Study Abroad after Graduation from India

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Study Abroad after Graduation from India

There has been a considerable increase in the number of Indian students who have decided to study abroad after graduation from India. A prominent reason behind their choice is the fact that the Indian corporate sector appreciates foreign degrees from top international universities abroad more as compared to an Indian master’s degree. Furthermore, universities abroad offer high-quality higher education, superior facilities, and, most crucially, a greater emphasis on research. As a result, an increasing number of Indian students want to study abroad after graduation from India. Read more to know about advantages, disadvantages and how to study abroad after graduation from India. 

Study Abroad after Graduation from India Advantages 

Below we have highlighted some of the top reasons in favour of studying abroad after graduation from India:

A Postgraduate Degree is Often Less Expensive

A PG degree abroad is cheaper than a UG degree in the same country when calculated mathematically, simply because a postgraduate the duration of the course is shorter. The cost of living doubles simply because an undergraduate degree lasts four years. Unless you’re talking about an MBA (which is far more expensive than many PG courses), the cost of studying and tuition fees for a PG course is also less expensive because you have more chances for scholarships and grants, as well as teaching assistantships and on-campus jobs. As a result, students will find it easier to pay off their student debts and costs on their own.

You’re More Mature and Focused on your Goals

You learn a lot about yourself and your work as you grow up and progress through the first rungs of your professional ladder. It’s common to discover that the things you desired in your first year of college are no longer what you want. By the time you get ready to go for your higher studies abroad after graduation from India, you’ve figured out what you want out of your job and where you want to go. Such clarity about your career goals might help you avoid making mistakes while selecting a course and perhaps wasting time, effort, and money on something that isn’t a good fit.

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You Get Qualified for Greater Positions in the Corporate Sector

Promotions in the corporate world are frequently based on postgraduate degrees and job performance. An international postgraduate degree (especially one from a prestigious global university in a country such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or elsewhere) will provide you with an advantage over your competitors. This is especially true for degrees with high demand in the employment market, such as MBA, LLM, Master of Science, and others.

Helps you Expand your Network

Due to academic requirements, your exposure to the industry while in an undergrad programme is limited. A postgraduate programme, on the other hand, broadens your networking circle by linking you with professionals all over the world, which may be extremely beneficial to your professional career.

Short-Term Programs Can Also Help you Get a Competitive Advantage

If you don’t want to be away from home for an extended period of time but still want to gain international experience, there are various short-term courses (a few weeks, months, or a year), volunteer programmes to study abroad after graduation from India along with international internships to choose from to broaden your professional horizons. Depending on your goals and requirements, these can be a replacement for or addition to your PG degree.

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Study Abroad after Graduation from India Disadvantages 

Here are some of the potential drawbacks of continuing your study after graduation in another country:

Living Abroad after Completing a Master’s Degree is Not Always Simple

This has become a significant concern since some countries are hesitant to grant jobs to foreigners. Check the job market and immigration laws in your selected study country before taking the plunge. This disadvantage at the Master’s level can be mitigated by enrolling in a UG programme, which will allow you to remain on for a PG programme and work there as well, allowing you to stay in the country for longer and make the most of your time.

Several PG Degrees are not Accepted or Transferrable

If you intend to return to India and work, be sure your international degree is transferable to any degree or licence required to practise in your field (i.e. law, medicine, social work, counselling, etc.). In addition, several European countries (such as the United Kingdom) have a one-year master’s degree requirement, which is not frequently accepted in India.

Important Note: Planning to study abroad after graduation from India will undoubtedly broaden your professional horizons and provide you with new insights to add to your knowledge. However, a few drawbacks may outweigh its numerous positives. As a result, it’s critical to thoroughly consider your alternatives and select one that aligns with your career goals and interests.

Step-by-Step Guide to Study Abroad after Graduation from India 

Post evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad after graduation from India, let’s discuss the step-by-step guide to study abroad after graduation from India: 

Step 1: Research About the Course Well

This is the first and the most important foundation step to study abroad after graduation from India. Aspirants must do their homework and research courses, universities, and their locations. Before you narrow down your options, look into the teaching modules, research possibilities, campus life, and job prospects. For a broader viewpoint, you might ask your friends and family or seek out alumni of universities you’re interested in. To reach out to them more effectively, use Facebook or LinkedIn. Also, as part of your research, don’t forget to include your budget and any potential scholarships.

