Career in Gaming

Career in Gaming

It is quite a rarity to find someone who does not enjoy playing video games. Be it a kid or an adult, everyone loves sticking to their mobiles, computers and tablets and play endless games for hours. But have you ever thought about how a particular game manages to intrigue the attention of its players thus making them addicted to it? Of course, it is the graphics and the interface that plays a major role in making a game popular, but the arena of gaming is a vast world in itself that quite a few of us know about. With the advent of digital technology, the gaming industry has expanded itself by exploring different genres as well as bringing more interesting and compelling designs. Gaming has become one of the popular careers in the digital age and through this blog, we aim to bring you a detailed guide on how you can pursue this field ranging from major courses and universities along with the prospects it entails.


Having umpteen career opportunities, a career in gaming is not at all a piece of cake. Though it is a fun combination of technology and creativity, the competition in the gaming industry is strikingly high and beyond anyone’s thought. Gaming today has become one of the fastest-growing industries all across the globe and numerous talented young aspirants from diverse backgrounds flock to this sector in search of a successful career, as it promises a multitude of prospects that one can explore.

Career in Gaming: Educational Requirements

When it comes to pursuing a successful career in gaming, it is necessary for all the aspirants to have the prerequisite knowledge and skills to design a full-fledged game. Given below is the academic path you need to take to enter the gaming industry with the utmost ease.

  • Starting from the scratch level, the students aiming to pursue a career in designing should have at least the basic knowledge in programming languages such as C++, Java, etc at the school level.
  • Upon securing the exceptional aggregate percentage at the school level, the aspirants can choose from a multitude of Game Designing Courses After 12th offered at certificate, associate, bachelor’s or master’s level.
  • If you are aspiring to go into the technical and programming work in gaming, you should have a BTech or a Bachelor of Engineering degree in computer science engineering. 

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Top Universities Offering Courses in Gaming

As the growth rate of talented individuals hustling to try their luck in a career in gaming increases exponentially, more and more universities have introduced diverse courses in this specialised domain. Enlisted below are some of the most popular and best universities offering a wide range of programs for those wanting to major in game programming or designing. 

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In order to inculcate the knowledge of high-tech next-generation games to the students, the following are some of the most sought-after courses for the individuals aspiring to pursue a career in gaming.

Undergraduate Courses

  • Foundation Degree in Game Art and Design
  • Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences- Game Art and Design
  • BSc (Hons) Games Development
  • BA (Hons) Games Design
  • BA Games Enterprises
  • Bachelor of Creative Media Production (Game Development)
  • BSc Computer Science- Game Software Development

Graduate Courses

  • Graduate Certificate in Game Design and Development
  • MA Games Enterprises
  • Masters in Game Development
  • MSc and MEng in High-Performance Graphics and Games Engineering
  • MSc Game Science and Design
  • PhD in Digital Media Arts
  • MSc Computer Games Technology

Career in Gaming: Job Prospects

If you love sitting within your gaming console and wondering how a career in gaming would look like, there are numerous career opportunities that await you. Let us discuss some of the most popular and sought-after career prospects within the domain of gaming the students can choose to pursue. Take a look at the different fields as well as job profiles you must be familiarized with to make a career in gaming.

Gaming FieldsGame Programming
Game Design
Game Art
Game Animation
Project Management
2D and 3D Creation
Gaming Management
Job ProfilesGame Developers
Game Designer
Lead Programmer
Level Editor
Assistant Producer
Game Artists
Network Programmers
Game Manager
Game Tester
Sound/Audio Engineers

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We hope that this blog has provided you with the essentials of building a promising career in gaming. If you feel confused about which Take the help of Leverage Edu’s AI-based tool to explore a wide range of courses offered in Game Design and it will suggest you the best suitable combinations of program and university that align with your skills, interests and preferences to help you take an informed step towards a rewarding career.

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