MBA in Computer Science

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MBA in Computer Science

“Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.” – Edsger W. Dijkstra When you make the decision of pursuing an MBA, the first thing you need to consider is the specialization of the program. It is inherently vital that your chosen specialization aligns with your interests as well as your desired career field. Many Engineering students face the dilemma of choosing between an MS or an MBA and for this, there are several specializations in both these programs that can combine your interests in Science and Business Administration. One such specialized course is an MBA in Computer Science which integrates the aspects of Computer Science with the field of Management. This blog aims to provide you with the key aspects of this course, the eligibility requirement you need to fulfil along with the top universities offering MBA in Computer Science.

Name of the ProgramMBA Computer Science
Duration2 to 3 Years
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree
Entrance Exam Scores
Work Experience [Optional]
Placement Academic Institutions
IT Companies
Ed-tech Companies
Tech Sector
Employment RolesChief Information Officer
Database Administrator
Consultant, Junior Programmer
Commercial & Industrial Designer
Information Systems Manager
Computer Support Service Specialist
Project Leader
Average Salary Rs.5 Lakhs per annum

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Why Pursue an MBA in Computer Science? 

The disciplines of Computer Science and Business Administration have intertwined with the advent of Information Technology. An MBA in Computer Science will equip you with a complete understanding of the aspects of Management as well as varied software systems along with providing an overview of Information Technology. This course aims to train students with the skills of planning, designing and implementing different computer applications and software systems in various industries. By attaining this degree, you can apply to a varied range of job designations with an attractive and excellent pay package. Further, through this course, you can strengthen your technical skills as well as business skills that are necessary to handle leadership positions in the field of Management.

Eligibility Criteria 

Many students think that for a program like MBA in Computer Science, there would be prerequisite criteria such as a bachelor’s degree in a specific domain etc. However, there is no such specified requirements and graduates with a minimum aggregate of 50% in any discipline from a recognised university along with GMAT scores can apply for this course. If you aim to gain global exposure through this MBA program, then here are the requirements for Eligibility for MBA you need to fulfil:

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Course Structure of MBA in Computer Science 

There are numerous subjects that are taught in an MBA in Computer Science. Here we have compiled the list of major subjects covered in this course:

  • Database Management Systems 
  • Programming in Java
  • Visual Programming
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Management Information System 
  • E-Commerce
  • Java Laboratory
  • Database Management System 
  • Visual Programming Laboratory 
  • Cyber laws 
  • Programming Language 
  • E-Governance and ICT
  • Project

Let us now have a look at year wise syllabus of the MBA in Computer Science!

First Year of MBA Computer Science

  • Programming Concepts and Architecture
  • Fundamentals of Computer and Architecture
  • Principles of Management
  • Application Laboratory
  • Programming Concepts and Data Structure Laboratory
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Operating System
  • Modern Pragmatic Communication
  • Web Designing and Publishing
  • Foundation Course in Mathematics
  • Management Information System
  • Foreign Language- 2
  • Object-Oriented Programming through C++
  • Database Management System

Second Year

  • Web Designing Laboratory
  • Java Laboratory
  • Foreign Language- 1
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Programming in Java
  • Visual Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming Laboratory
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Technology and Design
  • e-Governance and ICT
  • Cyber Laws
  • Project
  • Web Technology Laboratory
  • Operations Management

Top Universities Offering MBA in Computer Science

There are plentiful colleges and universities around the world that offer an MBA in Computer Science or allied programs. For the specialization of Computer Science, many MBA programs might have some variants such as Information Technology and other related fields. Here is a list of universities around the world along with the MBA programs they provide in Computer Science:

Florida Institute of Technology, USAMBA in Project Management (IT)
Southern New Hampshire University, USAMBA in Information Technology Management 
Virginia Commonwealth University, USAMBA (Executive) in Information Systems 
James Cook University, AustraliaMaster of Information Technology
General MBA 
John F Kennedy University, USAMBA Specialisation in Information Technology 
University of North Texas, USAMBA in Information Technology 
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USAMBA in Information Technology 
Johnson and Wales University- Providence, USAMBA in Information Technology 
Edge Hill University, UKMBA in Information Technology 
Nyenrode Business UniversiteitMBA in Business and IT

Career Scope

By Completing a specialised postgraduate degree like MBA in Computer Science, graduates can explore an array of opportunities across different sectors. Here are some of the popular careers you must consider after completing the MBA course:

  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Scientist
  • IT Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Information Systems Manager


Is MBA in Computer Science good?

MBA in Computer Science students would be able to obtain managerial positions in prominent firms all over the world. Their job duties and responsibilities will include creating and deploying software programmes as well as guaranteeing their proper operation within the organisational framework.

What job I can get after MBA in Computer Science?

Chief Information Officer, Consultant, Software Publisher, Commercial and Industrial Designer, Computer Scientist, Computer Systems Analyst, and other positions are on the MBA in Computer Science employment list.

Is MBA in IT better than BCA?

A BCA graduate’s salary after MCA is higher than that of an MBA. The term “responsibility” refers to the act of determining whether or not a person is responsible for his or her own actions. Also, if a person has lost interest in the IT field after obtaining a BCA, he or she can pursue an MBA.

Thus, if you are aspiring to explore the realm of Computer Technology along with the expansive stream of Management, then an MBA in Computer Science is an ideal one to pursue. Let the experts at Leverage Edu guide you in choosing the right course and university that aligns with your goals and interests and can help you progress in your career. Call us today at +91-8826200293 and book a free consultation session!

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