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USA leads the world in terms of bringing scientific revolutions throughout its history. Be it Medicine, Bioengineering, or Military Technology, it has imperatively brought newer technologies to our world through its cutting-edge research universities and institutions working across varied areas of study. With hundreds of groundbreaking researches in almost every sphere, international students planning to pursue their PhD abroad are choosing to study in USA to avail the best research opportunities. Often, PhD aspirants face certain hindrances in appearing for qualifying exams such as GMAT, IELTS or GRE. In this insightful blog, we aim to explore the best alternatives for pursuing your PhD in USA without GRE including the substitutes you can choose from or the universities offering doctoral programs without the requirement of GRE scores.

List of Universities for PhD in USA without GRE

Eligibility Criteria for PhD in USA without GRE

Since you’re looking for alternatives that waive GRE requirements, you must first familiarize yourself with the admission requirements for PhD in the USA. Though the actual course requirements can differ across courses and universities, here are some general eligibility requirements for pursuing PhD in USA:

  • A master’s degree is the minimum requirement you must hold to pursue a PhD at a university in the USA.
  • You must get your academic transcripts ready for both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. If the certificate or transcript is written in a non-English language, it has to be translated into English.
  • You can be asked to submit an essay of about 2000 or more words as a personal statement. You have to briefly mention your research interest.
  • You should have at least qualified one of the language tests, either IELTS or TOEFL.
  • You can be asked to provide a minimum of three Letters of Recommendation (LORs) from a professional academician along with a Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • For some universities a GPA of at least 3.0 out of 4.0  in a post-baccalaureate degree is mandatory.
  • Many universities also require GRE scores for doctoral degree programs in the USA but if you haven’t qualified this exam, make sure to check out the alternatives and universities mentioned in the next section!

How to Apply for PhD in USA Without GRE?

While applying for PhD in USA, you will come across many universities which don’t necessarily require GRE scores but prefer applications that include these scores. To help you understand the major ways for applying for PhD in USA without GRE, here are the top alternatives:

  • You can apply to those universities offering PhD programs in USA [mentioned in the next section] which have specified that GRE is not necessarily required.
  • You can opt for online or part-time PhD degree programs in the USA or the less-selective ones which also won’t need GRE.
  • You can look for the best-suited PhD programs which mention GRE as a non-essential criterion and apply for these courses. For such PhD courses, it is important that you must have a strong academic record as well as recommendation letters and an excellent research proposal. You can strengthen the other parts of your application to ensure that it can get highlighted from the pile of others.

Universities for PhD in USA without GRE

Now that you are familiar with the major alternatives, we have curated a complete list of universities which provide doctoral degrees in the USA without GRE as their compulsory criteria. Check out the following list of universities offering PhD in USA without GRE:

Universities for PhD in USA without GRE Course Offered
Walden University Doctor of Business Administration
Purdue University PhD in Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) PhD in Media Arts and Science
PhD in Linguistics
Cal Southern’s School of Behavioral Sciences PhD in Psychology
Nova Southeastern University PhD in Family Therapy
Argosy University PsyD in Clinical Psychology
University of Wisconsin PhD in Philosophy
University of Oregon PhD in Counselling
Oregon State University PhD in Physics
University of Idaho PhD in Civil Engineering
Northwestern University PhD in History
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine PhD in Clinical Psychology
Washington State University PhD in Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Smith College PhD in Social Work
Georgetown University
Andrew University
Sacred Heart University
Doctor of Nursing

Doctor of Business Administration by Walden University

The doctorate degree provided by Walden University is specifically intended for those students who are looking to acquire more advanced knowledge of the different theories in management as well as its modern applications. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at Walden University is a top choice among management students to study PhD in USA without GRE because it offers different areas of focus like Finance, International Business and Global Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting and Marketing.

PhD in Psychology by Cal Southern’s School of Behavioral Sciences

This Behavioral Sciences program at Cal Southern’s school provides a doctorate in Psychology without you having to bother about GRE. Students are required to complete a range of different programs before taking a PhD, where they learn Advanced Theories of Psychology, a multitude of Personality Theories as well as Psych-Pharmacology. Upon completing this course, students become eligible to receive authorization to practice clinical psychology within California. This doctorate helps you gain an understanding of practical applications of Psychology.

PhD in Family Therapy by Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University’s doctorate in Family Therapy provides career opportunities for students, in academia, research fields among others. This doctorate program is aimed at building a thorough understanding of the related theoretical ideas have with the various popularly growing areas of family therapy. Throughout this program, a student understands how, both, qualitative and quantitative research methodology is important in this study area.

PsyD in Clinical Psychology by Argosy University

Argosy University’s PhD program is mainly designed to teach research scholars with applicable skills required in clinical practice. Furthermore, it devotedly makes it certain that students are trained efficiently to reduce psychological dysfunction. This research degree has been incorporated with theoretical, practical and research aspects so that students possess adequate knowledge to contribute their services to different psychological domains, like society and offers medical interventions for the betterment of mental health. This university allows you to study PhD in USA without GRE.

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PhD in Social Work by Smith College

This PhD program ensures that students adequately know how to pitch in to spread awareness regarding social work and its practice. Here, students understand the need to develop and pursue research on clinical social work. This program broadens students’ ability to think critically vis-a-vis understanding the importance and skills necessary in the field of clinical social work.

List of GRE Waiver Universities In USA 2021-2022

COVID-19 has caused many universities to modify their entry requirements to ease admission procedures for international students. Among the many changes, various universities have waived off the GRE and GMAT tests for students. Here is a list of Universities In the USA that have a GRE waiver for 2021-2022.

Masters in USA without GRE

Various universities in the USA require prospective students to take the GRE exam besides IELTS or TOEFL. However, students from non-technical backgrounds find it tough to clear the GRE exam. Apart from that, COVID-19 has caused several restrictions and has led to the cancellations of many exams including GRE, GMAT, etc. To facilitate students with their study abroad plans, many universities offer a GRE waiver for their master’s as well. Here is a list of Masters universities in the USA without GRE.

Why Study in the USA?

There are multifarious reasons why international students frequently choose USA as their preferred study destination. Whether you want to pursue your PhD in USA or any other course, here are the top benefits you can avail:

  • USA is home to world-class universities which have consistently featured at the top of THE and QS World University rankings and some of the most prominent ones include, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, to name a few.
  • STEM courses in USA are amongst the popular academic programs offered by universities and you can also explore a plethora of specializations across varied fields of study from Business and Management to Arts and Social Sciences.
  • The universities in USA are home to world-renowned faculties and experts across different disciplines.
  • The academic institutions are also extensively associated with globally famed brands and organise timely career placement events and drives to ensure a higher employability rate for their graduates.

Hence, we hope that this blog provided you with all the essentials you need to know about pursuing PhD in USA without GRE. Planning to study for a doctoral degree abroad? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in picking the best course and university as per your interests and we will also assist you throughout the admission process to ensure that you send a winning application! Sign up for a free consultation session with us today!

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    2. Hello,
      We are delighted to know that you are considering to pursue PhD from either America or Canada. Since you are sure about your specialisation of study and that you wish to pursue your PhD without GRE, we would suggest you get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts on 1800572000 as they would be the best people to give you the right mentorship and guidance to make you land at the right university abroad. Wishing you good luck for your future goals!

  1. Thanks for the Great Content. I will also share with my Friends and once again Thanks a lot for sharing valuable information with us. Please keep on sharing.

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