place in modern times. Censorship not only reflects a conservative mindset it also stifles the artist’s voice and obstructs information.

Dos of Participating in a GD

To stand out in the Group Discussion, you have to make sure that the following points are taken care of:

  • Let everyone have a turn to speak and if you notice someone struggling to add to the discussion, then give them a chance to do so.
  • Make eye contact with the other group members
  • Do not just keep thinking about what to say, make sure you listen to the other candidates.
  • If you disagree with someone’s opinions, then do so politely. Do not raise your voice or use impolite language.
  • Dress Professionally to show your seriousness.
  • Welcome counterarguments and opinions that oppose yours.
  • Plan your points of entry and exit in the discussion.
  • Be confident and explain your opinions clearly.

Don’ts of Participating in a GD

In order to be noticed among a group of people in a GD, you have to steer clear of the following practices:

  • Do not start speaking too quickly. Formulate your thoughts and only then begin the discussion.
  • Do not interrupt other people when they are speaking.
  • Repeating points that have already been mentioned is seen as a sign of inattentive behaviour and ignorance. Avoid doing this.
  • Speaking about things that are not relevant to the topic should be avoided.
  • It is called a ‘Group Discussion’. This means that you are just discussing your opinions with other candidates, not the evaluator.

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GD Topics for Placement: Tips and Strategies

While participating in a group discussion your behaviour, gestures, personality along communication skills are held accountable in finalising your performance. It is advisable to consider the following points while preparing for the GD topics for placement:

  • Maintain eye contact while presenting your views
  • Make your points clear and concise and avoid any diversions.
  • Listen carefully to others and allow everybody to speak.
  • Formulate brief and coherent arguments.
  • Try to present your views within the allotted time.
  • Follow a professional code of conduct.
  • Do not make any interruptions while others are speaking

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What is GD in placements?


The Group Discussion (GD) round is an important part of a job seeker’s interview process. Many firms base candidate selection on their performance in group discussions because it allows them to assess their ability to speak in front of big groups of people and be heard.

What are the current GD topics in 2022?


Should anonymity be allowed on the internet?
Do deadlines destroy creativity?
Work from home – Pros & Cons.
PM Gareeb Kalyan Anna Yojana – Impact on Indian poor.
Lessons for the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Is Technology making us less human?
Marital rape – Should it be criminalised?

Is GD important for placement?


The Group Discussion, or GD, is a crucial elimination round in an interview process that candidates must participate in after passing their aptitude test or written exam.

For more information on such related topics to level up your interview preparations, visit our interview preparation page. Check out our career counselling blogs and follow Leverage edu.

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