All You Need To Know About Science Stream Subjects

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Know About Science Stream Subjects

Those of you who are preparing for the 10th standard board exams are most likely surrounded by questions like which stream to choose. Whether to take a road less travelled or study subjects opted by many? And what are the career prospects in different fields? Self-introspection is the key to unlocking the box of your queries!  As you are aware, you can opt for either Science, Commerce, or Arts stream after 10th standard. Before choosing a stream, you should conduct an in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and then select a stream that aligns with your interests and professional goals. While the Commerce and Arts stream subjects have their own advantages, methodologies, and career prospects, we, in this blog, will shed light on various Science stream subjects. But before that, let us try to understand the reasons for choosing this stream. 

Why Pursue the Science Stream?

In the words of Edward Teller- “The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow”. The Science stream subjects encompass the elements of both scientific theories and practical concepts. Not only do these subjects impart in-depth knowledge of the physical, chemical, and biological aspects of the universe but also equip students with analytical and problem-solving abilities. The subjects also help to understand the effects of natural and artificial processes on the world. Thus, the students who opt for the Science stream have a wide range of career opportunities. Bioinformatics, Dental Science, Space exploration, Computer Science, Metallurgy, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, and Forensic Science, are some of the many career paths you can choose after studying Science stream subjects

Science Stream Subjects: Overview

The Science Stream is subdivided into 2 branches namely, the non-medical stream (PCM) and Medical stream (PCB). With Physics and Chemistry as common subjects, the difference between the two divisions lies in the selection of the third subject. While Maths is opted for by students who want to kickstart their careers in professions like but not limited to Engineering, Architecture, and Commercial Pilot, Biology is chosen as a subject by those who want to pursue a career in Medical Science. Apart from the above-mentioned subjects, the students also have to study English or Hindi along with an elective subject. Informatics Practises, Physical Education, Computer Sciences, Engineering Drawing, Economics, Home Science, and Psychology are some of the popular electives. Given below is a comprehensive list of the Science stream subjects:

Welcome To The World Of Periodic Tables!

Chemistry is simply the study of the building blocks of life, i.e. atoms and matter. This Science stream subject imparts in-depth knowledge of the properties, composition, and structure of matter. With the advancement in technologies, new areas have started emerging in the field of Chemistry Biomolecules, Synthetic Materials, Industrial Chemistry, and Natural Resources. The theoretical concepts are accompanied by practical experiments to make concepts easy. With Organic and Inorganic Chemistry as the main sub-divisions, the subjects cover various concepts through topics like Surface Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Chemical Kinetics, and Chemical Bonding. 

Work, Energy, and Power

Considered one of the oldest academic fields, Physics is the study of motion, force, matter, and energy. With the advancement in technologies as well in areas like Nuclear Physics and Mechanics, studying these Science stream subjects will help you develop analytical, decision-making, investigatory, and observational skills. Some of the topics taught in this subject include the Laws of Motion, Electrostatics, Electronic Devices, Thermodynamics, and Kinematics. 

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Let’s Coordinate Reasoning With Geometry

Mathematics, or what is also referred to as the study of numbers,  imparts knowledge and clears concepts of quantity, structure, and space. In this Science stream subject, you are taught to identify the flow of reason when solving a problem, understand the principles of underlying skills and processes and prove the results through the application of different methods. Calculus, Mathematical Reasoning, Algebra, Probability, and Linear Programming are some of the topics covered in this subject. 

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Study About The Living Organisms 

Biology is one of the most famous Science stream subjects involved in the study of all living organisms. It imparts extensive knowledge of the different facets of organisms such as physiological mechanisms, molecular interactions, physical structures, evolution, and development. Some of the topics covered in this subject include Cell Structure and Functions, Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals, Human Physiology, and Plant Physiology.  

Learn the language of Computers

Another popular Science stream subject is Computer Science which is very popular among students willing to pursue Engineering or make a career in technical fields. In class 11 Science, Computer Science subject focuses on a particular language like C++, C, JAVA, Python, etc. Students are taught the language over a span of 2 years ranging from basic to advanced levels. They are expected to submit a working code at the end of class 12th as a project.

