Generation Gap Speech

Generation Gap Speech

Why is CBSE considered one of the best boards for children? It is not only focused on academics but also focuses on student’s interpersonal skills. In the year 2012 CBSE initiated an Assessment of speaking & learning that will help students in improving their communication skills. It is mandatory for students of classes 9 & 10. Students have to prepare a speech on the given topic for a specific duration. In this blog, we will cover the topic of speech on the generation Gap so you can prepare better and ace your ASL evaluation!

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Speaking Task: Generation Gap Speech (2 minutes)  ≈ 250 Words

Good morning everyone to present here. My name is XYZ & the topic for the assessment is the Generation gap. What is the generation gap? When set of two people that are born in the different year & have different views or opinions on the same topic. Affected by this gap is a relationship of parent & child. The difference between a child’s ideologies & thought process is a way different from his/her parents. Our parents are more focused on the things they have been taught through life while we believe in what we see & want to explore all new possibilities. The world doesn’t stop evolving their something to learn every day. On the other hand, the older generation faces a tough time accepting these changes or adopting these changes. Every individual has their take on things, views, opinions & their own thought process. That’s what makes us different from each other but this difference should not be affecting our personal relationships. There are few things you can do to bridge this generation gap. Try spending more time with your parents. Try to communicate with them more, understand their opinions & views. Your parents have seen much more than you in life. You should listen to their valuable mentorship ideas & also put forward your innovative ideas. Try building a friendly relationship with them. This won’t not only make you happy but the transparency will develop more trust in your relationship. 

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Speaking Task: Generation Gap Speech (5 minutes) ≈ 400 Words

Good morning everyone. My name is XYZ & today my topic for the speaking task is the Generation Gap. More than smartphones, watches, or technology the thing that has been constantly upgrading to the new version is us, humans. Generation Gap is a term coined to represent the difference of viewpoints & values between two people born in a different year. We feel there is a difference between the notion of our parent’s generation & us. This has become a social problem worldwide. Each generation has its own way of living, handling things & has seen its own fair share of complications. The generation gap has been impacting our lives in the wrong way. The generation gap is not just because of age but many other factors like different interests, technological changes, religious beliefs, political views, etc. We can not just conclude that the generation gap is only between parents & children, the generation gap is between teachers & students, between employees as well. 

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The relationship that is affected the most is between a parent & a child. The generation gap has led to conflicts in the parent-child relationship. The generation gap can not be pinned on one individual or category. Instead of making this gap wider, we should develop new ways to cut it short. There are few simple things that can bridge the generation gap by accepting each other’s views & thoughts. Every individual is different from each other & has their own way of processing things & have a different take as well. It is important that we respect their thoughts &  appreciate their ideas. The next thing we can do is accept that every time someone can’t be wrong & we always are right. Different views make different rights, It is vital that we stop playing this blame game cycle. Opinions of others will also direct us to a new sense of possibilities, it will only help us improve. It’s okay to believe in our views but sometimes the elder views are well-nourished & always for our betterment. They have learned so much from their life experiences that we could take inspiration & maybe also learn from their mistakes. This does not mean you lose your perspective, you can also share your views & opinions. This will also help them in learning the latest trends, technologies & beliefs. Generation Gap has existed for ages & became a social stigma. Generation Gap delivers a negative impact on both parties. We can only overcome it if we work together & build a better place for coming generations.

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