Essay on Environment: Examples & Tips

Essay on Environment

In the 21st century, Environmental crisis is one of the biggest issues. The world has been potentially impacted by the resulting hindrance in the environmental balance, due to the rising in industrialization and urbanization. This lead to several natural calamities which creates an everlasting severe impact in the environment for years. To familiarize students about the importance environment, the subject ‘Environmental Studies’ is part of the curriculum at primary, secondary as well as higher school education. To test the knowledge of the students related to Environment, a question related to the topic in the form of essay or article writing is included in the exam. This blog aims to focus on providing details to students on the way, they can draft a well-written essay on Environment.

Overview on Environment

In order to begin the essay on Environment, students must know what it is all about. Biotic (plants, animals and microorganisms) and abiotic (non-living physical factors) components in our surroundings fall under the terminology of the environment. Everything that surrounds us is a part of the environment and facilitates our existence on the planet.

Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

Before writing an effective essay on Environment, another thing students need to ensure is to get familiarised with the structure of essay writing. The major tips which students need to keep in mind, while drafting the essay are:

  • Research on the given topic thoroughly: The students must research on the topic given in essay, for example: while drafting essay on environment, students must mention the recent events, so to provide the reader with a view into your understanding of this concept.
  • Jot down the important points: When the students do research on the topic, students must note down the points which need to be included in the essay.
  • Quote down the important examples: Students must quote the important examples in the introductory paragraphs and in the subsequent paragraphs as well.
  • Revise the Essay: The student after finishing writing studnets must revise the content to locate any grammatical errors as well as other mistakes.

Essay on Environment: Format & Samples

Now that you are aware of the key elements of drafting an essay on Environment, take a look at the format of essay writing first:

Format (150 words)


The student must begin the essay with, detailing an overview of the topic in a very simple way in around 30-40 words. In the introduction of the essay on Environment, the student can make it interesting by recent instances or adding questions.

Body of Content

The content after the introduction can be explained in around 80 words, on a given topic in detail. This part must contain maximum detail in this part of the Essay. For the Environment essay, students can describe ways the environment is hampered and different ways to prevent and protect it.


In the essay of Environment, students can focus on summing the essay in 30-40 words, by writing its aim, types and purposes in a brief manner. This section must swaddle up all the details which are explained in the body of content.

Sample Essay on Environment

Below is a sample of Essay on Environment to give you an idea on the way to write one:

Essay on Environment (200-250 words)

Environment means all the natural things around us such as land, air, water, plants, animals, solid materials, garbage, sun, forest and other things. These maintain a balance of healthy nature and makes the survival fo all living things on earth possible. However, due to the need for resources for development, we have deformed the environment in several ways. These changes have hampered our environment and balance of nature. We are risking our existence and the life of future generations by ignoring these changes. 

The changes made by humans in the environment has lead to severe damages like global warming, climate change, depletion of water tables, scarcity of water resources and many more. In the coming time, the world is going to experience conditions which are going to be worse. As a result, the forthcoming generations might not get access to many resources. Forest fire in Australia and Amazon the aftermath of human ignorance towards the environment.

Life is only possible if the balance between natural resources is maintained by all of us. It is high time that humans should come together and work for the betterment of our surroundings. By adapting, eco-friendly or sustainable methods for development, we can be cautious about saving our surroundings along with making advancements.

Hope the blog has given you an idea on how to write an essay on Environment. If you are planning to study abroad and want help in writing your essays, then let Leverage Edu be your helping hand. Our experts will assist you in writing an excellent SOP for your study abroad application. 

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