Additional Subjects

In case a student fails to score well in any main subject, he/she can count the marks of the additional subject can take admission. Many schools have a mandatory additional/optional subject to choose from. After an additional subject, the total no. of science stream subjects in classes 11 & 12 is 6. In the non-medical and medical stream physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology are mandatory. Here are the optional subjects students can opt for:

Physical Education

Physical education is an optional subject and quite scoring. There is a 30 marks practical and 70 marks theory subject. The subject was introduced to bring changes and improvements in human bodies with regular exercise. The physical education practical included project work, track races, long jump, etc


Economics is a mandatory subject in the commerce stream but also a popular choice in the science stream as an optional subject. Economics is an interesting subject and focuses on national GDP, National incomes, micro, and macroeconomics, demand, supply chain, etc. Economics is a great choice as a science stream subject optional. 

Top 10 Science Colleges in India by NIRF

NIRF RankingCollege Name
1St Stephen’s College, New Delhi
2Hindu College, New Delhi
3LSR, New Delhi
4Miranda House, New Delhi
5Loyola College, Chennai
6MCC Chennai, Chennai
7HRC, New Delhi
8Presidency College, Chennai
9Fergusson College, Pune
10SXC Kolkata

Advantages of Science Stream Subjects

After class 10th the biggest decision students have to make is deciding the stream. Every stream has its own pros and cons. On average every year 33% of the students opt for the science stream. The Science stream is considered the stream with the toughest curriculum but comes with various plus points as well. Here are all the advantages of science stream subjects:

  1. Science stream subjects are not just about balancing the balance sheet every day. The Science stream is about discovering and learning from the human body to the whole universe. Scientific discoveries, understand how the world works and even the plants and animals around us.
  2. After choosing science stream subjects your career options are not restricted to engineering and MBBA. There are plenty of opportunities in related fields, such as research and development, architecture, data science, etc.
  3. One of the best advantages of choosing science stream subjects over others is that if you want to switch your field from science to business management, journalism, or even law you will be eligible to apply for these courses. However, a student from the arts stream is not eligible to pursue MBBS because of its subjects.
  4. There is nothing scary or boring about science stream subjects if you have an interest to learn and grow every day. The skills required in science stream subjects help in developing students into more progressive and bright individuals.
  5. By choosing science stream subjects you will have an opportunity to contribute to mankind through your inventions. Science stream students are capable of developing cures, treating various diseases, and much more.
Aman Dhattarwal

CBSE Science Stream Subjects Syllabus 2022 – 23

Every year CBSE releases a syllabus for every subject. For the academic year 2021 – 22, a reduction in the syllabus was observed due to the global pandemic Covid – 19. For the year 2022 -23, there is no reduction in the syllabus. For more information regarding the topics in science stream subjects, here is the CBSE syllabus of science stream subjects:

CBSE Syllabus Year 2022 – 23: Class 11 – 12 English PDF
CBSE Syllabus Year 2022 – 23: Class 11 – 12 Chemistry PDF
CBSE Syllabus Year 2022 – 23: Class 11 – 12 Biology PDF
CBSE Syllabus Year 2022 – 23: Class 11 – 12 Mathematics PDF
CBSE Syllabus Year 2022 – 23: Class 11 – 12 Physics PDF
CBSE Syllabus Year 2022 – 23: Class 11 – 12 Computer Science PDF
CBSE Syllabus Year 2022 – 23: Class 11 – 12 Physical Education PDF


What are the science stream subjects in class 11?

There are two streams Medical and Nonmedical. The subjects in the Non-medical stream are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and in Medical subjects are Physics, chemistry, maths, and biology. English is a common subject and students can select one more additional subject.

Is Mathematics easy or biology?

There is no such thing as easy. Both subjects are quite difficult in their field and require hard work and dedication.

Can I become a doctor without biology?

No, you should have Biology in your classes 11 &12 to become a doctor.

Is science good for the future?

Science is a field that has diverse fields of study options and career options. The no. of employment will be increasing in future as well

What are the various career option other than engineering for PCM students?

The students are not restricted to engineering. Career Options after 12th Science PCM Other than Engineering are plenty. You can work in a merchant navy, defense, data scientist, aviation, etc

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Hopefully, this blog has given you an in-depth analysis of the Science stream subjects. If you want to pursue a career in this field but are confused about how to get started with it then the export mentors at Leverage Edu can lend a helping hand. Not only will the counsellors help you choose a career using our AI-enabled platform but they will help in completing the admission formalities. 

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    1. Hi Sakshi,

      If you wish to venture into engineering or other sciences, science subjects should be chosen. And if you wish to make a career in business, management, commerce or economics, you should choose the commerce subjects.

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    1. Hi Sakshi,

      If you wish to venture into engineering or other sciences, science subjects should be chosen. And if you wish to make a career in business, management, commerce or economics, you should choose the commerce subjects.