MBA STEM Courses in USA

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MBA STEM Courses in USA

Being an engineer and then going into an MBA program has seen a lot of success down its way. Nowadays, the United States has been seeing an increasing number of colleges that incorporate subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, which is the STEM element into their MBA syllabus. It is a very versatile program that students want to study in USA, and incorporating it with STEM has definitely made the degree more powerful. Let us know about some of the colleges that provide MBA STEM courses in the USA. 

What is MBA STEM?

MBA STEM is the combination of STEM courses and MBA, in direct and simple terms. This type of programme is concentrated on providing insights and knowledge on scientific and managerial aspects of learning. Many top B-schools provide MBA STEM courses, wherein MBA students make it their top choice. Shared next are the best MBA STEM programs.

Best MBA STEM Programs

Some of the best MBA STEM programs are mentioned below.

  • Management Science Track in Full-Time MBA
  • Master of Advanced Management
  • Technology Management MBA
  • Business Analytics, Energy, Environment and Sustainability, Statistics majors in Full Time MBA
  • Management Science and Quantitative Analysis Track (in Full-Time MBA)

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Top MBA STEM Courses and Colleges in USA

Here are the top MBA STEM Courses in USA that you must know about:

College Course Fees
Carnegie Mellon TepperSTEM MBA140,000
Chicago BoothFull-time MBA146,980
Columbia Business SchoolMBA program154,760
Cornell: Johnson School of ManagementTech MBA111,450
Harvard Business SchoolMBA program with a STEM-designated specialization146,900
Indiana: Kelley School of BusinessMajors and pathways in the MBA program107,500
Michigan Ross School of BusinessMBA program142,100
MIT: SloanMBA program154,550
Northwestern University: KelloggMajors and pathways in the MBA program103,330
Stanford Graduate School of BusinessMBA program149,450
NYU SternFull-time MBA153,600
UCLA: AndersonFull-time MBA130,300
UC Berkeley: HaasMBA program136,900
University of Connecticut (UConn)Three electives in the Full-time MBA Program77,700

Next, we have expanded on the institutes providing the MBA STEM courses.

Harvard Business School

MBA STEM Courses in USA
Credit: HBS.edu

Harvard Business School added a program for STEM students in January 2020. It was incorporated in its MBA program. In this, the Management Science takes responsibility over both of the program’s two years and covers areas such as Entrepreneurial Management and Operations Management. 

Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Credit: Kelley School of Business

Kelley School of Business has five STEM-designated programs during its full-time MBA program. It consists of Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Analysis of Accounting, and Supply Chain and Operations. Students who complete the course have 36 months for their Optional Practical Training. Along with that, they will also be part of the world’s largest business school network, which has over 117,000 Kelley alumni from all around the world. 

Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

Credit: Booth School of Business

In April 2020, Chicago Booth announced its Full-Time MBA program that received a STEM designation. Booth helps the students by giving them different and flexible courses, with 13 different subjects to choose from like Behavioural Science, Econometrics and Statistics, and Entrepreneurship. 

Columbia Business School

Credit: cbs.edu

At Columbia, the MBA and EMBA programs have received stem designation. While being located in the heart of New York City, Columbia Business School helps the students to have a fast-paced, competitive experience to be comfortable with the environment. In this college, students can apply to be a part of the MBA program in the months of January and August. On the other hand, for EMBA, they have to enrol in May and August.

Foisie Business School, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

MBA STEM Courses in USA
Credit: wpi.edu

Foisie has deliberately come up with a program that helps STEM professionals to take on managerial duties, while still being benefited from the advantages of the STEM workers like support and networking of a strong course. There are many options available that include Information and Technology, User Experience, Innovation, Analytical Operations and Management, along with Supply Chain Management, which is a very important aspect of management. 

Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

Credit: Wikipedia

Berkeley Haas was one of the first business schools to receive STEM designation. Not just that, this school has received the designation in all three of its MBA programs. There are many options available for students that redefine their degree to a good extent. Some of the courses are “Management Science”, which covers subjects like the application of statistical modelling, data mining and warehousing, programming, and the analysis of problems of business organization.

Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Credit: umassd.edu

Charlton considers a lot of responsibility towards the demands of the technologically driven global society. The Charlton MBA can be done in a part-time or full-time manner, whether online or offline in an on-campus way. Students can manage and specialize in their specific areas of interest, which include STEM-focused business analytics. 

Marshall School of Business, University of South California

MBA STEM Courses in USA
Credit: Pinterest

In this school, there is a STEM-certified Management Science specialization available for the students. This course is designed to combine decision-making and analytics based on analytics, along with business basics and leadership qualities. During this, students have to apply various quantitative and scientific methods to different challenges in business such as statistics, data analytics, finance, forecasting, digital marketing, etc. 

Anderson School of Management, UCLA

MBA STEM Courses in USA
Credit: anderson.ucla.edu

In this college, there are three STEM courses that help students at separate stages in their careers. There is one program at UCLA called ‘The Fully Employed MBA’, which is a customizable part-time program. It can be done over a time duration of three to five years through online or offline mode. The Full-time MBA candidates have to complete their course in an offline mode within two years. On the other hand, the more experienced applicants have to devote their weekends over a period of 22 months. 

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Requirements for MBA STEM Courses in USA

The basic eligibility criteria of MBA STEM is that of MBA in USA. But certain requirements that need to be met, are mentioned below, along with the documents required.


What is MBA STEM in USA?

MBA STEM is the combination of STEM courses and MBA, in direct and simple terms.

Is STEM MBA worth it?

Yes, MBA STEM is definitely worth it as it adds to the skills of management as well as logical reasoning to a student’s resume, helping in various job opportunities.

What is required for STEM MBA?

A bachelor’s degree in STEM, GRE/GMAT scores, as well as English language proficiency scores are some requirements fo MBA STEM Courses in USA.

Hope it helps you to decide the right college for an MBA STEM in colleges in the United States. It is important to make an informed decision about choosing the right program with our innovative AI Course Finder. Leverage Edu experts can guide you through the process of selecting an ideal MBA program, accomplishing the application process, and fulfilling the essential steps to successfully land in your dream business school.

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