We recognise that finding and narrowing down the best-fit courses can be time-consuming, but we can assist you. You may shortlist the best-fit university and courses tailored to your needs and specifications with the help of our unique AI Course Finder!

Step 2: Speak to our Leverage Edu Counsellors

You can reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and student counsellors for end-to-end mentorship and support after you’ve completed your research and analysis. As a starting point, bring your wish list and course options to your appointment. Your counsellor will go through all of the important and little aspects with you to ensure that you, your future university, and your field of study are a good match. Call 1800572000 to schedule your first free consultation with one of our experts.

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Step 3: Start your Application Process

After you’ve decided on your course and university, apply to all of the universities on your shortlist where you intend to study after graduation in India. Your student counsellor at Leverage Edu will assist you with university and course applications. The OneView Portal is readily connected with our latest technology, which allows students to manage and track all of their applications as well as access various value-added services such as education loans, visas, scholarships, documents, and accommodation, among other things. Our student counsellors will also help you with your documentation requirements like SOPs, LORs, resume/cv and more. 

Step 4: Get your Admit from the University

When your application is received, the university or school will thoroughly review it and contact you with the results. Your application may take a few weeks (or longer for postgraduate levels) to be processed. You’ll receive a letter of offer and an acceptance document if your application is successful. Before you accept the offer, look over it with your counsellor to make sure there are no hidden stipulations. If you are accepted to more than one course or institution, your counsellor will assist you in determining which option is best for you. 

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Step 5: Student Visa

The most significant procedure after accepting the offer letter to study abroad after graduation from India is to apply for your student visa. Because each country has its own set of requirements, your student counsellor will walk you through the visa application process and assist you in preparing the paperwork you’ll need to submit. The following are the most common documents you’ll need for your student visa:

  • Evidence of enrolment in a recognised educational institution
  • Residence permit applications (it varies by the country)
  • Evidence of language proof certification (if needed)
  • Evidence of parental/guardian consent, if you’re under 18
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of the current passport
  • Vaccination results (will vary from country to country)
  • Proof of enough finances to study abroad after graduation from India

Step 6: Accommodation 

Unless you are granted on-campus accommodation, you will have to find a place to live while studying abroad. You can look for rented lodgings, a homestay, or local host. The price will differ from one city to the next. If you rent an apartment, you will also have to pay for utilities such as power, internet, and water, as well as tenant’s insurance (in some areas of housing). Since most of our student counsellors have themselves been international students, they help out aspirants to search for their accommodation abroad. 

Step 7: Time to Land at your Study Destination 

Be certain to plan your flights much ahead of time. Try to look at the possibilities when you have a lot of time on your hands so you can keep track of pricing changes and book the best prices. Check with your host country’s admission restrictions, approved vaccination necessities, and baggage allowance charges.

Step 8: Kickstart your Study Abroad Journey 

Congratulations, you’re about to embark on a fantastic journey. There will be numerous times, yet crucial to-do items, that you must consider before going overseas, and Leverage Edu will assist you in sailing your ship of studying abroad after graduation from India. This will cover topics such as student loans, finances, forex, and more.

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Top Destinations to Study Abroad

According to our highly qualified Leverage Edu experts, here is a list of the top countries around the world that are renowned for their quality of education and are the best option to study abroad after graduation from India:

United Kingdom 

The United Kingdom is an island country in northwest Europe made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. While many foreign students study in London, towns like Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and Belfast also have their own sights, sounds, and experiences to offer. The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most prominent educational institutions, including names in the QS World University and Times Higher Education Rankings. With a varied choice of master’s programmes for aspirants to study abroad after graduation from India and lively culture, lakhs of international students decided to study in the United Kingdom to further their education. Some of the popular universities to study in the UK after graduation from India are: 

  1. Leeds Beckett University
  2. University of Essex
  3. University of East Anglia
  4. City, University of London
  5. University of Birmingham
  6. University of Liverpool
  7. University of West London
  8. Queens Mary University of London
  9. University of Manchester
  10. Anglia Ruskin University


