Online Games Good or Bad Speech

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Online Games Good or Bad Speech

Online Gaming is a new fad amongst all age groups today especially amongst teenagers which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Online Games Good or Bad Speech is among the ASL Topics and we have composed two sample speeches that can help you prepare for your English assessment.  

Online Game: Good Or Bad Speech Sample 1 [400-500 words]

Good morning everyone! I am ABC and today I stand before you to present an insightful and informative speech on whether Online games are good or bad? Online gaming is a double-edged sword that has its own share of merits and demerits. Post pandemic most of our life has become virtual and hence, being completely cut off from online gaming is impossible and even if possible, it will do more harm than good as children and teenagers will be deprived of leisure.

Coming on to the bright side of online gaming, there are a plethora of benefits of online gaming as they hone our Analytical thinking, inculcate the importance of Goal-oriented Behaviour as a lot of online Games involve missions and levels which requires really good gaming skills, and online gaming makes teenagers more prudent and alert. India has witnessed a huge boom in the gaming market because the majority of our population is young, mobile phones are available at low cost, and easily available on the Internet. India is among the top 5 online mobile gaming industries and as per research which shows 30 percent of people believe playing online games enhances cognitive skills.

Playing online games helps teenagers connect with their peers as most of the teenagers play online games and also if played within limits then it is a really good leisure activity.

Now after exploring the merits, we will now understand the dark side of online Gaming. Playing excessive online games reduces our interest in other important activities like academics, outdoor sports. Moreover, all day of sitting and playing online games is detrimental for physical and mental health. Also at times, kids can download games from unsafe sources which may bring viruses to their mobile phone or PC.

Also, these games are highly addictive in nature which not only distorts focus but also inhibits delayed gratification among children. Playing action games frequently makes children impulsive and aggressive. The research found that gaming addiction is correlated with low-self esteem, negative beliefs about one’s self, and poor social relationships. Be careful while playing online games, as the most attractive game can be the biggest distraction that can hinder you from achieving your goals and dreams.

Now after taking both merits and demerits of online gaming into consideration it is safe to say that online games are beneficial as well as harmful depending completely on us whether we allow these games to overpower our willpower or not. Otherwise if played in limit playing games can be a rewarding experience as well.

Online Game: Good Or Bad Speech Sample 2 [200-300 Words]

Good morning everyone! I am ABC and today I stand before you to present an insightful and informative speech on Online games: good or bad? Just like a coin, online gaming has two sides that must be understood comprehensively. First, we will explore the bright side of online gaming and some of the benefits of online gaming can’t be ignored as it helps us in improving our critical thinking skills as games with tough missions and levels require us to think critically, encourage out of the box and solution-oriented manner of thinking as some missions in a particular game may require spontaneity and smartness in order to crack those missions.

Also if played within limits, online gaming, especially with friends, can be a rewarding experience indeed after a tiresome and hectic day at work or College and it improves the presence of mind and alertness.

Now further, let’s explore the dark side of online gaming. Some of its demerits are that it takes up a lot of our time, if we get addicted to it and it also deviates us from our main goals and work. Playing violent and action games can definitely instill violence and aggression in our behavior. Thus, we must be cautious of online gaming and play these games within the limit as playing them excessively can hinder our social relationships and affect our health.

After taking both the pros and cons of online gaming into account, it is advisable to play online games but only within a limit so that it does not overpower our willpower.

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