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MBA after MTech

Many students nowadays are looking to make fundamental changes to their career trajectory. There are numerous reasons as to why this phenomenon is rising. It is advantageous for many students to have an abundance of experience and knowledge, preferably from different fields to show off in their resumes. Many of these students are M.Tech graduates who are considering pursuing an MBA and adding another feather to their cap. Many students give into pursuing a technical degree mainly because of parental and societal pressure, it is only while pursuing the degree that they realize that they don’t wish to make a career in that field. Many others realize that an MBA will expand the scope of their job opportunities when combined with their M. Tech. Whatever your reason for considering an MBA after M. Tech may be, it is normal to be apprehensive about whether or not that is the right decision to make. There are various factors that need to be considered when planning to pursue an MBA after MTech, so we have curated all the information that you will need so you can consider all your options and follow through with this decision.

Why Pursue an MBA after MTech?

While there are good opportunities in the field of M. Tech they tend to be limited in terms of the area and industries available to you. It is limited to the field of technical operations and is predominantly limited to the engineering and mechanical industry. But why should you merely invest in an MBA degree on the basis of that? Combining an MBA after the M. Tech will open endless doors of opportunities for you in various fields like HR, technical management, administration, operational and marketing among others. You can also work across industries like Service, FMCG, corporate, etc. This combination of MBA and M.Tech create better professional prospects as you will be in the possession of a more varied skill set and expertise than you would have been had you simply specialized in one discipline and done nothing more.

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Advantages of Pursuing an MBA after MTech

There are various reasons as to why you should pursue an MBA after MTech, these include-

  • The combination of an MBA and M. Tech is versatile, desirable and lucrative when assessed on the basis of a techno-management technology that is in demand in the modern global economy.
  • Even if you are to reduce it to a purely financially motivated decision, based on how much you can earn later, having a combination of these degrees will increase your chances of better pay than if you were to pursue either of them separately.
  • As you move up the ranks in any profession, it will become largely administrative in nature and will revolve around managing teams and projects. An MBA degree, due to its holistic nature, will prepare you better for those challenges and equip you with the proper skills to deal with the shifting responsibilities of your career. 
MBA in Marketing MBA in Logistics MBA in Insurance 
MBA in Insurance & Risk Management MBA Operations MBA in Product Management
MBA Healthcare Management MBA in International Business MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MBA in Banking MBA in Interior Designing MBA in Airport Management
MBA in Information Technology MBA in Aviation Management MBA in Agribusiness
MBA in Pharmaceutical Management  MBA in Power Management MBA in Material Management
MBA in Media Management MBA in Data Analytics MBA in Agriculture
MBA in Energy Management MBA in Communication MBA in HR

Here is a list of Job Oriented Courses after MBA

Top Universities 

Here are some of the popular universities you can explore if you are aiming to pursue MBA after MTech. Be assured that the below mentioned universities are top-notch in nature:

University/ Business Schools Country 
Stanford university  United States
Harvard United States
London Business School United Kingdom
MIT (Sloan) United States
INSEAD Fontainebleau, France
HEC Paris France
Kellogg School of Management United States
Ross School of Business United States
Haas School of Business United States
IE Business School Madrid, Spain

Job Opportunities for MBA after MTech 

One of the most crucial topics to contemplate while deciding on a course are the job opportunities available after the completion of said course. There is a lot of scope for those who pursue an MBA after MTech on the basis of their chosen area of specialization. Some of the job opportunities available to you after pursuing a certain field are given below-

MBA in Marketing  Brand Manager
Sales Manager
Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Market Research Analyst 
MBA in Finance  Accounting Manager
Financial Manager/Analyst
Credit Analyst
Risk and Insurance Manager
Finance Manager
Chief Financial Officer
Finance Director
MBA in Operations  Supply Chain Manager
Inventory Control Manager
Operations Manager
Logistics Manager
Project Managers
MBA in Technology  Chief Technology Officers
Information Systems Managers
Systems Analysts
Business Development Executive/Manager
Marketing Manager
Analytics Manager
System Manager
Technical Product Manager 
Data Processing Manager
Business Analyst
IT Manager/Consultant
Technical Program Manager
Senior Product Manager


Is it worth doing an MBA after MTech?

It is quite possible to pursue MBA after M.Tech. In fact, it will streamline your educational career into lucrative job prospects. You can get into the fields of sales, marketing, HR, systems, operations. 

Can we do Mtech and MBA together?

No, you cannot pursue both MBA and MTech together as both are postgraduate courses. You can surely pursue MBA after MTech.

Who earns more MBA or Mtech?

MBA is one of the most lucrative jobs out there. An MBA degree will help you earn much more than a Mtech. However, it is essential to pursue MBA from a reputed university.

Is MBA better than MTech?

MBA will prepare to open your avenues in the field of non-technical landscape. On the other hand, MTech will empower you to delve into the world of technologies. You will earn a plethora of opportunities in the areas of academia, research as well as development and related technical fields. 

What is the salary after doing Mtech?

You will surely earn a decent package after completing a Mtech degree. You are likely to 3,00,000 to 11,00,000 INR annually. Similarly, if you are into manufacturing and civil, you can surely earn the same amount to that of industrial.

While we have provided you with all the information you will require for making an informed decision, it is but natural to have doubts. One should not make decisions in haste or without clarity. After all, despite the aforementioned details concerning the topic, nothing beats a conversation with an expert in the field. For that, you can contact the professionals at Leverage Edu who can help you attain clarity and help you make a decision best suited for you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing informative article. My sister is pursuing B tech from Chandigarh Group Of Colleges Landran and confused about her masters degree. I am sure your article will clear her doubts.

    1. Hi Dinesh, you may also ask your sister to connect with us at 088262 00293 to know more about the MBA courses that can be pursued after Mtech.

  2. Thanks for the article. It has explained in very helpful way for the people who are in dilemma in pursuance of MBA degree after MTech degree. It would have been more nice if there is any personalized MBA stream selection process according to prior work experience. For example, if a person is having 4 years of SAP Technical ERP Experience with MTech degree, which MBA stream will be more beneficial in terms of growth and opportunities?

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