Importance of Friendship Speech

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Importance of Friendship Speech

Among the many people, we meet, some click with us and become our friends. One gets to know about the authenticity of their friendships as and when time passes and people get to know the other ones in a better way. Importance of Friendship Speech is one of the popular ASL Topics and given below are two sample speeches that can help you prepare for your English assessment.

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Sample 1: Importance of Friendship Speech (200-300 words)

Good morning everyone! I am ABC and today I stand before you to present a speech on the importance of friendship. Friendship is among the few relations we choose for ourselves, all other relations are the ones we are born with. People who become friends soon turn as close as our families. Friendship is not a blood relation instead it is a heart-to-heart connection that is voluntary. It rejuvenates the soul, gives a purpose to live life, makes good times memorable and rough phases liveable.

According to a study, people who have genuine friends in their life are less susceptible to chronic illnesses such as depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, and obesity. However, just like a coin, friendship has two sides. One may come across people who are highly manipulative, selfish, and narcissistic. Such people are deemed toxic and can ruin one’s life. A not-so-genuine and fake friendship makes your life appear bland, hampers self-confidence and self-esteem. On the other hand, a true friendship helps you embrace positivity, look for meaning in life’s problems, make life enjoyable, and elevates self-confidence and self-esteem. Be cautious of your company and if you have found a set of few genuine friends, then make a voluntary effort to keep in touch with them and make them feel important. Honest friends are a valuable and priceless treasure that very few people come across in their life. Finally, I would like to conclude on a positive note that a true friendship is a journey with an end.

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Sample 2: Importance of Friendship Speech (400-500 words)

Good morning everyone! I am ABC and today I stand before you to present a speech on the importance of friendship. Well-known philosophers from across the globe have talked about how friendships have helped them in shaping up their personalities and achieve success. The most valuable and priceless gift one can get is an honest friend.

In today’s world, it is becoming very difficult to trust someone completely, people fear betrayal and deception from their friends and that tells us how important true friendship is for an individual. We all, at times, fail to recognize who our true friend is and it is important to look out for certain qualities in your friends to trust them.

True friends are honest with each other, give each other time and stay with each other through thick and thin. One can freely communicate with their true friend without any kind of hesitation and be their true authentic selves with them. People don’t need to appear pretentious in front of their true friend. When life is smooth sailing, everyone wants to befriend you but see the ones who stand with you in tough phases of life. These are the people whom you should trust and count upon. A true friend will genuinely appreciate and criticize you because they believe in mutual growth and success. Acceptance and sacrifice are the prerequisites of an authentic friendship. Remember, selflessness unites and selfishness divides. For being a genuine friend, be clean-hearted and trustworthy enough, so that someone can count on you.

Friendship makes life worth living, refreshes the soul, makes you feel good about yourself.

However, an ugly friendship can ruin an individual completely and hamper self-esteem. Some of the modern problems, such as depression, divorce, obesity, and suicidal tendencies are connected to friendship. Whereas a genuine friendship can transform you in the best possible manner and help you self-actualize.  Friendship is what children, adults, and old people crave because a real friendship helps you smile more, cry less, and enjoy life to the fullest.

But always stay away from people who ghost you in times of need, never care about your well-being and make it difficult for you to live your life and stay happy. Finally, I would like to say that friendship is not a one-way street on which you can walk alone. Friendship is a two-way highway where, on both sides, love and communication must flow unhindered. Thank you so much to all of you for being patient listeners.

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