How to Pursue Data Science at Harvard University?

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How to Pursue Data Science at Harvard University

The demand for talented Data Science workers has soared in recent years, making Data Science one of the top job fields for IT professionals. With this in mind, Harvard University, the world’s most prestigious educational institution, offers a variety of Data Science courses for all those enthusiasts who are interested in pursuing a career in Data Science. In this blog, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Harvard University Data Science programs.

University Type Private
LocationMassachusetts, Cambridge, USA
Year of Establishment1817
Acceptance Rate4.7%
Academic CalendarSemester
Campus AccommodationAvailable
Financial Aid and ScholarshipsAvailable

Harvard University Rankings

Before diving straight into the Harvard University data science programs, let’s first get to know the prestigious rankings of Harvard University in the table given below:

Source RanksYears
Times Higher Education#22022
QS Global World Rankings#5 2022
US News Rankings#2 2022

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Harvard University Data Science Programs

The junction of Statistical Methods, Computer Science, and a wide range of application domains is what Data Science is all about. The curriculum provides comprehensive training in Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, Optimization, Data Management, and Analysis, and Data Collecting. Reproducible Data Analysis, Collaborative Problem Solving, Visualization, and Communication, as well as Security and Ethical challenges that occur in Data Science, are all covered in the program. Let’s know more about the Harvard University Data Science programs in the following section of this blog.

Benefits of Harvard Data Science Course

  • Industry relevant and well-research curriculum is one of the biggest benefits of studying Data Science frm Harvard University. The program covers all the aspects of the curriculum from fundamentals to statistical concepts and techniques.
  • Pursing this course increases your chances of employability as a data scientist. According to Forbes, by 2020, the demand for data scientists will increase by 28% making this course an excellent skill set to advance in the industry.
  • The course covers all the essential concepts like fundamental R programming skills, statistical concepts like robability, inference, modeling, practical application, data visualization, data wrangling, learn key tools such as Unix/Linux, git and GitHub, and RStudio, implement machine learning algorithms and motivating real-world case studies.

Master of Science (MSc) in Data Science

  • Harvard University offers a two-year Master of Science in Data Science teaching program.
  • A co-op employment option is available in this program.
  • Students must achieve the GPA criteria to enroll in a full-time Co-op Work Term.
  • The student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1, which helps to bridge the divide between the two groups.
  • The following are some of the major subjects that students will take as part of this Harvard University Data Science program:
  • Students must complete 12 courses that support the faculty of Computer Science & Statistics’ learning outcomes.
  • Graduates will be well-versed in processes such as creating statistical models, data collection and management, analyzing enormous data sets, displaying data, and so on by the end of the program.


  • Candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree equivalent from an approved institution;
  • 3.0/4.0 GPA [B+ grade];
  • A 60% overall average in each year, as well as in all required disciplines, is the minimum criterion;
  • Candidates must have studied Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics in class 12th to pursue this Harvard University Data Science program.

English Language Proficiency

  • Applicants from India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Pakistan should be aware that the Study Direct Stream (SDS) program only accepts IELTS as a proficiency score.
  • Admission is not guaranteed even if you meet the basic English requirements. Students with stronger English proficiency levels will be given priority during the admissions assessment process.
  • EAP (English for Academic Purposes) – 3106 will not be available to all students who are unable to take the required IELTS or TOEFL tests.

Documents Required

The following documents are required for an MSc in Data Science program at Harvard University:

  • College Transcripts: A declaration of grades issued by the education board following the completion of previous academic credentials.
  • Financial Documentation: This document demonstrates the student’s financial position.
  • Letter of Recommendation: This document identifies who suggested the student for the degree program.
  • Statement of Purpose: As part of the application process, the student must submit an essay or other written declaration.
  • Resume/CV: This is a summary of the student’s experience and abilities.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees (Per Annum)58,733 USD (43,58,648 INR)

Professional Certificate in Data Science

In industry, academia, and government, the demand for talented data scientists is rapidly increasing. Harvard University’s HarvardX Data Science program gives aspirants and learners the information and skills you’ll need to tackle real-world data analysis problems with the help of this Harvard University Data Science professional certificate program. 

Duration of the Course 1 year 5 months 
Weekly Duration2 – 3 hours per week
Fees (One Time)792.8 USD (58833.74 INR)
Platform TypeedX

Course Curriculum 

  • R programming abilities are essential
  • Probability, Inference, and Modeling are some of the Statistical ideas covered, as well as how to use them in practice
  • Learn how to use the Tidy Verse, including ggplot2 for data visualization and dplyr for Data Manipulation
  • Learn how to use Unix/Linux, git and GitHub, and RStudio, which are all necessary tools for practicing data scientists
  • Machine learning algorithms should be implemented
  • Through motivating real-world case studies, you will gain a thorough understanding of core data science topics

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Harvard University Data Science Online Courses 

Harvard University offers various free online Data Science courses to help students improve their skills. The free online Harvard University Data Science courses are shown below:

Course Name Duration
Data Science: Visualization8 weeks 
Data Science: Productivity Tools8 weeks 
Data Science: R Basics8 weeks 
Data Science: Wrangling8 weeks 
Data Science: Machine Learning8 weeks 
Data Science: Linear Regression8 weeks 
Data Science: Capstone2 weeks 

Harvard University Scholarship Financial Aids

At Harvard University, international students can apply for a variety of scholarships. There are also scholarships, student loans, and other forms of financial aid accessible. Some of them are listed below:

Name of the Scholarship Amount (INR)
Young Women in Public Affairs Award2,99,440
Be Art Presets-Academic Scholarship1,49,720
Young Professionals ProgramVariable
Axol Science Scholarship1,49,720
VueVille Future Technology Scholarship74,860

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Career and Salaries

Following are career opportunities and expected salaries after you pursue Data Science from Harvard University:

Job Name Salary (Per Annum)
Business Intelligence Analyst87,758 USD (65,10,230 INR)
Data Analyst65,626 USD (48,68,392 INR)
Data Scientist100,560 USD (74,59,932 INR)
Data Engineer118,853 USD (88,16,979 INR)
Quantitative Analyst106,751 USD (79,19,205 INR)


Is Harvard data science certificate worth it?

Yes, the data science certificate courses offered by Harvard University are affordable as well as remote, allowing international students to elevate their profile as a data scientist easily from anywhere in the world.

Is there a particular order of the courses?

No, but the official Harvard University website recommends students to take the courses in the order given on the website.

Do I have to sign up for and take all of the courses in the program at the same time or can I start with 1 course at a time until I finish them all?

Students can start with one course at a time and finish them as they go along.

How do I transfer my enrollment from one session to another?

To transfer enrollment, students have to contact edX.

Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the first course but according to the official website, it is important to have a prior knowledge of the previous course before proceeding.

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