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Dream Job

Everyone in this world aspires to do something big. Although, we all try to do something big, only a few reach their goals. And the only reason is consistency and the right direction. Always remember that your idea or strategy is worth nothing if you don’t execute them and executing in the right direction is even more important than executing. Most people want to get their dream job but don’t know how to speak the same tongue as recruiters. While you were contemplating over the question of finding your dream job, we came out with some solutions which you can implement and who knows, they might actually help.

Strong Resume for your Dream Job

A resume is what grabs the attention of all the employers and speaks for you even before you speak yourself. In order to stand out of other applicants, you need a strong resume which matches the job description and highlights your strengths.  Here are some steps to create a stellar resume-

  • Resume Customization- This is the number one mistake that most people do. Creating one resume for every job automatically reduces your chances of getting selected. Studies show that employers spend even less than two minutes reading your resume. So, if you cannot convey your key point in those two minutes then you might as well not even apply for the job. A resume is the first point of interaction between employer and you and of course the first impression always makes a lasting impression. So, you need to customize your resume according to the job position you’re applying for.
  • Format- Yet another strong tool that people underestimate. Resume’s format plays an important role in how the employer perceives you. You should choose a professional format for jobs in the corporate sector and may go for some creatives if applying for a job in the fashion, entertainment industry.
  • Keep it precise- Your resume should be really focused and to the point. Remember that more is not always better and you need to be precise in conveying your point. Do not include any extraneous information that doesn’t have anything to do with the job.
  • Include major keywords- No one has the time to read your long paragraphs. So, try to provide as much information as you can with the use of keywords. Those keywords will go a long way in your favour by creating a lasting impact on employers.
  • Don’t fabricate- Resume stands as a mirror for your personality and it should be completely genuine. Many people fabricate their resumes in order to make their resume stand out but keep in mind that it never works in the interview plus it’s not even ethical.

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People really underestimate the power of networking especially when it comes to job search. Success is not measured by the money you have but by the kind of relations you have. Everyone always listens that you should make connections while you are in college. This is one of the most powerful tools in finding your dream job.

Most of the new recruitments in big companies happen from referrals. Those connections you make today will benefit you for lifetime. You can start by joining different leadership and industry specific clubs.  So, remember to earn people before earning money. Once you have the trust of people, they will go miles for you.

Internships to Get to Your Dream Job

Internships are the perfect way of gaining real world exposure and for networking opportunities. Internships gives you a better understanding of the industry you want to enter, thus helping you maintain your edge while job interviews. Internships help you gain valuable insights into how daily workings of a business work. It also helps you learn a lot about yourself. Internships can be of a great help especially when you don’t know what your interest is. It will help you learn about yourself and whether you like that work or not. Everyone wants to hire someone who shows the dedication to work and knows some basics about it. internships are a great way of showing your dedication towards the work.

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Research About the Company

Your recruiter always researches about you, so why not you research about the company. Before going for an interview, you should be completely confident about what the company does and what your role would be. Create a link between the company’s requirements and how you fit in that role. Instead of telling them what you have in it, tell them what they will have if they hire you. All of this can only happen when you thoroughly research the company and its workings.

Thus, we hope that these tips were helpful and you found this blog to be informative. We wish you good luck with your dream job! Have any doubt regarding your career? Connect with our Leverage Edu experts now to get mentored by the best in the field. Sign up for a free session with us now!

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  1. Finding a dream job is difficult task some time. Specially when you are looking for your dream job. After reading your article I found it useful for me. Thanks for writing such a great article.

  2. Finding a dream job is difficult task some time. Specially when you are looking for your dream job. After reading your article I found it useful for me. Thanks for writing such a great article. Keep writing. Cheers !!!!

    1. Hi Kelly!

      Thank you for your feedback! We are really happy to hear you enjoyed our blog.

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