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Pharmacology is a branch of science which deals with medications and drugs actions. Pharmacology has become a popular study choice and offered by top-ranked universities in the world. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics pharmacology scope is expected to grow by 8% between the years 2014 and 2024. The best 5 countries to study pharmacology are the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. After pursuing pharmacology courses, If you are looking for a blend of science and medicine then pharmacology is the perfect fit for you! 

What is Pharmacology? 

The study of medications and how they influence the body is known as Pharmacology. This includes developing new chemical compounds and studying the effects of existing pharmaceutical chemicals, as well as comprehending both the positive and negative consequences of medications. Toxicology, Biology, Chemistry, and Physiology are all included in this broad scientific topic that can be used in a variety of occupations in the life sciences. It’s crucial to understand the distinction between Pharmacy and pharmacology studies. Pharmacy courses are designed to prepare students for careers as pharmacists or as dispensers of prescription medicines in pharmacies. Pharmacology courses emphasize the research side of the field, teaching students how to examine the effects of chemical substances and come up with new ways to treat the wide range of physical and mental illnesses that afflict humans and animals.

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Why Study Pharmacology?

In today’s world, pursuing a profession in pharmacology can be extremely advantageous. Due to Covid-19, job prospects in this field have increased and there are numerous advantages of pursuing it as a career:

  • Pharmacology is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the healthcare industry which plays a critical component. 
  • There is a global demand for pharmacology graduates. A degree in Pharmacology boosts employment opportunities, career scope, and opportunities for advancement. As per US weekly, students with bachelor degrees in pharmacology are employed in academic or industry settings within months or go for postgraduate courses.
  • The advent of science and technology has increased understanding of diseases, their causes, and potential treatments, making pharmacology a discipline with a lot of potential. 
Credits :

Different Pharmacology Courses


Bachelor in Pharmacology will provide you with a solid understanding of drug and chemical biological activity, how they work at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels, and how they are used in medicine to treat disease. This course provides students with transferrable abilities that can be used in a variety of fields, including the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical research, and graduate admission into medicine. The following are the basic eligibility requirements for BSc in Pharmacology:


International Baccalaureate 35 points including 666 at Higher Level
Required subjects A-level (or equivalent) grade A in Biology and Chemistry
Required grades  AAA

Grade 6 in Higher Level Biology and Higher Level Chemistry is required. TOK/EE is included in the total point score of 35.

Course Duration 

Full-time 3 years


Students in the Applied Clinical Pharmacology discipline will do research and receive hands-on training in academic, commercial, health-care, and/or government contexts. The course will cover a wide range of basic and applied pharmacology subjects, with a focus on translational research. The following are the basic eligibility requirements for MS/MSc in pharmacology:


Bachelor’s degree From a recognized university with a final-year average of at least a B+.
Required courses Physiology, Biochemistry, or applied sciences are sufficient to form a foundation for their work in pharmacology.

Course Duration    

Full-time 3 years
Part-time 6 years

English Proficiency Requirements 

Every university has different English proficiency requirements based on the curriculum, specialization, and study level. The table mentioned below will provide you with common English language requirements to study abroad:

IELTS  An average score  between (6.5 – 7.0)
Pearson Test of English (Academic) Overall, a score of 75 is required, with a minimum of 69 in each communicative skill.
TOEFL iBT  Overall, 109 points were earned, with 27 points in writing and a minimum of 25 points in each of the other talents.

More than 90% of the colleges Abroad require you to pass a minimum score in your English test- IELTS. Learn how to ace the IELTS exam now!

Subjects & Syllabus

You’ll notice that the curriculum varies slightly depending on the university you attend. When studying pharmacology, there are several fundamental skills and courses that you will need to master. You’ll concentrate on topics such as: 

  1. Organic chemistry
  2. Chemistry and physiology
  3. Computational chemistry
  4. Medicinal compounds
  5. Drug discovery
  6. Advanced practical chemistry
  7. Fundamentals of laboratory practice

Are you planning to pursue a postgraduate course in pharmacology? Here are some of the popular specializations available in top-ranked universities in the world:

Career Options After Pharmacology

Pharmacology graduates go on to find well-paying jobs in several fields, including industry, academia, government service, and medicine. Here are some of the popular job profiles with annual salaries:

Jobs  Salary per annum (INR)
Researcher 32,24,173
Pharmacologist 34,95,201
Toxicologist 29,95,887
Biomedical scientist 30,07,071
Lecturer 40,70,511
Product manager 57,47,609
Analytical chemist 24,96,572
Pharmacist 37,83,805

Top Universities for Pharmacology Courses Abroad

As per QS world ranking 2022, here are the top universities that offer Pharmacology around the globe:

University name  QS World Rankings 2022
University of Oxford #2
Monash University #58
Harvard University #5
University of Cambridge #3
University of Nottingham #103
Johns Hopkins University #25
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill #100
King’s College London #35
University of Toronto #26
The University of Manchester #27

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