Speech on Blood Donation

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Speech on Blood Donation

ASL has become an important part of evaluation for CBSE class 9 and 10. This assessment approach makes the students more confident in their speaking and listening skills because they get to practice them through different topics and become confident speakers. Looking for the best ASL speech on Blood Donation? Scroll through this blog to find the best sample speeches on Blood Donation.

2 Minutes Speech on Blood Donation

Good morning everyone! Today I, ________, am here to give a speech on blood donation. As we all know, blood is a very important fluid that flows through our veins to transport minerals, energy and also helps to maintain the body temperature in every kind of weather. Your life will be in danger. Your life can also go in danger in case you have a deficiency of blood in your body and you need it but cannot get it because you have a rare blood type.

Blood donation helps people to get the blood they need through transfusion. But for the transfusion to happen, there should be donors available. This is where young and healthy people come into picture where they can do blood donation. After the donation of blood, it is stored in the blood banks from where it can be given to the patients when they are in need of it. Our one donation can save the lives of up to 3 people in danger. You will be a life saver by donating just 15 – 20 minutes of your time and a pint of blood in a pain-free and easy process. You get to save their lives and your own since you will get to know more about your own body and will be able to make changes according to the need.

I would like to conclude my speech by saying that blood donation is a very noble cause and if you can save the lives of others you are no less a life saver than the doctors. We all might not become doctors but all of us can help the doctors by becoming blood donors. Thank you.

5 Minutes Speech on Blood Donation

Now that we have gone through a 2 minute speech on blood donation, let us now take a look at a 5 minute speech on blood donation:

Hello everyone my name is Aman and today I would like to share my thoughts with you on Blood donation. All of us have studied how blood is important for our body to function properly and if there is a lack of it or deficiency in our blood then we get diseases or even our lives can be in danger. I am sure we all know people who have been in an accident. They might be our own family members, neighbors or even witnessed one on the roads since they happen quite a lot when the rules of road safety are not followed properly. In severe accidents and blood loss people need blood transfusion urgently and there is no time to search for donors. These lives can be saved if the blood banks have enough blood to provide for these patients.

Right now the need for blood is more than the blood banks can provide for. Do you know where the blood in the blood banks comes from? It comes from you and me. Yes, people like us are the ones who provide blood for these patients and save their lives. There are basically 4 blood types A, B, O and AB. The people with the “O +” blood type should consider themselves very lucky since they are called universal donors and their blood can be used to save the lives of people from any blood group. But every donation counts. Imagine just one blood donation from us can save the lives of about 3 people. This process only takes about 15-20 minutes and is totally pain free. Healthy people between the ages of 17 – 65 can easily donate blood and it does not cause any problems for the donor. Rather it helps the donor by rejuvenating the body and donating blood even reduces the risk of heart diseases. You get stronger and it helps stabilize the condition of lack at the blood banks.

Blood donation is a community service and even WHO recognizes this and therefore it organizes blood donation campaigns around the world. June 14th is celebrated as Blood Donors Day to celebrate this life-saving process and make people aware of how they can save the lives of many people by this small service. People like Mahatma Gandhi and Anna Hazare devoted all their lives to the service of humanity and we, who are from the motherland of people like these, cannot even help humanity by donating a little blood? I am sure we all can help improve and save the lives of so many people through this noble cause. Now I would like to end my speech by saying that each one of us has the duty of helping others. We should all donate blood to save lives. Thank you!

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