Canada has long been famous for its variety, making it one of the most sought-after destinations for international students. Several top-ranked colleges offer the highest-quality education in a variety of fields. Students may receive a taste of the diverse cultures that Canada has to offer, as well as a vibrant way of life. Canada is one of the top options for students from all over the world due to its diverse academic possibilities. The Canadian government has lately implemented immigration laws that help Indian students in a variety of ways, such as providing permanent residency to highly talented students who graduate from a Canadian institution. Here are the popular universities to study in Canada after graduation from India: 

  1. York University
  2. University of Toronto
  3. McGill University
  4. University of Montreal
  5. The University of British Columbia
  6. Queen’s University
  7. Toronto School of Management
  8. Fraser International College
  9. International College of Manitoba
  10. St Mary’s University

United States 

Simply by looking at university rankings, US colleges are among the finest in the world for students who want to study abroad after graduation from India, perfectly balancing academics, research, and extracurricular activities. Despite the fact that the education system in the United States draws a staggering number of international students, colleges have a high student satisfaction rating due to the multiple student services they offer. Completing your degree, or even a portion of it, in the United States will impress anybody, particularly future employers. International exposure and the diversity of students from other religions, races, and cultures are additional benefits of studying in the United States. In addition, the universities provide some of the greatest student support services in the country. Some of the popular universities to study in USA after graduation from India are: 

  1. Arizona State University
  2. Northeastern University 
  3. University of Tulsa 
  4. University of Massachusetts
  5. University of South Carolina
  6. University of Utah
  7. University of Illinois, Chicago
  8. Cleveland State University
  9. Colorado State University
  10. University of South Florida


Germany is a well-known study abroad destination for having some of the world’s greatest universities. Its education, infrastructure, and economy are all fast expanding. One of the main reasons Germany is becoming the most popular study abroad destination is that most institutions in Germany are publicly supported and provide little or no tuition. Studying in Germany also gives students several options to work in addition to their classes. Several institutions provide a diverse range of degree programmes. Some of the popular universities to study in Germany after graduation from India are:

  1. University of Applied Sciences
  2. Technical University of Munich
  3. Heidelberg University
  4. Ludwig Maximilian Universityof Munich
  5. Free University Berlin 
  6. Humboldt University of Berlin
  7. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  8. Technical University of Berlin
  9. RWTH Aachen University
  10. University of Freiburg


Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere made up of the mainland of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and smaller islands. Australia ranks third in the world for access to higher quality education, with a number of prominent institutions located in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Australia was also placed eighth in the world for personal development, demonstrating that the country offers more than simply a good education. As compared to the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia has a substantially lower and more affordable cost of living. Furthermore, current Australian immigration policies allow international students to work part-time for a set number of hours per week for a high income, making Australia a preferred destination for aspirants to study abroad after graduation from India. Here are some of our recommended universities to study in Australia after graduation from India:

  1. University of Adelaide
  2. Sydney Institute of Business & Technology
  3. South Australian Institute of Business & Technology
  4. Newcastle International College
  5. La Trobe College
  6. Australian National University
  7. The University of Melbourne
  8. Murdoch University
  9. The University of Sydney
  10. Edith Cowan College


How can I get admission abroad after graduation?

To apply to foreign universities students can consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu. The experts will guide you through the entire admission process. Starting from selecting the university, to arranging the accommodation. To get admission students will have to pick a program, gather all the documents, and apply to the relevant university. Next, the process for visa, loans, and scholarships have to be started. Finally, the student must wait for 4-8 weeks to receive the offer letter.

Which country is best for study after graduation?

Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, France, Norway, and UK are some of the best countries to study abroad after graduation. Interested students can choose to study in any of these countries.

How to go abroad for studies after graduation from India for free?

It is possible for students to study abroad after graduation from India for free. First, select a country with an affordable cost of living, and enroll in the university in an affordable program. Next, students can apply for scholarships and grants.

Studying abroad has the potential to be a life-changing experience. By studying abroad after graduation from India, you are providing yourself with the opportunity for all-around development, including the opportunity to travel outside of your native country, learn and accept a new culture, meet new people, and, most significantly, increase your worldwide employability. Since the January and February intakes in most of the top study destinations are around the corner, reach out to our study abroad experts at 1800572000 to kickstart your study abroad journey! 

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  1. Hello sir this is Bindu I am studing in degree in india it’s my 2nd year now can I complete my degree in other countries

  1. Hello sir this is Bindu I am studing in degree in india it’s my 2nd year now can I complete my degree in other countries