Environmental Studies Books

Environmental Studies Books

Are you worried about how our planet earth will survive in the near future? Are you an environment lover and wish to garner more knowledge about it? Environmental studies is a vast academic field which encompasses a combination of physical sciences, economics and social sciences to understand contemporary environmental problems. The field involves a study in basic principles of ecology and environment. Environmental Studies is instrumental to gain an intellectual understanding of the crucial environmental issues of the present times. It also studies its impact on individuals and society. In this blog, we have collated a detailed list of environmental studies books that are a must-read for every individual concerned about the environment.

There are hundreds of environmental studies books written by prominent authors and renowned laureates in this field of study. Tabulated below is a list of some of the most popular environmental studies books which explore multiple nuances of the field.

BookAuthored ByBuy here
Environmental Science: Toward A Sustainable FutureDorothy F. Bourse and Richard T. WrightBuy here
Environmental Science 10th EditionDaniel D. ChirasBuy here
Social Learning in Environmental Management: Towards a Sustainable FutureMeg Keen, Valerie A. Brown, Rob DyballBuy here
Principles of Environmental ScienceWilliam P. Cunningham and Mary Ann CunninghamBuy here
Visualizing Environmental ScienceLinda R. Berg, Mary Catherine Hager and David M. HassenzahlBuy here
Environmental Studies From Crisis to CureR. RajagopalanBuy here
Environmental Science: Systems and SolutionsMichael L. McKinney, Robert M. Schoch, Logan Yonavjack and Grant A. MincyBuy here
Environmental Science: A Global ConcernWilliam P. Cunningham and Mary Ann CunninghamBuy here
Fundamental Concepts in Environmental StudiesDr. D.D MishraBuy here
Energy and Civilization: A HistoryVaclav SmilBuy here
Chemistry of the EnvironmentThomas Spiro, Kathleen Purvis-Roberts and William M. StiglianiBuy here
Management of Microbial Resources in the EnvironmentAbdul Malik, Elisabeth Grohmann and Madalena AlvesBuy here
Environmental Science: Earth as a Living PlanetDaniel B. Botkin and Edward A. KellerBuy here
Environment: The Science Behind the StoriesJay H. Withgott and Matthew LaposataBuy here
Principles of Environmental StudiesAditya BhatnagarBuy here

Now, let’s explore some of these popular Environmental Studies Books in further detail.

Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories by Jay H. Withgott and Matthew Laposata

“Essential Environment” is a highly engrossing and profoundly detailed book that aims at engaging the students with the case studies incorporated in it. The book provides students with a structural framework to help shape their comprehension of this subject within the 18-chapters constituting the book. Jay Withgott and co-author Matt Laposata present updated information and provide insights into the latest developments in the field of environmental science. Lately, a FAQ section has been introduced in the revised editions of the book to address misconceptions that are common amongst the students.

Environmental Science: A Global Concern by William P. Cunningham and Mary Ann Cunningham

Environmental Science: A Global Concern imparts indispensable knowledge to its readers with an updated approach and focuses on any latest additions to this subject. It explains and provides elaborate expositions on the important topics in environmental science. The authors have tried to reach a balance by offering evidence of environmental challenges and ideas to overcome these soaring challenges. An entire chapter has been devoted to discussing problems faced during the processes of ecological restoration which has become one of the most important aspects of ecology. Case studies are provided in each chapter to showcase examples of real progress. The book prods students’ thought process to elicit diverse ideas that can contribute to this critical field.

Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions by Michael L. McKinney, Robert M. Schoch, Logan Yonavjack and Grant A. Mincy

Whether it’s through a scientific, social or political prism, there are various concrete concepts and definitions that focus on understanding the environmental studies. A section of the book on Resource on Dealing with Environmental Degradation discusses imminent dangers posed to the environment and subsequently provides strategies to diminish those threats. Engaging and intriguing, it is a must-read for every student interested in exploring the essentials of environmental science.

Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet by Daniel B. Botkin and Edward A. Keller

Another addition to the list of environmental studies books is this delightful read. The book has brought out its new Eighth Edition which emphasises on the scientific process to imbibe in readers a detailed structure aimed at developing critical thinking skills within the readers. It has been updated to include all the latest research in this field. Providing an analytical approach to the field, this book is one of its kind. Lucidly written, it reduces the complexity of the concepts covered and brings the processes of science to the limelight. The new design and images help in making the book more gripping and interesting.

Environmental Science: Toward A Sustainable Future by Meg Keen, Valerie A. Brown, Rob Dyball

The book is one of the important environmental studies books as it focuses on the fact that the Earth is what we have borrowed from future generations. Highlighting the important topics of science and sustainability, this book helps students comprehend the environmental issues and their needed contribution. It provides a comprehensive and detailed idea about the environment to students allowing them the space to analyse issues and subsequently develop solutions to the impending problems. It highlights important themes, revisits them so that students can recapitulate the concepts for further discussions. The book has an abundance of case studies making it an engaging and amazing read. 

Thus, we hope that you have got a complete list of all the environmental studies books that should be on the reading list of every environment enthusiast. Are you looking forward to studying a degree in environmental science? Let the experts at Leverage Edu empower your educational journey. We’ll help you find a suitable program and university along with guiding you throughout the admission process. Book your free 30 minutes of e-counselling with the team now and discover the amazing opportunities in the field of the environment studies!

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