How is Technology Changing the Face of Education?

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Technology Changing the Face of Education

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin

We all are concerned about giving ourselves the best possible education. To fulfil this aim, children begin the first part of their life from primary school and continue further to other education levels of secondary, higher secondary and post-secondary. But the contemporary times have revolutionised both the learning and teaching methods and has extended educational opportunities to people of all ages. Living in the information age and the era of the internet, we can access millions of books from anywhere in the world. Smartphones, laptops, e-readers and digitization of books have led to the revolutionization of education. There is a massive amount of materials available online for educational purposes which we can obtain anywhere owing to the portability of new-age digital technologies. Through this blog, we will take a look at the key facets of technology changing the face of education thus producing an imperative shift from traditional methods of learning to digital means of gaining knowledge.

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are an emerging trend in the domain of education. The concept of MOOCs was first developed and adopted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It comprises a wide range of online courses offered by institutes around the world. The heterogeneity and a large number of participants have made it a popular choice amongst those wanting to acquire new skills in a shorter period of time. MOOCs use all forms of multimedia and the facility of interactivity for the effective transmission of knowledge. By allowing learners to study an array of courses anywhere, anytime while also facilitating interactive discussions between teachers and students online, MOOCs have become a perfect example of technology changing the face of education.  

Online and Distance Learning

Online and Distance Learning courses are perfect solutions for those wanting to pursue a program without formally attending a university due to work commitments or personal responsibilities. Distance learning has become the topmost choice of working professionals planning to restart their educational pursuit or those planning to explore educational opportunities after taking a break as they find it hard to convince themselves to join a full-time program at a university. For them, online and distance programs prove to be extremely beneficial. Online and distance learning programs have helped a large number of people in resuming their studies thus contributing to the phenomena of technology changing the face of education.

Free Learning Resources

In the age of the internet, making a school or college project have never been this easier. With tons of information free online, anyone can access it, use it and add to it. The information bank on the web is getting larger with each passing day. There are thousands of free online libraries having millions of books to read for free. If someone wants to master a skill, there are several websites that provide free tutorials and guides. From strengthening your vocabulary to solving difficult mathematical problems, there is an unlimited number of free resources available online to accentuate your knowledge of any subject. You can find an unlimited number of educational and informational videos on various video platforms like Youtube which are another crucial example of technology changing the face of education. Besides this, internet technology has also immensely helped in the digitization of books which you can further read and download from an array of online libraries.

Smart Classes

Adopting modern teaching practices, interactive learning and the use of technology have transformed traditional classrooms. Schools, colleges and universities around the world are shifting from conventional learning to smart learning. It has been proven that smart classrooms are able to hold the attention of students for a longer span of time. Using video lectures, graphic representation of complex processes help students in understanding different concepts in a better way. Using varied forms of multimedia like audio, video and graphics, students are able to retain more information for a longer period of time. Smart classes are another visible example of technology changing the face of education.

Networking and Mentorship

With the emergence of an assorted range of online forums and learning platforms, students can easily connect to the scholars in the field, regardless of where they are. We owe it to the internet and technology that we are able to attend conferences anywhere in the world. Further, the digital age has led to the invention of collaborative laboratories where scientists across the globe can work on a common project without physically meeting each other. Doctors have performed surgeries under the supervision of leading surgeons based elsewhere in the world through video conferencing. Such a thing could only be seen in Sci-Fi movies a decade ago. This is the best illustration of technology changing the face of education and research around the world.

Education is the basic right of every human being. The dynamic uses of technology have changed the perception of how we used to look at the concept of education. We hope that this blog on technology changing the face of education helped you understand how digital advancements have transformed traditional teaching and learning methods. Take the help of Leverage Edu‘s awesome AI tool to browse through a plethora of online and offline educational programs available across the globe and find the right one that can assist you in stepping closer to your dream career.

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