Creative Writing Topics

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Creative Writing Topics

Have you wondered what is the difference between writing and creative writing? Writing is an essential communication skill required to excel in any career. While creative writing is a career domain in itself. Creative writing is a form of writing which is not merely concerned about disseminating information but also incorporating the right emotions and intricate details associated with it. Thus the difference between the two is like E-mail vs poetry book. Establishing a connection between writing and the reader can be done by constant practice of creative writing topics. Read this blog to know everything about it!

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a mode of communication which establishes a connection between the reader and the writer. It involves the use of various literary tools like Allegory, Epigram, Metaphor, Simile, Alliteration, Allusion etc. The main aim is to both entertain and exchange the human experience, like loss, love, or emotions. Enlisted are some of the major types of creative writing: 

  • Fiction
  • Poetry/Memoirs
  • Plays and Speeches
  • Movie and television scripts and Songs
  • Personal essays

Before you begin with your first creative writing topic, learn how the art of paragraph writing!

Types of Creative writing 

Creative writing has many forms and there are several kinds of writers. Some writers are born with talent while some writers polish their skills by earning certificates and degrees. Some write for fun and some write for magazines.

The most common types of creative writing are described below.

Creative nonfiction writing is a genre that includes creative writing techniques using literary devices to convey truth about the society. These types of writing include memoirs and personal essays. They are more emotional and traditional with an empathetic tone throughout the writing.

Fiction writing genre is completely based on the writer’s imaginative powers. There is plenty of freedom to include as much imagination as possible with fictional characters and their storylines. Short stories and novels are very popular in this genre. Harry Potter is one of the most successful fictional writings of all time.

Poetry writing is based on the ideas of philosophy, music, art, and so much more. It is a short writing with rhythmic words. The expression in prose is deep and meaningful. Poetry writing is another level of creative skill that requires patience and deep thinking.

Play writing is the most beloved creative writing of the writers throughout the world. Plays are acts that are performed in front of live audiences that have a complete and immersive story.

Screenwriting is basically based on the traditional scripts written for television shows and movies. The highly demanded creative writers belong to the screenwriting genres with epic dialogues, texts and narration.

Types of Creative Writing
What are the types of Creative writing?

Ways to Improve Writing  

Constant practice of creative writing topics and following the correct tips can help you master this art. Thus, glance through the following tips: 

Analyze your favourite writers
Figure out why you like the writing that you like. Ask yourself: What are they doing here? What are they doing that I’m not doing? Why do I love their writing so much? Take notes on their stories, plot them, write in the margins, read them slowly and add reviews-both good and bad. Did that writer you love once write something you hated? Great, even better. Figure out why that particular book was different from the others.

Analyze your own writing
In this section, you analyze the different plots of stories that you have read the major areas that you find are useful to incorporate in your own writing style. It not advisable to copy other’s writing style. Thus, the process of analyzing includes making notes, drawing maps and incorporating everything together to make your own writing style. 

Infuse your personality into your writing
The best way to develop your creative writing style is by infusing your personality in your writing. The main theme of your writing displays the type of personality you are even in some cases creative writing is versing out an individual’s ideologies and set of beliefs. Use the phrases and slang that you would commonly use. Whenever it’s appropriate, include a  relevant personal anecdote in your writing. Be yourself when you write.

After getting a hold on to these creative writing topics, you can think of making a career in Script Writing!

Creative Writing Topics for Practice 

Creative writing is all about practising and for that, you need to choose topics from various facets of life. We have compiled a list of such topics that will help you to improve your writing skills:

My world

Write about My home town

Which life do you like city life or country life?

Holidays at home or abroad?
Write in brief about “when are you happy”

If I had a million dollars

Living as a youngster in my country

Hobbies and leisure

What was your last holiday

Your plans for next holiday

What is your hobby

Can you tell the cost of the CD/DVD

An exciting weekend
What is your favourite book

What are your hobbies and interests

Which is your favourite pop group

My favourite sport

Do you know these creative writing topics are also going to help you with message writing!

Education and work

Applying for a job

Give arguments for or against teenage working

My ideal job

My ideal teacher
My favourite subject

School outfits

Best country to study 

How to get into a dream job? 

Me as a consumer

I hate shopping 

How can I save more money? 

What is the best way to shop?
How much do you need?

Do you collect money?

Ways to shop alone

Creative Writing topics will also help you with technical Writing!

Healthy life

Ways to help your friend stop smoking

How is my normal day 

What is my preferred dish

At the doctor’s clinic 
My approach towards sport

My beloved sports

I like fast food

I’m a vegetarian

Life on earth

My pet

How can you save the environment?

How to stop deforestation?
Endangered animals

Skiing and the environment

Why I like animals

Media and arts

How do you spend your time on the computer?

What do you think about watching TV

Success changes people what do you think?
Do you love reading?

Which do you prefer to read a book or watching the film?

I love my mobile phoneI love watching TV

These creative writing topics are also going to help you with content writing courses!

The world of English

A day without Mobile 

My future wife or husband

Christmas -an old tradition that should
be kept or big business for the industry
Life in Britain

Why should people express English?

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Me and others

Let me introduce myself

My sister/brother

My father’s or mother’s job

My most loyal friend

People I like to spend time with
Problems of young people

What I think about style

My most unusual dream

Who can be a model?

Would you do any optional activity?

Creative Writing Courses 

After practising the above mentioned creative writing topics, many of you would want to make a career in this field. Here are some excellent courses in this field that you can pursue:

University of TampaUSAMaster of Fine Arts in Creative Writing2 Years
Virginia Tech UniversityUSAMFA in Creative Writing3 Years
Edinburgh Napier UniversityUKMA Creative Writing 1 Year
Lancaster UniversityUKMA Creative Writing1 Year
University of Southampton UKMA Creative Writing1 Year

Creative writing Tips

If you are a creative writer and want to excel in your field Then these tips might help you in doing that.

Read all that you can: Read as much as you can. The creative pieces written by other famous writers are highly recommended to understand their writing style. Read plenty of genres and understand where your interest lies.

Always write it down: Keep writing and never ignore the ideas popping in your head. Always keep a notepad or a Notes app on your phone to record any content that comes into your mind. Sometimes bad ideas can lead up to successful plans.

Use literary tools: The most powerful aid is the literary device that helps in beautifying the piece of creative art. Metaphors, similes, alliteration, figures of speech, and similar other devices enhance the writing significantly.

Understand your readers: The success of creative writing comes when there is a potential reader. Therefore you should understand what kind of content is liked by the people and what is your target audience. 

Have your own style: Never ever copy someone else’s style of writing. This leaves a bad impression on the reader and they may never want to read your original writings ever again. So be very careful with your ideas.

Attending workshops: The workshops and seminars along with other writers help in developing confidence and understanding the elements of creative writing.

creative writing tips
What are the important tips for creative writing?

To find out more such courses, read our comprehensive blog on Creative Writing Courses!

We hope these creative writing topics helped you out! If you aim to make a career in writing then universities abroad offer excellent courses in this field. To know more about the ways of finding a suitable course, let  Leverage Edu be your helping hand. Get in touch with us today!

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